Friday, March 18, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-17-05 ("Intellectuals Back Cuba Over Rights Record")

There seems to be a big push lately among the DUmmies and other assorted Leftists to tout that wonderful worker’s paradise, Communist Cuba, as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Intellectuals Back Cuba Over Rights Record.” This seems to be a trend recently as could be seen in the most recent episode of the “West Wing” where it was strongly urged that the embargo against the Communist island be lifted. Of course the VAST majority of the DUmmies believe that there are more human rights in Cuba than in the USA. And the ones that don’t believe this are most likely LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS. What has set the DUmmies off this time is this AP ARTICLE on this topic. First let us read the article followed by the DUmmie reactions in Bolshevik Red. The commentary of your humble correspondent, getting visions again of Dan Rather being happily hugged by Fidel Castro, is in the [brackets]:

“(03-14) 20:09 PST HAVANA, Cuba (AP) -- About 200 intellectuals, activists and artists from Latin America and elsewhere issued a letter Monday urging the top United Nations human rights watchdog to side with Cuba in an expected battle over the communist country's rights record.”

[And I bet the SAME intellectuals are condemning the human rights record of the USA.]

"A U.S.-backed resolution to condemn the island's record is usually presented at every spring meeting in Geneva of the U.N. Human Rights Commission, which this year was to open Monday and run through April 22."

[Much too controversial for the UN.]

"'We urge the governments of the commission's member countries to not permit (the resolution) to be used to legitimize the anti-Cuban aggression of the administration of (President) Bush,' the letter said."

[And don’t forget North Korea. We MUST NOT condemn North Korea.]

"Nobel Peace Prize laureates including Adolfo Perez Esquivel of Argentina and Rigoberta Menchu of Guatemala signed the letter, as did South Africa's Nadine Gordimer and Portugal's Jose Saramago, both recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Among American signatories were actor Danny Glover, author Alice Walker and historian and activist Howard Zinn. Other international figures included filmmaker Walter Salles of Brazil, the music group Manu Chau and France's former first lady, Danielle Mitterrand."

[I’m surprised Ward Churchill isn’t on this list. However, I do notice the name of Rigoberta Menchu who is still lauded by the Left even though she has been exposed as a complete fraud. Here is a woman who claimed that she was an uneducated peasant when it turns out her landowning family sent her to boarding school. Another example of fraud was her claim that her brother Nicolas starved to death when it turns out he is still living in relative prosperity. The rest of her “autobiography” has also been discredited among everybody except the hard core Left which includes just about all the University ethnic studies programs where her “autobiography,” I, Rigoberta Menchu is still assigned in those classes as if it were a valid work.]

My ass. Human rights in a communist dictatorship? yeah, right.


The concentration camp at Guantanamo was built by the US not by Fidel Castro. Cubans enjoy more freedom and democracy than Americans do under Bush. Not only that, Cuban women have an absolute right to an abortion, something that American women never enjoyed even under Roe v. Wade, and a right that has been seriously undermined under Bush. I'll take Fidel's Cuba over Bush's America any day!

[Coming from DUmmie IndianaGreen, this reply doesn’t surprise me a bit. However, is it really a legit reply? After all, there have been rumors that IndianaGreen is really a Sleeper Freeper Agent over in DUmmieland whose mission is to make the DUmmies look as idiotic as possible. ‘Nuff said.]
Go ahead, then, move there. I'll stay right here. To inquire about relocation to the Cuban Worker's Paradise, you can contact the Cuban Embassy to the UN at

315 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-689-7215 * Fax: 212-689-9073

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! But thanx for providing information on how the DUmmies can move to their Worker’s Paradise.]

I was there, last time when Big Dog was Prez before our glorious free democratic country began to prosecute people for traveling to Cuba. I want America to become a "workers' paradise" instead!

[Don’t overplay your hand, IndianaGreen. We don’t want your cover to be blown.]

Don'tcha just love the RW-like Pavlovian response. The "why don't you move there" response to a post depicting the truth about Cuba is f-ing laughable. Actually.. pathetic. I would move to Cuba in a New York minute, if I could. But, sadly, Cuba does not have an open immigration policy. We need an 'American Adjustment Act' there.

[If we can get Cuba to make an immigration exception for you, would you promise to move there? Pretty please!]

You can continue to parrot the RW *communist dictatorship* bullshit, but when you compare human rights between the USSA and Cuba the truth is readily apparent to anyone with a rational mind.

[And North Korea has a sterling human rights record compared to the “USSA.”]

Since the Bush-Nazis have built the first concentration camp in Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, it's still the same procedure every year...What about the U.N. sending some troops to Guantanamo Bay, liberate the prisoners and putting the U.S. Nazis, who protect it into prisons and put them in front of an international court. Shut your fucking mouth about human rights U.S.A.,'till the day, the whole Bush-Gang, the Pentagon, and the CIA is imprisoned and judged.

Hello from Germany

[A lecture on “Bush-Nazis” and concentration camps from DUmmie Dirk39 of Deutchland.]

U.S Nazis? Tell me, do you hang out with Ward Churchill? Are you really going to compare our human rights record with despotic Cuba? I have nothing left to say.


There's no comparison...The USA has started about 500 illegal wars and military actions since the end of WWII, the USA has financed and established fashist regimes all over the globe since then, it has send and educated tortures and death squads all over the globe, it has toppled elected governments and replaced them with fashist regimes. They have financed and armed terrorists all over Europe to destroy the left. Americans have killed millions of innocent people in Vietnam and everywhere else. I don't know how to compare this legend of crimes and human rights violations with Cuba.

[Thus spaketh DUmmie Dirk the Kraut.]

BWAHAHAHAHAHA US vs Cuba?? US is FAR WORSE and the planet knows it.

[Make that Planet DUmmie “knows it.”]

Unfortunately, I'm not able to undo what my grandparents did...but what the USA is doing, is happening NOW and it's happening for decades without any punishment. None of the genocides commited by the USA was ever stopped or punished. And what the USA has done since the end of WWII is a slap in the face of the victims of Ausschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. The USA is turning Nuremberg into a cynical joke, a ridiculous theatre.

[DUmmie Dirk the Kraut chimes in again. BTW, I notice his nonsense to be a big trend among German Leftists. They seem to try to ameliorate what they did over 60 years ago by claiming that the USA is just as bad…or even worse.]

Rock on, Dirk. Speak that truth!




I've been to Cuba many times (legally) including during the entire 1997-98 election season, where I saw open slate/candidate selections & open nominations, open campaigning, open elections, open ballot counting in public, open ratification referendums, more open ballot counting, and open announcement of the winning elected citizen to their parliament. It was the most open and representitive plebiscite I have ever seen.

[Yes, those Cuban elections were very fair. As fair as the elections for Saddam Hussein where he got 99.9% of the vote.]

Mr Castro isn't the "ruler" of Cuba. Mr Castro is as much the ruler of Cuba as the Queen of England is the ruler of England - so, I guess Elizabeth Windsor has been "resorting to violence" to remain ruler of England. They are both Heads of their respective State. The power of the Cuban government resides in the parliament (the Cuban National Assembly).

[An example of creating your own alternate reality. Castro isn’t the ruler of Cuba? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!]


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