Wednesday, December 22, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-22-04 ("...Bev Harris, Woman of the Year..")

The FULL title of today’s featured DUmmie THREAD is actually a very skeptical, “You want a laugh? Read this hagiography of Bev Harris, Woman of the Year..” So even some of the DUmmies have begun to wake up to the con artistry of Bev Harris. They must be feeling like that store owner in The Flim Flam Man who ended up stuck paying top dollar for rot gut moonshine after sampling the grade A whiskey given to him by the George C. Scott character. And the rot gut whiskey that Bev Harris sold the DUmmies came in the form of making them believe she was ardently looking for vote fraud when, in fact, the only money she “committed” was a little over $19,000 out of a total of $300,000 she raked in (according to David Allen who used to work with her, closer to a cool million bucks) but even that paltry amount Bev hasn’t even spent yet. Instead Bev is claiming to spend the vast part of her DUmmie Scam Fortune on “infrastructure” which, translated, means luxuriating in 5 star hotel penthouse suites. But let us now read the DUmmie attacks on poor Bev who made them all look like the DUmb suckers that they are. The DUmmie attacks on Bev Harris are in Bolshevik Red and the commentary of your humble correspondent sitting in the lobby of Bev’s 5 star hotel is in the [brackets]:

You want a laugh? Read this hagiography of Bev Harris, Woman of the Year..according to TVNewsLies. There is no author cited, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Bev herself wrote this little piece of puff. I really don't know whether to laugh or to feel pity.

[How about crying over all that money you and your fellow DUmmies wasted by sending to Bev? Anyway, thanx for the heads up on the adulatory TVNewsLies “Woman of the Year” article over at BELLACIO.ORG. You can read the article below but, I warn you, it is so full of adoring saccharine praise of Bev Harris, that you are likely to get tooth decay after a couple of paragraphs.]

”At the bottom of all the tributes paid to democracy is the little man, walking into the little booth, with a little pencil, making a little cross on a little bit of paper. . . . Author: Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

“If nothing else, Bev Harris represents the great divide that is America. In most of cyberspace, she’s a household word. In much of the real world, she’s largely unknown. In the blue states, Bev Harris is a standard bearer, a pioneer, and a patriot. In the red states, many who know her believe that Bev Harris is a conspiracy nut, a rabble rouser, and an agitator.”

[Actually in the red and the blue states and in cyberspace, Bev Harris is now known as a con artist. However, don’t worry. Bev Harris will soon be known to the real world thanx to Court TV.]

“ In fact, Bev Harris is far more than the poster woman for a polarized nation. Rather, she is a symbol of perseverance and commitment to democracy in a time of doubt and suspicion. She is a model of unyielding focus and determination in a time of uncertainty and disillusion. And she is an inspiring example of how one person - just one single person - can make a real difference.”

[YUP! Bev Harris is the poster woman for con artistry. She went from being an unknown hausfrau to becoming a well-known con artist luxuriating in 5 star hotel suites thanx to all the dinero she suckered out of the DUmmies.]

“It is for her ceaseless, non-partisan efforts to uncover and expose the flaws and fraud connected to electronic voting machines that has chosen Bev Harris as our 2004 Person of the Year!”

[Only Person of the Year? I say we enshrine her as St. Bev the Con Artist for the way she ceaselessly works to uncover vote fraud in Ohio from an expensive Florida hotel suite.]

“For nearly two years, Bev Harris has been a one-woman whirlwind, trying to draw attention to the pitfalls of the computerized election process that promises to become standard in much of the nation. Her relentless crusade hoisted red flags about missing paper trails and questionable security standards for the machines. Her tireless investigations raised equally significant questions about the integrity of Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia - the three major manufacturers of the electronic machines.”

[Bev Harris has certainly been a one-woman whirlwind in the fund raising department. And how much money has that woman actually spent to uncover vote fraud? $19,000. Oops! That is only "committed” money so she didn’t even spend that paltry amount.]

