Tuesday, December 21, 2004

DUmmie Funnies 12-21-04 AM Edition ("BE IN DC on Jan. 6th THE BIG DAY!")

The DUmmies just NEVER give up despite being involved in a totally LOST cause---getting Kerry inaugurated on Jan. 20. Not the election results, not the official Ohio certification of its Electors for Bush, and not even the Electoral College voting for Bush on Dec. 13 has kept the DUmmies from desperately hoping that there is a chance to overthrow the Evil Bush Regime. Now the DUmmies are pinning their hopes on another date, Jan. 6 as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “BE IN DC on Jan. 6th THE BIG DAY!” Yes, the DUmmies think that some U.S. Senator might be wacko enough to toss his whole career away by challenging the election results despite the Bush victory margin of several million votes and the Electoral College victory. I sure hope C-SPAN covers the handful of angry DUmmies freezing outside the Capitol that day. I must admit that one of my guilty pleasures is watching C-SPAN cover marches and gatherings by the far left types. I call it “Wacko Watching.” The fun part of Wacko Watching on C-SPAN is hearing all the WILD things screamed out that the MSM doesn’t cover. I will definitely be Wacko Watching on Jan. 6. It will be FUN to watch the DUmmies from my Ant Farm spouting out loud the stuff they have been posting in DUmmieland. I only hope the DUmmies carry a sign of Li’l Beaver and tear it up in front of the cameras. Publicity like that would be great for getting me a DUFU book deal and the DUmmies owe me bigtime for publicizing all their rantings over the past few months. And speaking of DUmmie rantings, you can see them here in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, with his trusty Li’l Beaver mascot looking on, is in the [brackets]:

JAN 20this too late. BE IN DC on Jan. 6th THE BIG DAY!

[You bet! I’ve got nothing better to do with my life than freezing my butt outside in support of a completely lost cause.]

Thats when representatives.. like Conyers can object to the results... the best thing we can do is have 10's or 100's of thousands of people on the mall (front lawn of the Capitol). The words of our leaders will be powerful with the masses at the door! Look at the growing awareness.... by then if the fraud is in the open we will need to PERSONALLY hold the congress to democracy. That can ONLY be done in person. BE THERE.. plan now... Im in DC and hope to help coordinate and even take in protesters in my ouse, moms, brother, friends... this should be our true mission! We are still working on public understanding, but if that comes we will need to be in DC. All roads lead here!

[You need to leave the word “thousands” off your post. 10’s or 100’s will probably be your turnout. Most likely the former. All roads lead to Wellville.]

First, someone needs to get with Barrack Obama...And make certain he'll be willing to co-sponsor a Congressional objection...so we won't have to endure the sickening spectacle that Michael Moore sadly immortalized in "F-9-11". How fitting that it falls on Eppiphany!

[Great suggestion on how Obama can wreck his Senate career right from the start. No senator, with the possible exception of Tom Harkin, is going to drink the DUmmie Kool Aide.]

Byrd has taken the lead when it comes to civil rights and voting rights and the Senate. He was the only Democrat to oppose the Intelligence Reform Act. He is the one we can most trust.

[Yeah, the former Klansman has taken a lead on civil rights in the past….he led in opposing it.]

. Its up to us... March on DC 1/6/05 mosh style! wheres Eminem

[Mosh style marching? Wacko Watching on C-SPAN is going to be loads of FUN on Jan. 6!]

MOSH! We need to get this on MTV and VH1 student activists.

[“Mosh March.” A new MTV reality series featuring DUmmie activists protesting lost causes.]

Is anyone organizing the march? There's no reason we can't turn out huge numbers. It would, however, take a substantial amount of organizing and networking and we should be working on it starting now.

[Most likely the A.N.S.W.E.R. type loons will be in charge giving wacko speeches on a stage with a handful of freezing DUmmie shmoes looking on.]

