Wednesday, January 26, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-26-05 (Peeved Skinner Berates DUmmies For Petty Whining)

In this DUmmie THREAD titled, “OK, I changed the name back,” Dummieland’s Chief, Skinner, berates his fellow DUmmies for being a bunch of petty whiners for not wanting to let go of the “2004 Election Results and Discussion” forum name. Apparently the DUmmies can’t move on. They have to continue reliving the 2004 election over and over and over again. What’s next DUmmies? A “2000 Election Results and Discussion” forum? You can find the genesis of reverting back to the old outmoded name in this whine-filled DUmmie THREAD titled, “I miss the old name...This doesn't feel like ‘Home.’” Read the latter thread for yourselves but you can see the reluctance to let go of the name change in this comment by DUmmie imaginary girl: “I think changing the name is making some of us feel that we're being forced to let go of our hopes of this election somehow being overturned…” Now let us lead off this edition of the DUFUs with an extremely peeved Skinner berating the DUmmies. As usual, the DUmmie whines are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Skinner change DUmmie diapers, is in the [brackets]:

OK, I changed the name back. This forum is now called 2004 Election Results and Discussion.

[AGAIN? Can’t your fellow DUmmies LET GO, Skinner?]

I am instructing the moderators to NOT MOVE ANYTHING out of this forum, even if it does not have anything to do with the topic of the forum. Want to talk about the Condi Rice nomination? Go for it. Apparently nobody here has noticed that it has nothing to do with 2004 Election Results and Discussion. But that's not my problem.

[And it’s not my problem that you have to change the soiled diapers of your fellow DUmmies, Skinner, who are so babyish that they can’t let go of the fact that the 2004 election is OVER. But don’t worry. Your DUmmies will somehow try to connect the Condi Rice nomination back to the 2004 election. Somehow I have a feeling they will even connect the SuperBowl results back to the 2004 election.]

I must admit I am shaking my head in disbelief at the lack of perspective displayed over this. It makes absolutely no sense. But I guess we've always known that DUers are very resistant to change.

[We know that, Skinner. Bunch of friggin’ whining crybabies who just can’t accept the 2004 election results.]

Everything is back to the way it was before. And by the way: before you start celebrating or complaining, I am extremely disappointed with the behavior of some people on both sides of this debate. I cannot believe that something as inconsequential as a name change has caused you to act in an absolutely disgraceful manner, and I strongly suggest that you modify your behavior immediately.

[Spank them and make them go to bed without dinner, Skinner. BTW, I had to laugh out loud at your vain request that the DUmmies “modify” their behavior. Face it, Skinner. Your crybabying DUmmies are a bunch of pathetic whiners NOW and they ALWAYS will be.]

If anyone has anything to add, post it in the Ask the Administrators forum. The moderators HAVE been instructed to lock any further topics debating this issue.

[SNIFF! No more DUmmie debates about keeping an outmoded name change. But don’t worry, Skinner, we will keep that pathetic debate ALIVE in the DUmmie Funnies. And now on to watching the other DUmmies celebrating the fact that the forum name has been reverted back. Too bad you all can’t celebrate the RESULTS of the 2004 election.]

I love you, Skinner. Thank-you

[OH BLESS YOU! BLESS YOU, Skinner, for reverting back to the antiquated forum name. I shall slobber all over your posterior in gratefulness over your meaningless gesture toward our useless obsession.]

that forum name has become an anchor for our feelings about the events of the past election. something very treasured that we all worked for together. It was very thoughtful of you and the other admins to relent to our wishes.

[It was soooo thoughtful of you, Skinner, to cave in to our utterly ridiculous obsession over not letting go of the 2004 election. Pull down your pants again. I too want to slobber all over your posterior for making me feel like a semi-human again!]

ool! Thank you! I was all discombobulated! I felt like my whole reality had somehow done kind of a matrix move lol

[Better to live in the Matrix UnReality of the 2004 Election Past than live in the REALITY of 2005.]

Condi's hearings do involve election reform. Boxer is our voice in the senate regarding election reform and she is the only dem with back bone. We have to watch her back and remain aware of her stances so that we can be supportive of her.


The winds of change are you feel the breeze?

[No but I do smell your flatulence.]

We form a community that is why this forum is different than the others, that is why there is so much energy here we have access to the greatest knowledge bank the world has ever known, the Internet and working as a collective. we learn further and faster than one person sifting through the web and DU forums could ever hope to this is our Living Brainstorm. do not doubt our ability to affect change through this medium. This is the Future of Human Intercommunication...

[You force Skinner to reinstate a dopey outdated DUmmie forum name and you act like this is evidence of the DAWNING OF A NEW AGE?]

Condoleezza Rice might not be directly connected to the issue of election fraud but the senators opposing her are showing some guts. And for me that is what we'll need for election reform. The democrats are gearing up I think. Opposing Dr. Rice is a step we need to support. Those
same Senators and Representatives will also hopefuly be
on our side for election reform changes.

[YAWN! Nice stretch but you might as well connect Condi Rice to the 1904 election results. Same relevance.]

I'm relieved to see the name back. I thought the name change represented an end to investigation/discussion of the 2004 selection and I wasn't really ready for that.

[I broke out in hives when Skinner dropped that forum name. Now that it has changed back, I can sleep again.]

Thanks, Skinner. The 2004 election ain't over ... until the votes have REALLY been counted and the election thieves have been locked up. Appreciate your decision to change the name back. Even we tin-foil-hatters appreciate a little stability in our lives.

[Just can’t LET GO, can you?]

It's not about the forum name change. It's about how the political scene--for instance, Boxer's challenge of the Rice nomination, following her challenge of the Ohio Electors, and the progressive coalition she is creating--will impact potential Election Reform. We cannot get Election Reform in a vacuum. (We cannot depend on Congress for Election Reform--too many BushCons--but Congressional progressives can play a vital role in investigation and public education.)

[It sounds like you want to lock tongues with Barbara Boxer.]


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