Saturday, December 25, 2004


The DUmmies are in the process of slobbering down the Hogwash Soup, heavily irradiated by moonbeams, being served up by Moonbat Pitt. One of the DUmmies lifted his face up from the Hogwash Soup just long enough to get a breath of air and utter some nonsense about Kerry preparing to unconcede as you can see in this Dummie THREAD titled, “Kerry Preparing Grounds to Unconcede.” Now if Kerry tried to think of a better way to make himself even more of a laughingstock to the public, he couldn’t improve on this. Let’s see, according to this theory, Kerry will enter the Deconcession Chamber a couple of weeks after the Electoral College already announced the winner of the election (hint: it wasn’t John F. Kerry, although John L. Kerry did put up a valiant fight). One can only hope this were true for no other reason than to provide an enormous amount of joke material to comedians in nightclubs all over this land. Of note on this DUmmie thread is that the DUmmie FUnnies were mentioned and YOURS TRULY was quoted. In the meantime, listen carefully to the ever increasing rustling from the fluttering wings of the Moonbats circling Dummieland. The closer we come to the Inauguration, the greater the frequency of those fluttering wings. And now let us listen to the desperate sonar emissions from the DUmmie Moonbats. Their high pitch chirpings are in Bolshevik Red and the commentary of your humble correspondent, desperately trying to evade the falling Moonbat guano, is in the [brackets]:

If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential president-in-waiting has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George Bush's reelection is no longer a given

[HALLELUJAH!!! Great Joy and Jubilation! A Great Pillar of Fire shall ARISE in the sky as John Kerry prepares to depart his Island Kingdom of Nantucket to bring his Heavenly Realm to America and Rule for a thousand years!]

If you haven't been following John Kerry closely, get ready to hear of surprising developments. The vote-defrauded, potential president-in-waiting has just indicated through his lawyer that the validity of George Bush's reelection is no longer a given

[The reign of the Evil Emperor, Chimpus Kahn, is about to end! All hail our new President, John L. Kerry!]

Kerry's court filing will conjoin him to existing allegations that Triad Systems, a Republican-linked supplier of voting machines to around half of Ohio counties --"orchestrated" a covert campaign to thwart a legitimate recount in Ohio. If the allegation proves well founded, it could invalidate the Ohio recount and eventually even hand the presidency to John Kerry.

[YAWN! Been there. Done that. It took place during the Second (or was it the Third or maybe Fourth) Coming of John Kerry that was about to change the world forever. What happened is that Kerry allowed his signature which meant nothing to be affixed to a Green Party action which meant even less. After the teary eyed DUmmie expressions of faith, cynicism set in later the same day when the DUmmies realized that Kerry was just tossing them a bone so he could validate himself with them for the 2008 election.]

Got my fingers crossed. Maybe I won't have to leave the country!

[Don’t worry. The People’s Republic of North Korea will somehow manage to build the Worker’s Paradise without you.]

Is this real, if not BOOOOO!


I can't find ANYTHING about this in the MSM. I'm afraid we are getting our hopes up for nothing. There is nothing on any other website about this.

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for the best Reality Check of the day!]

Most people will not hear of the Kerry legal move until Tuesday…

[…Or ever.]

Come out as our leader Kerry, and we'll be right behind you, my man, with our guns and ammo at hand!

[So much for Dummie support of gun control.]

Sounds like JK is going "all in"................

[Smart move. Going “all in” with a hand that has only a seven high card against a sure Royal Flush.]

Unconcede' is now my favorite word.

[I’m sort of partial to “Deconcession Chamber” myself.]

KERRY xmass and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! i got you back PRESIDENT KERRY!!!!!!! oh ya and f*ck you freepers . . . .

[A touching expression of “Kerry xmass” spirit.]

Has anyone had the courage to check on Freeptardville yet?

[Don’t worry. The Dummie FUnnies is giving rave reviews to your comedy act.]

Not about that article, but this is funny....
I made it on there twice, how nice! Morons...his arguments make absolutely no sense. They seem to be spending (suspiciously) much time on the latest Kerry posts...

[WOO! HOO! DUmmie femme.democratique, I shall overlook your gratuitous slam against MOI and ABSOLVE you of all your Political Sins (for today only) for posting a Link to a Dummie FUnnies edition plus giving a great review to the DUFUs (“…this is funny…”). Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE!!!]

check it out when you need a good laugh.... Merry Christmas…and Happy Holidays to all!

[WOW! ANOTHER good review of the DUFUs from DUmmie femme.democratique. Okay, I shall also absolve you of your Political Sins on New Years Day as well for giving me good PR in DUmmieland.

Hey - Freepers... Google Ramsey Clark... see what you get.

[“Leftwing Liberal Lunatic.”]

Oh, and mods here should check this out:

“You don't have to go anywhere to find them -- they're all over DU just now. And some of ‘them’ might even be DUmmie moderators. Hee! Hee!”

[This is an OUTRAGE!!! Yes, in my role as DUmmie Moderator I shall certainly try to uncover that Freeper imposter…. Hee! Hee!]

I'm no lawyer but after the Supreme Court ruled to stop the Florida count in December of 2000, I've developed a good sense for election law maneuvers. Kerry has been preparing to do this for a year! It's just that now, over the holiday weekend, we see some the evidence on which that strategy is based.

[What a genius that Kerry is! He waits until a couple of weeks AFTER the Electoral College declares Bush to be a winner and then maneuvers to make his deconcession announcement during the one holiday week when interest in politics is at the lowest point of the year. His timing is IMPECCABLE!!!]

Kerry is set to unconcede by deed on Monday…

[It’s an “unconcedeed!”]

I'm trying not to over-expect here, but firmly feel since he IS back in the game...since he IS 'playing'...he IS 'playing to win.'

[YOO! HOO! Charlie Brown! Time for you to kick the football Lucy is holding. Don’t worry. She won’t pull it away from you this time. You can believe her promise.]

If Kerry does this and follows through, I'll never ask for anything for Christmas hereafter.

[The Great Pumpkin WILL appear tonight!]

Can you imagine our history books and what they'd look like if they contested and we overturned this thing and took our democracy back???

[They would look like Grimm’s Fairy Tales.]

they will probably make a book out of the DU logs.

[ABSOLUTELY! And it will be called the “DUmmie FUnnies.”

So you don't think that it is merely an effort by Kerry to get involved enough to quell the criticism he is getting from people like Jackson (just playing the devil's advocate)

[Somewhere deep in the DUmmieland Swamp a small light bulb begins to cast a dim glow over the tiny head of a DUmmie.]

this thread is looking like DU on Nov 2 at 530pm until everything turned into shit a couple of hours later.
Will you people ever learn to celebrate and gloat ONLY when it's time?Don't get so jumpy about everything these bloggers throw at you, geez.

[Go ahead. Celebrate and gloat now. It only makes your later threads of angry disappointment even more hilarious.]

Your thoughts? Am I on to something or am I full of shit?

[The latter.]


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