Friday, February 18, 2005


Just when you thought that DUmmie absurdity could go no further, after accusing Bush of being Bi in the previous edition of the DUFUs, they went further. Much further. This time the Homo Hunter DUmmie Thought Police have accused Rush Limbaugh of being gay in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “ST. LOUIS MAN CLAIMS RUSH LIMBAUGH AFFAIR.” Of course, this wild DUmmie speculation falls apart in the VERY FIRST sentence of the December 2002 article they site for “evidence” since the accuser is a 46 year old St. Louis area music shop owner. Hmmm…. Let’s do a little mathematics. 46 year old gay music store owner claims he had affair with Rush Limbaugh in college in the Fall of 1971. Subtract 31 years and voila, we have a BOY GENIUS who was only 15 years old in college!!! On top of that he claims to have met Rush in the same class they were taking. So Rush, who was either a sophomore or junior at the time (being 20 years old) is in the same class with a 15 year old boy who should be in high school. But logic is never a consideration with the DUmmies so let us sit back and laugh at the comedy of the DUmmie Homo Hunters. As usual the Homo Hunting speculations of the DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, worried that the DUmmies might find out that he visited Key West a couple of times in 2003, is in the [brackets]:

Dec. 8, 2002

A 46 year old music store owner from the St. Louis area, Elliot Sanders, is claiming that while a college student at Southeast Missouri University in 1971, he had an affair with Rush Limbaugh. Sanders claims that he and Limbaugh, the well known talk radio star, had an affair that went on for about 3 months in the fall of 1971...

[So we subtract 31 years from the 46 year old music store owner and we find out he was a 15 year old genius taking courses with 20 year old college student Rush Limbaugh in 1971. That’s a very plausible story….NOT!]

Sanders stated that he met Limbaugh in a class he was taking, but it was only after meeting his sister, who was openly gay at that time, that he found out Rush himself was gay. "Rush was a charming man privately," says Sanders, "I met him in a class I was taking, and got on a first name basis with him. I didn't realize he was gay until his sister came to visit him. She was gay, and like, we hit it off, and she seemed shocked that I didn't know Rush was gay as well. When I found out I was like ... wow!"

[What was the class the Boy Genius was taking? Astrophyics? Just how many 15 year old boys taking college classes with sophomores or juniors?]

Sanders says that privately, Limbaugh was very sensitive and caring man, but that he was furiously angry that KFBK, the top 40 radio station he worked while still in high school would not offer him a full time job.

[Maybe he was furious that he was already in college for a couple of years and he had a 15 year old kid in his class. That can cause a sense of inferiority.]

"He was furious about that," said Sanders, "And he often told me that he was really going to show them." According to Sanders, Rush's politics at the time were somewhat middle of the road. "Rush said that he though most people are incredibly gullible, and he felt that the key to radio programming was to reach that crowd, and that it would be really, really easy. He thought he thought he could get anyone to believe anything he said, and the more outrageous is was, the more they would believe it."

[What is gullible is how easily the DUmmies are swallowing the obviously phony story. Yeah, like Rush is going to confide to a 15 year old kid that he was going to make a radio career for himself by fooling the public.]

Sanders would not divulge any further details, but when asked if he feared retaliation from Limbaugh for his revelations, he stated, "No, Rush wouldn't do that, he's really a sweetie at heart, but some of the people who listen to him might. I think most of them are psychotic. I don't think these people realize he's just pandering to them for ratings, but if they find out, I wouldn't want to be there."

[LOL!!! And the funniest thing is that the DUmmies are actually buying this story. Maybe Elliot Sanders’ music store is doing lousy and he needs some extra cash. Yes, send money to Sanders, DUmmies. He is just $10 away from proving that Rush is gay.]

OMG…Somebody please pinch me...

[Somebody already pinched your brain.]

Watch out for the set up! This story is from 2002? I mean, please gimme a break. It might be true but why is this posted here now. My theory is that they are just trying set up some info some blogger will pick it up and then use a fake story to discredit all bloggers....all because the "Gannon" story is getting legs.

[Karl Rove knows that the DUmmies will swallow anything.]

I thought everyone already knew Rush was gay. No news here.

[Just like everyone knows that Bush is Bi.]

Unfortunately this story is two years old and going nowhere. Has it moved to corporate media yet? Two years after being on a crank website it is going nowhere. When a stroy goes to the corporate media then you know that averge people will be hearing about it. Until then, it will remain in the darkest corners of the internet. But I want it to be true.

[In your self-created alternate reality it IS true.]

sometimes chemicals act better when combined with others. This Rush story coming out with the Gannon story is just a wonderful mix. Remember the Rush drug thing didn't come out until after the McNabb incident.

[So somehow chemistry makes this story true?]

Somebody pinch me...wake me up...throw some water on me...

[How about if we just skip those lame preliminaries and go straight to the electro shock therapy?]

Ru$h = $3-bill

[DUmmies = lacking-¢]

All we need are the names of his gay hookers.

[I saw some stray confetti once on Rush’s shoulders. THAT’S IT!!! Rush had an affair with Rip Taylor!!!]

You have to know that the order has been given: MUDDY THE WATERS

[Even if the story is not true, use it to MUDDY THE WATERS.]

I am highly skeptical of this story. Sorry.


KFBK is in Sacramento, CA. He was hired in 1984, was a hit and left in 1988 to go to NYC and national syndication. KFBK still carries Rushbo's show.

[So maybe Rush commuted every day in high school to Sacramento from Missouri to do his KFBK radio show. It COULD have happened.]

I think this story is bullshit. But even if it isn't, who cares!

[Yeah. If the story smears Rush just go ahead and use it anyways even if it is false.]

I really hate the guy. He says the meanest, most unfair, enraging, stuff,I've ever heard. I hope no one is offended and thinks this is in any way gay bashing. It's just the hypocrisy. Any thing 'family oriented' automatically anti-gay. Pro-family : anti-gay agenda. It's probably an insult to the GBLT community, to insinuate the braggart would be cool enough to be gay, even if he never came out of the closet. Pride goeth before the fall. Man, I would love to see him fall hard. And how does he seem to be skating on those drug charges. Man, if Martha, got jail time , he should,too.

[So use the FALSE story to try to bring down Rush. Lack of truth hasn’t stopped you in the past. GO FOR IT!!!]

This is rumor posted as fact on a messageboard. And I'm not sure what it is supposed to point out, other than hypocrisy. There's already been enough gay insensitivity with the whole Gannon thing. If Rush Limbaugh is gay, I could really give a shit. He's also bald and not so round as he once was. He is, however, a nasty, vile, low, disgusting sonofabitch who preys on the ignorant. Personally, that's my beef with him. Hypocrisy is the least of his crimes.

[A rumor posted as fact is a Factoid and MUST be true!]


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Blogger Psychobenzaprine said...

Math aside, the DUmmies overlooked one other telling "fact" in this anecdote: Rush Limbaugh doesn't have any sisters.

9:16 PM  

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