Thursday, January 20, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-20-05 ("Protesters pepper sprayed")

In this DUmmie THREAD titled, “WTF? Protesters(behind 10 ft. fence) pepper sprayed,” the denizens of DUmmieland actually act outraged that they are not free to pelt the President’s limo. They act like this “restriction” on their freedom to act like thugs is yet another sign of impending fascism. They are lucky. If it were up to me, the DUmmies would have been sprayed with ice cold water whenever they tossed anything at the presidential limousine. So let us now read of DUmmie outrage in Bolshevik Red and the commentary of your humble correspondent in the [brackets]:

WTF? Protesters(behind 10 ft. fence) pepper sprayed.

[An OUTRAGE…..until you consider the fact that those poor widdle protestors hurled projectiles at the Presidents limo.] Hitler you!!!

[True. Not allowing DUmmies to throw things at the presidential limo is most definitely a sign of fascism.]

The world is disgusted at a country which proclaims to "spread democracy" when that country manipulates/controls/abuses it own people.

[Abusing DUmmies by not allowing them to threaten the President. Shameful!]

"...after demonstrators threw objects over the fence at police ...." That's what happens when you do that. No sympathy from me-- at all.


Why not just grease them all? They're already penned in, you don't even have to chase 'em.

[That idea will definitely be taken under consideration.]

I'm abosolutely positive that the whole crowd there didn't throw objects. Yet they just pulled out the big pepper spray cannon and let loose on that entire area. And with wind a huge band of people can be caught in that.

[Hang out with jerks and you should expect the worst.]

I'm willing to wager that it wasn't the ones right up front close to the fence doing the throwing, yet they bore the brunt of the spray. Not cool.

[Tough luck. And I’ll bet the DUmmies not throwing anything were cheering on the DUmmies who were tossing projectiles.]

Throwing things at the presidential motorcade, and I don't care what it is, is inexcusable. No sympathy here either. People have a way of connecting acts like this to the whole Democratic party, and they don't need the media to do it for them, they do it on their own. Dumb move.

[Another act of self-marginalization by the DUmmies.]

OH's looking like Sheriff Clarke in Alabama in the 60's you don't indiscriminately harm an entire crowd for the actions of a few

[Except that the rest of the crowd was encouraging the hurlers.]

Sorry, but it was crowd control. And they were throwing things. I saw that much on C-Span. If you go to protest, you know this can happen so you should be prepared. The police were trying to keep this from getting out of control.

[You make too much sense you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Note to the protesters, if you don't want to be pepper sprayed, don't throw shit at cops.


Good rule of thumb: Don't throw things at the President. Actually, don't throw things at anyone. But if you throw things at the President, you are probably going to get your ass beat by someone.


I remember MLK constantly throwing eggs at Alabama state troopers.

[Martin Luther King throwing eggs at Alabama state troopers? Making up history now, are we?]


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