Thursday, January 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-27-05 ("Did anyone here get an e-mail from Katrina Sumner asking for $")

Another female is following the lead of Bev Harris by asking the DUmmies for money. This time it is Katrina Sumner as you can read in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Did anyone here get an e-mail from Katrina Sumner asking for $?” Unfortunately for Katrina, the DUmmies are so bitter about being ripped off by Bev that she will have a very hard time getting them to part with their dinero. As usual, the DUmmie grumpings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, with hand firmly on wallet, is in the [brackets]:

Did anyone here get an e-mail from Katrina Sumner asking for $? I didn't but a friend did. In it, Katrina says the volunteers who minded the store in Greene County didn't get paid, yet, and they've been waiting since mid-December.

[HUH? Since when do VOLUNTEERS get PAID?]

Hence the word "volunteers ".

[BINGO! And a rare moment of clarity from a DUmmie.]

why would it be random people's responsibility to pay them? who was supposed to pay them?

[The same suckers who paid Bev.]

Beware of Rovian misinformation and plants. This sounds like one of them.

[So do you…and you and you………and YOU!]

i've come to the conclusion that you are right. unless these people are starving with no food and/or no place to sleep at night, there is no need to go flipping out over a little bit of money. did these people do it for the money or b/c it was a patriotic thing to do? no offense, I even met this girl in person in D.C. and I still do not trust her. It hurts to say it out loud or post it but it's how i felt and how i always felt. It looks like someone trying to discredit Arnebeck for 'not paying people', when he HIMSELF is struggling to come up with the money to pay for a lawsuit now being brought against him and the other lawyers. Whatever is going on, i'm not falling for it, and don't be surprised if some kind of rumor starts flying around trying to say Arnebeck is some kind of fraud, like what happened with Bev. (althought personally i DO believe Bev was deceptive, but i do NOT believe that Arnebeck is, not one bit.)

[WOW! You have to be pretty far down the DUmmie Food NOT to be trusted by infamous DUmmie Faye.]

I got the email and kicked in a few bucks. She said that we were welcome to send the email around.

[SUCKER!!! But now that you flushed your money down the toilet, let us read Katrina’s e-mail to you…]

Hello fellow activists, friends, and associates,
I'm writing to you asking for your assistance. On December 10, 2004, I was asked by Cliff Arnebeck to find persons to hire in his name for watching the Board of Elections in Greene County and towards our efforts. The offer was to be given since the nature of the request asked for a round the clock initiative. While there were many volunteers that have assisted (and thanks to all of them) some were not able to at all hours needed (due to jobs or responsibilities). In any case these people were hired with a promise of payment. Since the middle of December they have been waiting. I have repeatedly told them things such as: tomorrow Cliff will be mailing checks, tomorrow Cliff said he would do a transfer, Cliff said it would have to be after this week because there is a hearing to work on; then it came to: Ok, I know you've heard it again and again, but Cliff says directly after the January 20th because of another hearing he had to work on, then after: it'll be tomorrow, it will be tomorrow, ok I promise tomorrow since he just told me that he was doing it after we hung up. Well the days have passed. I've heard the same stories. I know that many of you already sent to Cliff directly or on the site to help out with this situation, but I must tell you that those funds were not received by these people who worked. Nor were any funds forwarded on to me to give to them.

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The old “check is in the mail” ploy. The second most famous lie ever told. But continue with your HILARIOUS wailing, Katrina…]

I realize that there are others out there in my precise position and I emphasize with all those out there left with the numerous calls of "when will we get paid." Maybe this mail will seem to be an attack, but I can assure you that it is only an attempt once again to carry out ANOTHER's promise. Please help me with this effort. Any donations would be welcomed. We are looking at a figure around 2650 US. Below I will list the a good few of the people who helped with this situation and have been so very patient thus far in order of highest amount owed to lowest.

[I think I’ll cut those people a break by NOT humiliating them by posting their names as you did, Katrina. BTW, you listed 10 people and divided into $2650 that comes out to just $265 per person. If they had ACTUALLY done REAL WORK for less than a week they could have EARNED that amount.]

that is bullshit that is personal business between her, the other people who worked and Cliff and NO ONE should be coming to everyday people trying to get money. WE didn't hire them, and it is not our fucking business what goes on. Nobody knows what really went on with all this, and we don't know why (if true) Cliff would be holding back on the money. It's BULLSHIT, whether really from her or not. sorry, dzika i know you are friends with her, and i met her in person, but this is utter bullshit. I might as well start a paypal account so i can accept donations because I'm unemployed and poor. It is NOT our responsibility to give this girl money.

[Way to diss her, Faye! Since you are poor and unemployed, Faye, I have a recommendation. Have an Ultimate Challenge fight on HBO between you and Katrina. I would PAY to watch that.]

I agree, if she was hired by Arnebeck, Arnebeck has to pay her.

[Don’t worry. Arnebeck said the CHECK IS IN THE MAIL.]

i also think it is illegal how can it be legal for one everyday person to solicit for donations from other everyday people? don't they have to be some kind of organization or at least some kind of legal non-profit kind of group?

[Plus the non-profit group has to publicly declare how much dough they raked in from the suckers---something that Bev Harris has FAILED to do.]

oh well whatever. i am poor anyway, but i wouldn't give it to them if i had it. i think it's just rude. but then again i'm rude, so i guess it's all good.

[Not only are you rude, Faye, but you’re also crude. However, your saving grace is that you’re ENTERTAINING. Thanx for the LAUGHS!]

Gadz!! I mean fer f*ck sakes!!! Its Bev all over again!! WTF!!! Someone screwed up somewhere and they need to be thoroughly ripped for it!!! How many more times is this shit gonna happen to us? Please someone prove this is bullshit, please please please....

[I hate to inform you but Katrina’s pathetic whining plea for dough is LEGIT.]

I am disappointed to report this. I am a member of Yahoo Groups CASE Ohio, though seldom check in there. Katrina did, indeed, post that message there yesterday.

[Thanx for verifying her shakedown artistry.]

Folks are not supposed to post threads that solicit money without first obtaining Skinners or the other admin's approval. Trouble with this sort of thing happened back in Nov & Dec.

[Who can forget. An obvious con artist like Bev Harris easily shook down you DUmmies for big bucks…. So long, SUCKERS!]


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