Sunday, December 26, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-26-04 ("KERRY PREPARING GROUNDS TO UNCONCEDE--Thread 2")

The only thing funnier than a Dummie thread titled “KERRY PREPARING GROUNDS TO UNCONCEDE" is TWO threads titled “KERRY PREPARING GROUNDS TO UNCONCEDE.” Yes, the DUmmies unaware of the utter ridiculousness of this proposition have started a second THREAD titled, “KERRY PREPARING GROUNDS TO UNCONCEDE (Thread 2).” All this nonsense began the middle of last week when Pied Piper Pitt attempted to once again lead his DUmmie Lemmings over the Vote Fraud Cliff with a much revised post about how Kerry was about to file something REALLY IMPORTANT in court. I say, much revised because when NOTHING happened on Thursday, as predicted by Pitt, he came up with the excuse that his dog ate the filing…oops…I mean that the weather prevented action from being taken. Then after that Pitt started backtracking even more by claiming that the REALLY IMPORTANT thing that was going to happen isn’t all that important after all. I notice that Moonbat Pitt is making a habit of promising momentous events that never end up coming to pass. Pitt reminds me of Astronaut Dave Bowman in the “2010” movie who, in response to Heywood Floyd asking what would happen that they must leave Jupiter (home of A Perfect Rovian Storm) in seven days, replies non-specifically with a beatific expression on his face, “Something Wonderful!” Anyway, let us now return to fun of Dummie Fantasy. The Dummie fantasies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, orbiting Jupiter in Discovery is in the [brackets]:

My question to you is what price are all of us willing to pay to restore this republic? Hell I will ask another one, what if the country breaks over this? AKA the south secedes?

[The South secedes if Kerry unconcedes? Indeed. Proceed…]

That said... IF this news is correct, I will sing Oh Tannenbaun... and remember December 25th as a historic day. Oh and if this happens, things will indeed get very interesting.

[“IF.” IF butterflies could tapdance will you sing “Oh Tannenbaum?”

Major wake-up calls are coming, one way or another.

[WAKE UP! Time to take your Meds.]

Sometimes I think a civil war is the only choice we have to regain our once great nation. It would be too easy to kick these Fundies and Freeptards butts. Seriously. I do believe we (Dems, Repuketards against Bush, and Independents) outnumber them. I want my country back. I am a Christian, but that wouldn't keep me from helping to defend our Constitution (and my God's reputation from lying Smirking Chimp for that matter) and going to war with others in this nation if it is the only way to get rid of the cancer that is trying to overtake this country.

[Hmmm… You claim to be a Christian and the first thing you want to do is KILL people. Interesting.]

Doubtless, Bush would be called upon to say something publicly, or in other words, concede the election to Kerry.

[KERRY: “I unconcede.”

BUSH: “Okay, you convinced me. I concede.”

i think it is way too 'premature' to say he is 'preparing grounds to unconcede'. we really don't know what he is doing. he is doing something, that is for sure.

[Kerry is tossing a bone to the DUmmie types in the form of a meaningless signature on an even more meaningless piece of paper.]

He never stopped fighting. Don't mistake silence for inactivity. Kerry's a warrior, and the smartest warriors know how to wait. I've maintained, since November 3, 2004, that all of this would unfold just as it's now unfolding. All this stuff takes time; the foundation needed to be laid, and for that, we have the Green and Libertarian people to thank. As for how Kerry's comported himself since the concession speech (which, I remind everyone again, had absolutely NO legal implication), it's been brilliant. Just goddamned brilliant. Respectful of F*ckface's "win." Respectful of the office of the Presidency. Respectful of the voters. All the while, people have been compiling evidence, and now, with the affidavit from the election worker, and other verifying documents and tapes, the time is ripe, as we lawyers like to say. John Kerry is our next President. I have never not believed that. And, in the next few weeks, I honestly believe we're going to see history made.

[PRAY to the Kerry Face on the Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwich! He is our True Salvation!]

I have never doubted that John Kerry has been working this issue from day one. He is a smart man and he knows *. Members of his team have been personally screwed by the * fraud machine, so I strongly believe that he knew what they were going to try to pull.

[Members of his team have also been screwed by Kerry stiffing his own campaign staff.]

God how I hope you are right OldLeftie. It feels good just reading your posts lay out why and how it might be possible.

[That’s right, OldLeftie. Your fantasy posts have such a great feel good quality about them. Now tell us again how the Leprechaun at the end of the rainbow will bring us a pot of gold and make us all rich.]

Kerry is and always has been ready and willing to fight the good fight, but he is also very careful to make sure he has all his ducks in a row before he jumps into the fray.

[Kerry might have his ducks in a row but his goose is certainly cooked if he even mentions the word, “unconcede.”]

Lets play a game of what if. What if Blackwell rigged the election all on his own? If I understand this correctly, this is a violation of the 1965 law... and it is fraud. IT goes into the territory of who woudl get hurt?

[What if your lobotomy operation is postponed?]

It's not even going to get to Congress if the vote fraud allegations can be established in Ohio. It's going to freeze up the whole Electoral College, and that will keep the election from being over. If the election isn't over, and Ohio's votes are subject to judicial scrutiny, there can be no inauguration.

[And the Planet Earth will come to a dead stop in its orbit.]

This is going absolutely nowhere. I can promise all of you that this will go absolutely nowhere. The Baby Bush will be re-coronated on January 20th.

[And John Kerry will remain in exile on his Island Kingdom of Nantucket.]

If Kerry files that motion in Federal Court, this matter takes on a life of itself, and no external crisis, manufactured or not, will stop the law from going forth

[I predict the only thing Kerry will be filing this week will be his nails.]

I'd like to remind you are going "all in" on these reports. If this doesn't pan out, you're going to look pretty foolish, so to speak and that your reputation at this forum may be permenantly damaged. I just wanted to remind you of that.

[Don’t worry. After turns into a laughingstock this week when Kerry does NOT deconcede, he will come back a week later with a prediction that Kerry will “redeconcede.”]

either that or he's trying to us all get excited so he can try to make us look like fools later IF it doesn't all pan out.

[The plan is working ahead of schedule. You ALREADY look like fools.]

Kerry's done everything perfectly. I mean, I cannot tell you how f*cking perfect this whole thing has been, from a legal angle. It's a work of art

[Kerry planned it all from the get-go. Losing in Ohio by over 100,000 votes, making sure that Ohio certified Bush as the victor, and waiting until AFTER the Electoral College declared that Bush won the election. The timing has been PERFECT!]

Didn't the Electoral Collage already meet and cast their votes? Like on December 13, 2004? And since the Electoral Collage elects the President and not the popular vote, nothing anyone can do to stop the process now.

[Be very careful how big a dose of reality you feed to the DUmmies. Most of them have a low tolerance level for reality.]

I think Kerry will be able to show to the country that without a doubt fraud occurred and that Bush did not win the election. He knows it has to be irrefutable or a sizable number of Americans will not believe and he also will have to deal with a negative media. To have a legitimate presidency, there can be no doubts and he knows this. No winning through a technicality like Bush did in 2000, because the media will kill him on it.
If he is making a stand, I believe he has the goods to back it up.

[I believe you’ve been staring at the Kerry Face on the Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwich too long.]


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