Tuesday, January 25, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-25-05 ("Is Big Brother Snooping on DU?")

The DUmmies are acting paranoid about the possibility of government agencies monitoring them in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Is Big Brother Snooping on DU?” Actually I would be paranoid if the government weren’t snooping on the DUmmies. Let’s see, DUmmies make threats against the President and talk about their solidarity with extremist groups in Iraq and elsewhere and they expect NOT to be monitored? What alternate universe do they live in? An easy way for the government law enforcement agencies to monitor the DUmmies is to read the Dummie FUnnies which must be a very FUN assignment. Nothing like keeping tabs on the DUmmies while laughing your ass off at the same time by checking out the DUmmie FUnnies. One good example of how the DUFUs helped the Secret Service is when the DUmmie FUnnies featured that nutty DUmmie school teacher who went INSANE with rage against Bush shortly after he was re-elected. However, there are many many other DUmmies that need to be monitored as well. And I would be EXTREMELY WORRIED if their activities (and threats) were not watched. Fortunately, this DUFU edition’s featured DUmmie Thread has reassured me in this matter. As usual, the Bolshevik DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, sending out messages via the secret decoder ring to Agent Mike, is in the [brackets]:

Is Big Brother Snooping on DU?


I decided to put the old firewall to the test as I logged onto DU today. Usually it just runs in the background, but I thought it would be interesting to see if any unrequested attempts came in to access the computer. Anyone care to interpret this? It's pretty freaking scary on first glance. I ran the browser in a small window so that I could watch the firewall results in real time. Immediately, there were two attempts that were blocked. I looked up the source IP info on ARIN WHOIS. The info:

Attempt 1:

Protocol: UDP

Source IP:

OrgName: DoD Network Information Center


Address: 7990 Science Applications Ct

Address: M/S CV 50

City: Vienna

StateProv: VA

PostalCode: 22183-7000

[If you aren’t planning illegal activities then the only thing you have to worry about is that someone at the DOD is checking out your porn collection featuring The Hedgehog (who rumor says is a registered Freeper).]

Attempt 2:

Protocol: UDP

Source IP:

OrgName: Tennessee Board of Regents


Address: 1415 Murfreesboro Road

Address: Suite 350

City: Nashville

StateProv: TN

PostalCode: 37217

[Maybe someone on the Tennessee board of Regents is a fan of The Hedgehog too.]

Why is the Department of Defense gathering information on us? Under what law is it granted? To what purpose is it directed? What connection does the Tennessee Board of Regents have in this? What the hell is going on???

[Gee! Your DUmmie cohorts makes threats against the President and act as a cheerleading gallery for the terrorists and you have to ask a question like that? As for the Tennessee Board of Regents maybe somebody there is doing research into the tiny DUmmie mind.]

to Agent Mike and all others. Too bad you waste your lives on chasing the wrong enemies.

[Agent Mike is watching the CORRECT people. Just a quick scan of the nutcase DUmmie posts reveals that they need to be watched.]

More sinister scenerio is a plot by the administration, Melon-Scaifee, Rev Moon, Rove, Norquist and all the Usual Suspects to shut down internet discussion sites like this one on the grounds that they breed terrorists.

[It would be stupid of them to shut down the DUmmie site, when you all make it so EASY to monitor anti-American activities.]

Where the suppression will start: not here. That would be too obvious. It will be the Free Republic or a similar site which will be attacked by AG Gonzales first.

[What kind of Loco Weed are you smoking?]

You know, the Freepers don't even get it....when the shit really hits the fan, once Hitler Jr. and his best friend Darth decide they're done playing nice, they'll be the first ones to feel the pain.

[Apparently your divorce from reality has come to fruition.]

I got the EXACT same thing except mine was in Chantilly , VA and I'm nervous about it. Really! And there are so many FREEPERS skulking about in here.


If they come, they come, and I'll not go quietly when they do.

[Will you yell, “I BELIEVE?”]

Frankly, I really don't give a rat's ass. What I say here is nothing that I wouldn't shout on the town square, so they can't blackmail or embarass me.

[Better to let you embarrass yourself.]

You haven't broken any laws, but they can soon declare you insane

[Not a big stretch there.]

When you realize 9-11 was an inside job that's where they will put you

[Where? In DUmmieland?]

Face the facts.. We are the enemy in the eyes of the evil do'ers running this country.

[Also in the eyes of almost everybody else. All one has to do is listen to 5 minutes of an ANSWER rally to realize who the enemy is---YOU!!!]

I wouldn't be surprised they want to see what us dissenters and unpatriotic citizens are up to so they can spill propaganda on our fire.

[No need to. Only need to quote you folks word for word to discredit you completely.]

Absolute control of cyberspace is one of the stated goals of the Neo-Con think tanks. After I started researching election data, I suddenly found my access blocked to state election sites, election fraud sites, and anything with dot gov. I still am unable to visit NASA's site to view Huygens photos for crying out loud. Like poker, it's a "tell." They don't want the citizens to look too closely or learn too much. Their goals are in place. The next move is to ask for legal means to gain even greater invasion of privacy and freedom in all forms of electronic communication by pressing Congress on grounds of "National Security in the war on terrorism." Like the Patriot Act rationale, their National Cyberspace Security agenda, however, has more to do with control and spying on their own citizens than on any threat to the nation. It's a much larger game of domination without accountability.

[Your post about absolute control of cyberspace is a “tell” for paranoia.]

Our activism has our own leaders on the line now, and they don't like being held accountable for their actions or non-actions one little bit.

[True. Unlike Barbara Boxer, many Democrat leaders don’t want to be embarrassed by having to publicly pander to the DUmmie wackos.]

All they'll find on my internet-surfing history is porn and politics. And porn. Lots of porn.

[More of The Hedgehog?]

Is it not possible that somebody at DoD is a DUer or just curious?

[Somebody working for the Defense Department who is a DUmmie is a FRIGHTENING thought.]

Did anyone really think these threads weren't being monitored by gov't?

[Even worse. The DUmmie threads are monitored by the DUFUs.]

They are snooping on everyone of us! Make no mistake. Every DUer is in their crosshairs. They are watching your internet habits among other things. What a bunch of assholes! Yeah. I am talking about you, Mister Fed snoop! Go spy on some Islamic Fundamentalists or something.

[How about spying on Islamic Fundamentalist ENABLERS aka DUmmieland?]


Blogger Mudi said...

Hee... interesting. A tracert on my computer to the supposed DoD in Vienna, VA ended up in Los Angeles... but that could just be my connection, as the ARIN WHOIS does match DoD (though I don't know where they got Vienna, that isn't in there)...

Why would the government commit resources to spy on them anyway, if it isn't just for their own personal humor?

9:07 PM  
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