Wednesday, January 12, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-12-05 ("Uh-Oh....Air America ratings slipping in NYC?")

Err America Radio is flopping bigtime in the ratings and the DUmmies analyze this situation in this THREAD titled, “Uh-Oh....Air America ratings slipping in NYC?” Yes, Err America Radio, launched with much fanfare a year ago, is going straight down the tubes. But the Left need fear not. They will still have National Public Radio if Err America gives up the ghost. As usual the DUmmie whinings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wishing that he could receive Laura Ingraham on the radio, is in the [brackets]:

Uh-Oh....Air America ratings slipping in NYC?
This is from Drudge, so one has to consider the source. But if true, it's not good news.

'AIR AMERICA' RATINGS TURBULENCE IN NY CITY: Surprising many observers who expected it to shine during election season, all-liberal upstart WLIB (1190 AM) -- base station for Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo -- actually headed south, shedding 15% of its summer audience to finish fall at 24th place in just-released ARBITRONS...

[24th place? What was in 23th place? The Static Sound Hour?]

Get rid of Jeanine Grafolo maybe 7-10 will become listenable again

[The sound of paint drying would get higher ratings than Grafolo. Or is her name Crayolo?]

They need to work on the FUNNY and the SNARKY...and lighten up on the earnestness a bit. There's a fine line between an outraged, though humorous, rant and HECTORING.

[They also need to work on the RATIONALITY.]

I hate to say it, but some of AA is getting very tiresome...and it rhymes with Sandi Sodes. If I hear this woman blow shit and go high-and-mighty on one more friendly caller... Well, that won't happen, because I stopped listening to her weeks ago. My blood pressure has dropped probably 20 points since then.

[Take it easy on Randi Rhodes. The other day she spent two hours whining that countries could have been warned that a tsunami was coming with a mere phone call. She kept repeating that over and over for only a couple of hours. In the old days, Randi would have spent three whole hours beating that subject to death.]

I like Randi, but I think Morning Sedition (and ESPECIALLY Marc Maron) is 3 hours of un-listenable sophomoric drivel. A third rate comic hack who is amazingly unfunny should be doing a stupid sitcom for WB - not trying to educate an audience.

[Strange. I feel exactly the same way about the Glenn Beck show. Maybe we should have a contest over who is a more boring comedian wannabee. Glenn Beck or Marc Maron.]

I dislike it when Randi goes postal on liberal callers. I finally had to stop listening to her, too.

[Randi has been going postal for years.]

they need to get a better signal (I can barely hear the radio through the static when I'm not streaming)

[I heard that the Err America New York station is powered by Chris Heinz riding a static bicycle pedal generator.]

Find more people like Randi and Mike that speak with conviction and passion.

[Holding auditions in the mental asylums might be a good start.]

Randi, she is great, but her tangents get tiresome, sometimes it is her voice.

[The rest of the time it is just her annoying personality.]


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