Wednesday, December 29, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-29-04 PM Edition ("Could the Dahli Lama help be a voice for us?")

This is a very short Dummie THREAD titled, “Could the Dahli Lama help be a voice for us?” However, it is so bizarre, even for DUmmies, that I just had to DUFU it. The very idea that the Dalai Lama would jump into the political fray here to overturn the election is completely laughable. First of all, I don’t think the Dalai Lama is even a U.S. citizen. Also, anyone who watched the movie Kundun would know the Dalai Lama would never get involved in political matters here. There was a scene in that movie where Mao Tse-Tung told the Dalai Lama that he was going to take over Tibet. So what did the Dalai Lama do? Did he rise up to protest this invasion by the Chinese? No. He just silently sat on a couch with a dopey smile on his face as Mao arrogantly told him the takeover of Tibet was for its own good. So it is hilarious that some wacko DUmmies are even toying with the idea of the Dalai Lama helping them out. Maybe they expect the Dalai Lama to sit cross-legged in the snow in silent vigil outside Kerry’s Boston townhouse. Anyway, the comments of the DUmmies from another dimension between time and space is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, currently residing in this space/time continuum, is in the [brackets]:

Could the Dahli Lama help be a voice for us?
Shall we contact him? After all, it's his words keeping me going right now.

[Yes. I somehow remember the Dalai Lama telling his holy monks, “Kerry Won! Get Over It!!!”]

His whole life is bringing awareness and compassion to the world...Yes, he is beautiful. Does anyone have a connection with him?

[Check with Richard Gere’s gerbil.]

One may wish to contact Robert Thurman who has interviewed His Holiness, and who also has been interviewed on Air America Radio and he talked openly about this being another stolen election:

[Or perhaps one could also contact Robert Thurman’s gerbil.]

We can look to his wise words for guidance

[“A wet bird does not fly at night.” Yup! That ties in directly with Election 2004.]

Does anybody know his email address ?


I think he belongs more to the "spiritual sphere" than to the political sphere So I don't think they will listen to him (or he wan't speak about it).

[“Hi! I’m the Dalai Lama. My entire life has been a long spiritual quest. However, I am making this ONE exception to plea for Election 2004 to be overturned even though the Electoral College has already declared Bush to be the winner. Perhaps we could all hum a mantra to overturn the results. I will now return to my Spiritual Plane.”]

Possible...but he IS a political figure given his exile. I have a fantasy of him addressing the UN about US election fraud.

[Perhaps the Dalai Lama could also do a Mandalay Sand Painting flow chart to show us how Bush stole the election.]

Ok, I share this dream... I think there could be a moral "alliance" of guys like Dalai Lama, Richard Gere and other figures which would have a great impact on the thinking of Europeans. He should just put something on his website (?)... There are a lot of famous people which are listening to him and are connected with him through the Tibet mouvement.

[Have you thought of contacting Marcel Marceau to loudly protest the election results?]


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