Monday, December 27, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-27-04 AM Edition ("The Sadness")

The DUmmies have been on a real roller coaster of emotion. This past weekend we saw the DUmmies in full manic mode with 2 threads devoted to Kerry “deconceding” the election. The DUmmies were jubilant over this news, coupled with Pied Piper Pitt’s promise that there would be an earth shattering (later downgraded by the same Pitt) legal filing by Kerry today in Ohio. Yes, the DUmmies over the weekend were celebrating the impending overthrow of the Bush regime and the inauguration of their Face on the Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwich this January. But, as inevitably happens with manic-depressives, the depressed mode always follows on the heels of the manic state of mind. Today’s DUmmie THREAD titled, “The Sadness,” reflects the current depression of the DUmmies. But fear not. The DUmmies will soon be celebrating the “inevitable” victory of Bush the next time Pied Piper Pitt “interprets” one of Kerry’s many subtle smoke signals. The sad, very sad, DUmmie posts are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary your humble correspondent, holding a tray of Meds for them, is in the [brackets]:

I've been thinking about the feelings that have passed through me since November 2nd. I've wondered at my intense sense of sadness - in addition to the anger and sheer shock and wonder - I have this intense sadness. Today a visual entered my brain - of these men and maybe a few women - sitting in a room - sitting in comfy chairs - sitting there planning these crimes. Hashing out the details. This crime and many others of course - crimes that took lives - crimes that broke hearts and souls and bodies - speaking the words out loud - forming the words - the sounds of them in the air.
I find it almost impossible to absorb. It is so sad - so tragically sad. We have so much work to do. I hope I can find a place to make a difference.

[Why are you sad? Isn’t today the day that Pied Piper Pitt promised you that Kerry would file a legal document in Ohio that would ENSURE his impending inauguration? Don’t worry. Be HAPPY!!!]

I have felt the sadness as well and a cold numb feeling as I realized how much hate and intolerance there is in this country, disguised by a veneer of religiousity

[I wish to console you. Let us both pray together to the Face on the Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwich.]

Don't forget the ignorance, so carefully tended by the corporate media. It's the main reason we find it so difficult to fight these repuke bastids. Our only hope is to talk to people and spread the message that everyone should trust their OWN experiences and common sense, not the spin that comes pouring out of the idiot tube.

[And don’t forget to place your TRUST in Pied Piper Pitt. Follow his lead over the cliff. Remember, Pitt promised you INCREDIBLE NEWS about Kerry today. Of course, he also promised you INCREDBLE news that would take place last Thursday but the dog ate his homework…uh, the Ohio weather prevented the INCREDIBLE NEWS from happening.]

My mood has gone from absolute despair to "we're going to get the bastards." Now I'm mostly mad as opposed to depressed.

[Remember the Suicide Hotline number when your mood goes back to absolute despair at noontime on Jan. 20: 1-800-BUSH-WON.]

Through all the sadness and emotional turmoil of the past few weeks my subconscious is still full of hope and the dream messages I've been getting are stronger than ever...I really don't believe * will be inaugurated again.

[Trust your Inner Dream Message.]

There is always hope as long as there exists a beautiful group of people, like those here at DU, to go to when our hearts are heavy. I get great strength when I think about all those who have gone before us in great battles! I feel that there will be great changes coming, and that good will prevail. And, the person that John Kerry is also gives me great comfort.

[Trust your Inner Face on the Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwich.]

I remember "hope was on the way.” Now we have a been cheated once again out of a president. The world is in such chaos and Bush should be impeached for putting us in this war we have no business starting. I just don't get it, where is the outrage? People should be in the streets screaming! Yet the MSM is silent and
most people are just paying attention as far as their fences surrounding their yards. It saddens and sickens me. Yet, I am so thankful for the DU and all who participate.

[Don’t forget to thank the DUFU.]

I feel hopeless, powerless, and leaderless.

[Definitely hopeless.]

I have felt a great deal of sadness,too...along with many other emotions! I know it's hard to wrap your mind around something so sick and twisted!!!! They have also tried (may I say unsuccessfully) to break our spirit! Our efforts will not be in vain! GOOD WILL PREVAIL! I sincerely believe in our is a moral and just cause. You can be sure that you have ALREADY made a difference by not being INDIFFERENT!

[You already have made a difference by providing LOTS of great comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies. Oh, and don’t forget to return to your jubilant mood tomorrow for the next edition of the DUFUs.]

I feel kind of in suspended animation, like the election was some kind of horrible nightmare and that soon we'll all wake up and find out that it didn't really happen that way at all. It's just so-o-o-o depressing, and I find myself coming here more and more just to be uplifted. But I also like to think that if our efforts are successful and the election is overturned, or if Bush & Co. are forced out of office for all their crimes, what a wonderful example of democracy it would be for the rest of the world to witness and what a ray of light it would shine on this dark planet with all its problems. So I kind of alternate between these moods of intense despair and blinding hope ... probably pretty much like everybody else here. It's so good not to feel alone in this craziness.