“Because of her important work, Bev Harris’ web site,, has become the quintessential election watchdog on the Internet. Much in the same way, her book, Black Box Voting, has kept the problems of electronic voting in the public conscience and has laid the groundwork for the kind of surveillance and oversight that will determine the accuracy of future elections. How fortunate for us all that Bev Harris chose to champion our rights as Americans, and that Bev Harris refused to back down against torrents of criticism and harassment along the way.”

[This sugary Ode to Bev Harris, most likely written by Bev Harris, is already causing me a severe case of tooth decay.]

“Bev Harris’ work is not over simply because the election is over. She continues to use her PR skills and experience to convince Americans that their votes must be protected from machine defects or political corruption. We thank her for her dedication to a cause so vital to the preservation of our democracy, and for staying the course where others might wearily have abandoned it. And we thank Bev Harris for bringing electronic voting issues to the forefront, and for reminding us that our right to vote is precious and must exist without compromise.”

[True. Bev Harris’ work is not over. There are still a lot more gullible DUmmies to scam.]

“In these distressing times, when the fragility of our rights as Americans hangs by a tenuous thread, we are comforted by knowing that Bev Harris is out there fighting for what is right and never giving an inch to her detractors.

“As this eventful year draws to an end, would like to thank Bev Harris of, on behalf of so many who admire and appreciate her activism. We are proud to name this extraordinary woman our 2004 Person of the Year!”

[Pass me a hankie! This blind tribute to Bev is bringing tears to my eyes. I would like to thank the author (most likely Bev Herself) for letting us know what a WUUUUNDERFUL person Bev is. And now for the somewhat skeptical DUmmie commentary on this article…]

The HAG should be called HACK OF THE YEAR. She really screwed it up! Took all that money and did NUTHIN!

[Wrong! She worked very hard to scam that money from you DUmmies and she is doing a lot. Bev is very busy in her luxury hotel suite getting full body massages and receiving other room service amenities.]

can someone give me the gist of what is going on with Bev? I confess to being out of the loop

[Simple. Bev saw what a gullible group the DUmmies are and figured that they were EASY marks for a scam.]

I am curious too..all of a sudden she is public enemy number #1. I guess I missed something...

[….a large portion of your wallet is what you missed.]

Skittles, the latest is that...on the Qui Tam lawsuit she filed in California, she is not going to take it to discovery, but is going to keep the award--according to Tom March. She threatened to sue DU. She has trumpeted that GWBush is a customer of hers, having had HER book overnighted to him. She fired Andy Stephenson and scapegoated him for her eratic behavior. Because of her, Keith Olbermann won't touch BBV anymore. Randi Rhodes is pissed at her, too, and sad that she helped fundraise for her. And more, so much more, but perhaps Plan9Pub (David Allen) or some of the other people who have directly intereacted with Bev and have kept a closer watch on all of this can give you more detail. In the words of many people who contributed to BBV, and then realized what a monster Bev is, "We've been had."

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can already see the working title for the documentary that Bev is NOT making: The Flim Flam Woman.]

but I never knew the early gist, let alone the latest. how did it all get started? I find it insidious that THE name in voting fraud is being trashed - are we SURE it's all legit, it's not hearesay, no SET UP involved? I'm asking because I really don't know.

[Correct. You really are clueless.]

I think everyone has been clear to say that they...continue to support the cause of exposing election fraud, but that Bev is not the person to lead the charge. She has alienated far more people than she has attracted to the movement, and many of those whom she has alienated are people who would have been pivotal to exposing the fraud.

She's produced NOTHING that she has promised.

Everything I posted in the thread above is legit...most of it is straight from the horses' mouths. The Bush thing--she posted that on her own messageboard--and she admonished her supporters for talking ill of freepers, whom, according to her, have helped her all along with her efforts.

If I were to postulate the most outrageous conspiracy theory, I would say that if there is a set-up, it's that Bev mysteriously entered and proclaimed herself the BBV messiah, and then derailed most every effort that should have easily been fruitful.

[Perhaps the BBV Messiah is really a rightwing agent from A Perfect Rovian Storm?]

i did see some of the threatening posts ( for using the term cle*n up crew, which she has trademarked or something) and reread them and it sounded to me like she was threatening litigation, she does mention contacting lawyers if they didn't desist. bev says she never threatened to sue. while she didn't use the word sue, i have to say her version of events were more than a glossing over. from the few posts i saw, she is an angry woman who swears the countdown people are lying, she claims to be very cooperative, but it seems like she's one the wrong side of a lot of he said she said skirmishes, and at the very least, she has become her own PR nightmare.