We need, truly, millions of our fellow citizens in DC on 6 Jan. I know we will join together with responsible members of the HR and the Senate and halt the fraudulent national election of 2004. We will halt it on 6 Jan 2005. That MUST BE THE TARGET DAY for massive demonstration that we will not tolerate anything but a HALT. We will remedy the situation by providing to each of our fellow citizens who are eligible to vote an equitable access to do just that -- vote. We will ensure that each voter has a mechanism to ensure that their vote is counted exactly as they intend it to be. We will save our American franchise of democracy. We will bring joy and hope to all of humanity because of our actions. We will prevail.

[It might be even slightly helpful if you had ACTUAL proof of vote fraud. Interesting that the DUmmie rarely even mention that little detail anymore since NO vote fraud has been found committed by the Republicans. It now turns out the DUmmies want to overthrow the election results on Jan. 6 because, well, they just DON’T LIKE the election results.]

Jan 6th is too late...if you want march. March on down to your local Senator's or Rep's office TODAY and make you demand clear and in person.

[“Hi Mr. Senator! I would like you to flush your political credibility and career down the tubes on Jan. 6 by voting against the obvious election results.”]

No its not.. the day for us all to gather as 1 is the 6th ...work on these thngs too, get the word out, but without the people at the Capitol bush will be crowned, the will of the people can ONLY be ENFORCED by the people!

[Didn’t one of the Pig Commissars in Animal Farm make a remark like that?]

Oh, I'll be there on the 6th...I'd just rather it would be to celebrate our champions who are finally standing up to make the injustice visible, than to rage (yet again) against being ignored (even by our own).

[You will be raging again…..out in the cold.]

I'll be there just as I was in 2000 with David Lytell of Democrats.com....and PFAW, as well as my 78 y.o mother and my 57 y.o. sister. We were in disbelief and heartbroken as we listened to the CBC begging for just one Senator to object. We've since been told that it was Al's choice that no one object; but I tell you, it was absolutely unbelievable that not one Senator objected when we all knew that the election had been stolen! You just don't know how heartbroken we were, standing there on the Capitol grounds, freezing to death, and listening to the Freepers screaming at us "get over it"! The bastards!

[This coming year will even WORSE for you since even the Freepers will totally ignore you…except perhaps for an image of a certain Li’l Beaver smiling mockingly at you.]

Considering how pathetic the turnout was on Sunday, what makes you think that you will be able to get large numbers of people to travel to Washington when they wouldn't even show up for a protest in thier own state? Wouldn't a similarly small turnout only serve to discredit this movement by showing that it lacks public support?

[Shhhh! Don’t discourage them. I need at least a dozen DUmmies in DC to make my C-SPAN Wacko Watching an enjoyable experience.]

CONYERS is Prepared to Challenge the Election Jan 06. I guess I have to brave the cold and make those reservations to Washington D.C. January 6! Arizona is hot country so it is going to be tough to go to Washington with no blood! I may be frozen right in front of the White House as a memorial to VOTE FRAUD NOV 2, 2004!!!!

[Don’t worry. We will mount your frozen body on a pedestal in Lafayette Park. It will be a tribute to all DUmmies who have fallen for a Lost Cause.]

F*CK INAUGERATION! JAN 6 TO D.C. CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS! CITIZENS W PITCHFORKS ON THEIR WAY GET BOOKED NOW! Book flights, fill up cars, ride your tractor with a stack of hay, straw, whatever your preference.... all frozen momuments to VOTE FRAUD, DEMOCRACY DEATH, freaks not keeping me QUIET! THEY ARE GOING TO HEAR ME IN D.C. JAN 6, 2005!

[Please wear a Bolshevik Red beret and jacket on Jan. 6 so I can easily identify you, DUmmie lonestarnot. You could be the highlight of my Wacko Watching.]


Blogger Lone Ranger said...

I don't know how you do what you do. I wouldn't have the stomach to be a DUmmy Watcher. I used to think there was nothing worse than a sore loser, but now I'm seeing all these PATHETIC losers. Since they apparently can't feel embarrassed, I have to feel embarrassed for them.

9:35 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

Hey Icarus! John F. Kerry lost all 31 of his NY electoral votes because they mistakenly voted for John L. Kerry.

4:01 PM  

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