[True. You have many fellow Moonbats fluttering around blindly in the darkness of DUmmieland.]

I know just what you mean - I stayed up all night Election night - I was in such shock - I refused to believe it. No one I know, blue as they are, would believe that the election was stolen.
I felt like I was in some psychedelic bubble.

[It sounds like you were partying with Susan Estrich on Election Night.]

I haven't been in an ACTUAL psychedelic bubble for many years now (too many?), but it might make things a little easier than this damn reality.

[For all you do, this acid is for YOU!!!]

Ever since November 2, I have found myself at time wondering of what could have been, seeing Kerry/Edwards inagurated on a bright, sunny January morning sworn-in, and enjoying the parade and inaguaral balls, walking through the Rose Garden or sitting in the Oval Office. I was hoping to hear on Election Night before Kerry made his acceptance speech "Beautiful Day" or "No Surrender" but instead it was a concession speech with a funeral atmosphere.

[DAMN that Bush for forcing MTV to cancel their Inaugural Ball!!! Another horrible side effect of the Bush victory.]

I know alot of folk who have never been prone to depression or "the blues", but find themselves today having trouble wanting to get out of bed. I think thats why so many jump for joy at the slightest hint of good news on this forum. For me I bounce between sadness and rage.

[You bounce between sadness and rage? Well, at least that is more realistic than those other DUmmies who are bouncing between sadness and happiness.]

I have severe, treatment-resistant Depression.
This election and all the questions surrounding our nation have left me bereft. I feel like someone took a two-by-four to my head. I'm left sitting here going, "What the hell? What the hell?"

[The two-by-four of the Bush election victory appears to have hit you hard.]

DON'T DESPAIR, help is coming. I CANNOT SHARE DETAILS, but something big, VERY BIG is in the works. stay tuned. There will be some very credible data soon. I will have the car mileage to prove i

[Driving around in circles again? But don’t despair. Pied Piper Pitt has promised us that <>SOMETHING WONDERFUL < /Voice> would happened today.

As a first time voter I didn't expect losing this election would be so hard, I cried for two days. The sadness came because I knew deep down this election was stolen. The sadness was overwhelming when I seen the video of the disenfranchised in Ohio.

[That video is now out as a DVD. I saw it being sold at the flea market yesterday: “Faces of the Disenfranchised in Ohio.” The vendor was selling them for $8 each, 2 for $15. They were in the box next to his XXX DVDs.]

I find it fascinating how we are this relatively small group who absolutely KNEW what had occurred election night - in such an organic way. I couldn't explain it to anyone - I just knew. I had no facts or figures - nothing to offer in the way of proof or even suggestion. I just knew. It reminds me of the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A small group of people just spontaneously know they are to go to this one location at a given time and have no idea why. This feels like that to me.

[Interesting. Have you made a giant mashed potatoes sculpture of Kerry’s face yet?]

I also could not accept the election "results". It was horrible. In the early evening the TV network I was watching (CNN?) said that Virginia was too close to call, and I was shaking in anticipation. When they called VA for Bush by 57%-43%, I was shocked. After all that drama, it wasn't even close. Or so they said. I got really angry at the MSM. Maybe you did too. It was like they were toying with my soul, throwing me a bone that was only a mirage. From that point on, I felt like I was trying to stop the tide from going in, especially when they called Florida for Bush.

[So how many Election Day gloats did you post in DUmmieland before the REAL results came in?

Sometimes I even want to tell people about...the renowned Indian astrologers who predicted a Kerry victory, and about the so-called clairevoyant person -- the name escapes me, but someone posted an article in this forum about her or him -- who expects the election fraud issue to basically explode in around six months, in the middle of 2005.

[Indian astrologers and a so-called clairvoyant person…I’m very impressed by the reliability of those sources.]

I am imagining 100s of thousands of peeps dressed in black with orange armbands and/or headbands to symbolize working for the best (orange), while being prepared for the worst (black), in front of the Capital Building on Jan. 6th. gives me a warm feeling.

[Black and orange? Halloween colors. Trick or Treat!… Mostly Trick.]

All of us are not crazy...but sudden transformations can feel that way. Eyes open with the clarity of a full moon rising over an icy field. Dense snow has fallen all day, obscuring and distorting everything that was familiar. But now a fierce high wind is sweeping away the clouds and the stars are lighting up, one by's beautiful, it's scary, this clarity.

[Umm…Speaking of a Full Moon and reading your Full post, I would have to disagree with the first part of your statement. It’s beautiful, it’s scary, this insanity. But most of all it’s FUnnie!!!]


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