Tuesday, December 28, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-28-04 PM Edition ("Forget Kerry... He's forgotten us- RANT")

A few of the DUmmie Lemmings, following the tunes played by Pied Piper Pitt on his flute, have suddenly discovered that it is playing a sour note. Despite the promises that SOMETHING WONDERFUL would happen this week with Kerry’s signature placed on an obscure legal paper filed in Ohio by the Greens and Libertarians, NOTHING has happened. What little coverage this has gotten on the media was on Keith Olbermann’s show and he only mentioned it to discredit its importance. So now some DUmmies are realizing that, much to their surprise, Kerry WON’T be inaugurated this January. You can read the DUmmie anger directed at Kerry in this THREAD titled, “Forget Kerry... He's forgotten us- RANT.” We lead off this thread with a RANT against Kerry by DUmmie HeyManThatsCool. As usual the DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Forget Kerry... He's forgotten us- RANT. In my mind, John Kerry is the ultimate two faced schmuck.
I worked my ass off for the Kerry Edwards campaign, contributed tons of $, and contributed to the GELAC fund. I feel like my contributions (and millions of others) were all for naught... because Kerry has no FIGHT in him…

[I disagree with your description of Kerry as a two faced shmuck. I would describe him as a horse faced shmuck.]

I'm angry about it! During the election when people were calling him a flip flopper I always defended him. But you know what? HE IS A DARN FLIP FLOPPER!!! He cant even get in on the election fraud problems right. He's all over the friggin place. What's with that? I dont think he's fighting at all FOR US.. I think he is covering his own ass so that he can run again in 2008. Fat chance that I'll support that. Fool me once.....

[Can I assume that you won’t be attending the vigil in front of Kerry’s townhouse?]

And yes- I DO feel like a dam fool for being so supportive. I was out there on the front lines every single day. I've been telling everyone I know about the voter fraud issue. And wheres Kerry? No clue. Seems like only the Greens & Indys are standing up…

[Where’s Kerry? Have you checked the snow boarding slopes of Aspen?]

I hope someone with genuine integrity, conviction, spunk, maturity and common sense runs in 2008. Someone who isn't soley interested in being big man on campus. Someone who doesn't view everything through a PR view finder. Someone who doesn't walk away from a fight- and a necessary one at that- because they dont want to f up their chances of future presidential runs…


If no Dem comes up in 08 that rings true I guess I have a few choices... Green, Independent--- or just not bothering to vote at all. Obviously all votes AREN'T created equal.. and aren't counted that way. And so far no dem (Aside from Maxine Waters) is fighting for us IN A REAL AND VISIBLE WAY.

[Maxine Waters---Rumored to have cracked a smile in 1974.]

If he had any "fight" in him... where is he? Why is he ignoring all of this?

[Because he is busy snuggling up with Teresa, his Love Bunny.]

I give him until Jan. 6th to show his mettle. If he stands for democracy then I will coninue my support. If he fails to do so then I am through with him as a national candidate and also through with the Democratic party as well.

[Goodbye Democrats. Hello Socialist Workers Party.]

Even the staunchest Kerr y supporters will let loose a flood of rage IF Kerry and the rest of the Dem party doesn't stand and fight on Jan. 6th! Kerry has NO CHANCE of winning anyones vote of confidence EVER again if he does not stand up for democracy. Keep in mind though, we should feel the same about EVERY Democratic Senator and Representative who does not do his/her duty on Jan. 6th! I still have some hope left in me that he will do his duty. He has always liked doing the dirty work behind the scenes. These are the thoughts I have included to EVERY Senator I have written or emailed since this mess began. I think many others are doing the same. America is a hugely populated country. Even if the "nutcases" like us only amount to 20% of the population, that is a HUGE number of people. The Dems can't possibly think that if this many people can believe election fraud occurred, in such a short period of time, with virtually NO media coverage whatsoever, this movement will not continue to grow to proportions enormous enough to cause a serious crisis in this country.

[A great moment of self-realization there when you described you and your cohorts as “nutcases.”]

It's almost as if Kerry is just doing enough to make those of us who feel there were legitimate result-changing problems think he's actually doing something when, in reality, there isn't a whole lot you can point to that shows Kerry is helping our cause.

[So when did you finally wake up from your coma?]

He didn't attempt to "preserve the crime scene." He didn't ask to confirm the accuracy of voting machines that produced multiple voter complaints on public records. He didn't establish a vigilant presence in the continuation of the vote count. He says nothing while Blackwell makes a sham out of the Democratic process with blatant criminal behavior. He didn't establish and re-establish his expectations about the process of counting (and Recounting) the votes. He didn't talk about the vote suppression and the long lines that were factually based. He hasn't responded to new information about voting problems since his premature concession.

[Maybe Kerry should have surrounded the state of Ohio with a yellow police tape. Or is that Chrysto’s shtick?]

All of you- think for a minute! Go back to Nov 2. Remember the feeling of that day! The momentum. The positivity. The upward shift. Kerry was even writing his acceptance speech. People were ebullient! And then..... the bottom fell out. It is inconceivable to me that Bush won in any way that was on the up and up. I just don't buy it.

[You forgot to mention that the DUmmies were gloating.]

I cried when Kerry conceded. I was depressed and upset and disgusted by *s so called "mandate". I was happy and excited to get a glimmer of hope upon finding out about the election fraud. And ecstatic in the realization that there was a distinct possibility that Kerry would claim victory after all. The past 7 weeks have been an emotional roller coaster and I've spent it waiting and watching for some good news, some great news, some fabulous news.

[Keep waiting...and waiting and…]


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