[Don’t forget “BBV.” Bev will sue you for all you’re worth merely for typing the letters “BBV” on your keyboard.]

she has had some real pr problems also. she says she has incriminating video, but won't share it with the media. the speculation is she wants to put it out on dvd for $$. also , countdown on msnbc tried to get her to appear on their show, she claims they haven't. but olberman claims they tried and she was very difficult and abusive even to his staff. a lot of people say she is a grandstander and some say she tells talles. everybody agrees, she should not be doing p.r though, and that she's hot headed. a lot of people have started to ask what sh'e been doing with the money she received.

[If you want to know what Bev is doing with the money she conned from the DUmmies, just come down to Florida and check out the room receipts of several 5 star hotels. But now let us look at just one snippet from a long list of complaints from a former BBV volunteer…]

“After posting research for BBV off and on for two years and working 18-20 hours a day at election time, I was finally allowed the opportunity 3 times that night during phone calls to be yelled at non-stop for matters unrelated to any BBV volunteer (that I'm aware of) except for a minute dwelling on the newly created unauthorized email address. (the reason why was apparently unimportant) Specifically, Bev repeatedly referred to DU as stealing BBV members and that was 'just not going to happen'. During that conversation, my pointing out that at least hundreds (based on the explosion of membership) of people were not being responded to and they were rightfully displeased about being misled by her claims to be leading, was somehow stretched by Bev to be the work of 'infiltrators' (she termed 'the usual suspects') at BBV and DU.”

[Sucker. You worked like a slave for Bev only to be paid back by being yelled at by the “BBV Messiah” raving maniac. Interesting that Bev was so paranoid about the DUmmies stealing BBV members. Most likely because she saw it as a diverting the money flow from her Vote Fraud scam. Oh, and thank you for this insider info. I think we can soon expect to hear it repeated on Court TV. Oh, and let us read another JUICY snippet from this former Bev volunteer…]

I was also taken aback throughout those 3 phone calls, which averaged 15-20 minutes each, by Bev's focus on blaming others for every single thing that didn't go as she thought it should. I recall feeling less like a real person listening to Bev on the phone, than a garbage dump with an ear.

[I like that phrase: “Garbage Dump With An Ear.” It almost rivals another favorite of mine: “A Perfect Rovian Storm.”]

Just to throw my own two cents in, I think it's fairly clear that Bev Harris is a John Wayne type, so obsessed with her own cause (which in her mind is conflated with herself) that she is willing to abuse anyone she sees as standing in the way..that includes anyone who exists around her in times of stress because they threaten her individuality, and even if they don't, abuse can sharpen one's disconnection from other people, and thus their identity. I know this is all pretty obvious but I think it's essential to put that at the forefront at this time..just remember that all of the INFORMATION on BBV you can still go on, and that the work Bev is doing continues to be extremely important.

[SHEESH! Bev Harris is openly exposed as a fraud and you end up crawling back to her scam like a DUmb lapdog begging to be scammed ONCE AGAIN. No wonder Bev found DUmmieland such fertile ground to pull off her con.]

That's some hilarious....shit, alright - and full of bogus adulation for one whom has earned nothing but scorn from decent, discerning people, stem-to-stern. But I hope you have your asbestos suit on; the flames from the Bev-bot's will be a' coming, forthwith. They're like Orwell's famed animals, and they all chant one silly, reductive chorus (if I may paraphrase a part of his renowned work): Bev good!; Bev better!

[Bev con! Bev scam!]

The Bev Borgs have no effect on me. If I had chosen psychology instead of history as my profession, I would say that most of them realize the truth, and their overt defense of Bev is their last-ditch effort to save their psyches from the realization that they've been had.

[That sounds like a description of the vast majority of the DUmmies.]

Her book about Black Box Voting is important work.

[ATTENTION BEV!!! Check out the DUmmie post above. DUmmie Bill of Rights appears to be an EASY mark.]


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