Friday, December 24, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-24-04 ("From the freepers regarding Will Pitt Post...")

Once again we have a situation of Watching DUmmies Watching Us Watching DUmmies. This time it has to do with them watching us watching their posts on a 12-22 thread about a “revelation” from lead DUmmie Moonbat, William Rivers Pitt, announcing that Kerry would jump into the vote fraud game the following day to challenge the Ohio vote. After much jubilation and wing fluttering from the lesser Moonbats over in DUmmieland, exactly NOTHING happened. Now that the DUmmies have egg all over their face they are whining about the Freepers laughing at them in this THREAD titled, “From the freepers regarding Will Pitt Post...” Since this thread from the Freepers that they are referencing commenced before my own DUFU thread on the same topic last evening, their comments are about the other Freeper thread. The whining of the DUmmies is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking in on his DUmmie Ant Farm, is in the [brackets]:

It is so very hard for me not to get into the threads and start bashing! Fragile,,,, let them try this fragile DUmmy !!!!

[No problem. By featuring you in the DUmmie FUnnies we can easily shatter your fragile ego by laughing at your pretentious self-important foibles.]

I am curious to see what they are saying about K/E potentially jumping into the fray.

[I see that this DUmmie post was made on Thursday morning. Soooo Dummie… to tell us all about K/E “jumping into the fray.” The news media was so silent about this “momentous event” that I missed it entirely.]

I Love Seeing Their Eyes Widen when they realise the gigs up.

[Right now my eyes are squeezed shut to keep all the tears of laughter at your momentous non-event from staining my shirt.]

They are saying horrible things about WillPitt. He should wear it as a badge of honor. What a bunch of freaks they are.

[Yes, Will Pitt should wear his Moonbat label as a badge of honor. Pitt’s Moonbat post about a complete NON-EVENT sent DUmmieland into spasms of joy over something that NEVER HAPPENED.]

Not only are they annoying, but they sure know how to type stupid stuff as fast as their narrow minds can go.

[Typing stupid stuff like phony Shakespeare quotes about patriotism that was cited by numerous DUmmies as well as Barbra Streisand?]

. apparently the validity of WP's PREVIOUS statements have escaped them.

[Validity of Moonbat Pitt’s pitiful posts like the one he made on Wednesday about an event that was sure to happen on Thursday and by Friday STILL hasn’t happened?]

We need an emoticon with pink liquid for Kool Aid...don't you think?

[A better emoticon would be the Great Pumpkin of unrealized dreams laughing at you. Moonbat Pitt, your Linus, promised that the great Pumpkin would arrive yesterday for sure. How much longer before you realize your Great Pumpkin will never arrive?]

Doesn't surprise me. I would put the "Dummies" at DU up against those ignorant and very very sad people any day of the week. A war of the minds would much be welcome. They never post any facts. They never look into the credibility of anything they decide to negatively rant about.

[Like the credibility of the claim by Moonbat Pitt that the Great Pumpkin Kerry would come to your rescue in Ohio yesterday? Next you will be seeing images of Kerry’s face on Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.]

The GOP and its faithful minions have been stinking of fear since election day, and no place has had a fouler stench than Freeper Land. I hate to visit the Free Republic message board, because I feel sorry for them. They are like a bunch of little kids trying to convince themselves that they are not afraid of the boogeyman, but you know that they are so wound up, the minute someone goes "boo!" they are going to jump out of their skins.
This is no coincidence. The way that the far right motivates it rank and file is through fear, the same way Hitler and Goebels motivated their followers. They attract all the poor little former battered kids who were never loved for themselves and tell them "It is all (blanks) fault you are so miserable". Meanwhile, all us liberal types are having such a good time just being ourselves, it drives them crazy with rage and envy.

[The only thing I fear is the DUmmies ceasing to swallow the Moonbat theories promulgated by Pitt and his cohorts. If that were to happen, I would run low on comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies.]

William Pitt is a very good source, just waiting to see what happens

[And waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and…..]

What really pisses me off is how you get that "deer in the headlights" look when the rest of us are trying desperately to educate you.

[Yeah, educate us again about the impeccable timing of John Kerry, 10 days after the Electoral College vote, interceding in Ohio. When was that supposed to happen for sure? Oh, yesterday! Gee! I must have missed all the massive news accounts about that.]

Blissfully ignorant, I'd say since they don't realize that there are these pesky little things called ELECTION LAWS - and if the Repukes in Ohio broke those laws, then there ARE consequences!

[Consequences like us laughing at you looking for non-existent vote fraud to the tune of over 100,000 votes. Better pray to that Kerry face on the Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Maybe the face can conjure up a change in the Ohio outcome. As for the REAL Kerry, mostly likely he is snow boarding in Aspen right now not knowing what the hell Moonbat Pitt was talking about a couple of days ago.]

You don't have to go anywhere to find them -- they're all over DU just now

[And some of “them” might even be DUmmie moderators. Hee! Hee!]

Kerry Won - Get Over It!!

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And here is the Suicide Hotline number for you to call on Jan. 20: 1-800-BUSH-WON.]

I think we should write a book: "The Guide To The Conservative Mind" with all of the f*cked up shit they spew. Of course, woven together with rapier-sharp wit...and all the profits would go towards the Bush Impeachment Fund...

[If you want a book with TRUE rapier wit, then I would recommend the DUmmie FUnnies with the CD-ROM insert.]

You are living in a bad Twilight Zone episode.
Someday you will rue what you say about
William Pitt. He is your modern day Patrick Henry.

[As we’ve seen this week, Moonbat Pitt is more like a cross between the Pied Piper leading all you DUmmie lemmings over the cliff of reality and Linus, the believer in the Great Pumpkin of fictitious vote fraud.]

So let's put our foil hats on and ignore them. Shall we?

[Sure. Put on your tinfoil hats.]

won't we be surprised when they're right. It is all a hoax and we are full of crap.

[Your post was made at 8:50 PM last night on the day Kerry was supposed to electrify the vote fraud movement and you still haven’t figured out you were full of crap?]

Freepers very worried about vote-rigging

[True. We are very very worried you DUmmies will give up on your vote rigging fantasies. It would dry up a HUGE source for laughter…. Thus ends this Dummie thread where the topic of Kerry coming to their rescue in Ohio FOR SURE is delicately avoided since the only thing that happened was a sighting of a Kerry Face on a Democrat Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Dayton.]


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