Monday, December 20, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-20-04 AM Edition ("Promise that you won't give up")

In case there are still a few of you left who think that the DUmmies will ever “get over it” concerning the election, today’s edition of the DUmmie FUnnies will quickly disabuse you or that notion. As you can see in today’s featured DUmmie THREAD titled, “Promise that you won't give up,” the DUmmies are NOT going to give up hounding Bush even after the inauguration. They are going to continue to be filled with anger and bile. Okay, DUmmies I promise that I won’t give up. I won’t give up until the DUmmie FUnnies are published as a book (with accompanying CD-ROM) exposing your bizarre foibles for the whole country to see. I won’t give up, DUmmies, until you have all been turned into political laughingstocks. I won’t give up until the whole country has the opportunity for a good look into the DUmmie Ant Farm. I won’t give up until everybody reads your bizarre DUmmieland posts in Bolshevik Red with the responses of your humble correspondent in the [brackets]:

Promise that you won't give up. Promise that you will stay angry and use that anger to keep working at this until the whole Bush presidency falls apart, whether its next week or next month or next year or the year after.

[Yes, I promise that I will stay angry and ENRAGED. I won’t let my boiling bile die down. I will remain incredibly upset throughout the entire Bush presidency. I promise to be so upset about this that my blind rage will allow me to think of nothing else. I promise.]

Anger turned into action. Quest for sanity in 06/08 etc.

[Obviously a LOSING quest.]

Until the right to vote is a Constitutional Right! Until all electronic machines are banned from voting booths, until the software and machines are taken away from Republican Companies and returned to the people of the USA

[Funny. I seem to recall all the liberals crybabying for the introduction of those same electronic touch screen voting machines just after Election 2000.]

I'm going to turn into the Democrat version of Invader ZIM. Sounds silly, yes, but I've already got a few plans up my sleeve to start depriving neo-cons of some of their ill-gotten money. Every little bit helps...

[Soon to appear at your local video game store: “Invader ZIM vs Chimpus Khan.”]

If it takes a month, 4 years, or 40 years, I WILL NOT, NOT EVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! I decided this yesterday. With all the stuff happening lately, the disappointments, I started to feel down and depressed all over again, disappointed in our dem leaders, etc, and I was ready to give up and move on to be honest. But not today or anytime in the future. I'm in this for as long as it takes to get our democracy back! I will never ever give up!!!!

[I'll NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!! A day, a week, a month, a year, a century, a millennium! I WILL CONTINUE TO RULED BY BLIND HATE!!!]

Get involved at the grass roots level. Run for office. Become a precinct committee chair. Go door-to-door on behalf of someone.

[“Good morning, Mr. & Mrs. Citizen. I am here to share with you my ABSOLUTE BLIND RAGE AT THE BUSH REGIME!!! OHHHH! OHHHHH! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”]

As Hunter Thompson might say, we will make those crazy bastards pay.

[Umm….Speaking of crazy bastards…]

You can see the fire in my eyes to know i'll never give up. I don't wake up in too happy knowing my country is on a fast pace to full blown fascism!

[You are correct. I can see by the crazed angry look in your eyes that you are a bilious loon.]

I promise with my life not to give up on this fight. we are at war. We are at war, we are in the battle field of Nov 2 every four years (plus every election), we are a divided country, if we give up we lose the war and our freedoms, we are dictated to by a partisan group who have stolen our Democracy from us and fear that we may discover the truth and fight back. We know the truth, we must fight back, we can not give up on us, but most importantly for all that is best in this country we must Win.

[Shhh! We are at war. With Terrorism. But don’t tell your DUmmie pals. It’s our little secret.]

NEVER. This is my KEY ACTIVISM ISSUE. I work on it constantly and will continue. It's about our DEMOCRACY. It's about INTEGRITY. It's about HONESTY. All values I care about deeply.

[Uhh…You left out the one value that you care about most deeply---POWER.]

I will never give up! If we do, this country will look very "Stalinesque" in the future. Maybe "Orwellian" is a better word...

[I’m sort of partial to “DUmmiesque.”]

I'm fairly new here but I'm in for the long haul. I with the rest of you waited four LONG years to bring these people down. Now to have this denied by fat cat trickery has cemented my resolve.

[Methinks your big fat resolve has been cemented to the Toilet Seat of Life.]

I will never give up. Even though it's costing me the respect of friends and family who just wish I'd "get over it", "Move On" and "face the fact that Bush won". I can't. I won't and he didn't win. Period.

[You were probably among the DUmmies who ruined the Thanksgiving dinners of their relatives by constantly bellyaching about “vote fraud” in the midst of slicing the turkey and raging against the "Bush Regime" throughout the rest of the meal.]

It isn't like the movies. We want all of our problems to be either solved or illustrated in two hours -- maybe as many as four if we're talking about an extended DVD edition of our problems -- but that's just not the way the world works. In the real world, you have to get up every day and do what you can to make things a little better, and there are no clearly defined beginnings, middles or ends. It's all one steady march, and the light at the end of the tunnel will always remain at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes you'll think you've failed when you've really won, and sometimes you'll think you've won when you've really failed. No one knows how anything turns out in the end, because there is no end. So you just have to take your best guess and run with it.

[In your case, you’ll think you’ve failed when you’ve really failed.]

I am posting BUSH CHEATED 04 in SW Ohio but it would be great if they started popping up everywhere. We don't have to prove or go into a lot of detail with supporters. It's like thye intuitively know it. If these start popping up everywhere, Rove will really be pissed off.

[Actually the Dark Lord Rove is laughing uproariously from deep within A Perfect Rovian Storm at your pathetic antics.]

Not Angry ,Just VERY determined. Bush won is a LIE! I am spending some part of every day telling people that it is a LIE and showing them why. I am waitng for the Hundreth monkey effect to kick in so we can get the CHIMP out of D. C.

[I think I saw you by the side of the freeway exit holding a brown cardboard sign that said, “MINDLESS….NEED HELP.”]

I'll be muttering, "The mass murdering, retard" at the nursing home….

[….as the nurse wheels you into the play-play ward.]

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER WILL I GIVE UP!!! Even after all I gave during the campaign while out of work I gave for the recount in WA where I am moving in a few months. husband wants me to give up and its hard. Even now as I am writing this he said, are you in that DU shit heroin?? I normally wait till he is at work to go on here. Just wanted to check updates quickly and he came in. Why are so many like my husband wanting to throw our plans and hopes away??

[Perhaps because, unlike you, your hubby wants to return to this space-time continuum.]

Not me. no way I will ever give up. Oh I get depressed every once in awhile and think what's the friggin use but I always think of my kids and then get angry again.

[Great mommy here. She gets angry whenever she thinks of her kids.]

NEVER--and please let's keep this forum active, there's no other refuge in the whole world.

[I agree. DUmmieland is definitely a refuge from sanity.]

I woke up and asked myself where the f**K is my country. I can't even bring myself to say the pledge of allegiance with the children that I teach. They have taken something precious from me, and I am for damned sure going to get it back. This time they went to far. I will stand beside each and every one of you, whether you are here on DU or in exile out on the streets. This treachery will not stand. * & Co will be brought down and held accountable for crimes against this nation and humanity. If they think the elephant never forgets, they better check with THIS ASS. They have awoken a sleeping giant and she is not going down until Truth and Justice Prevail. No Retreat No Surrender

[WOW! Time to identify “THIS ASS” of a DUmmie teacher and REMOVE her from her class of children so as to attempt to get her under rational control of herself in an Anger Management Program. I recommend Dr. Buddy Rydell as her program manager.]

It's a waste of time to work on other social issues until the election process is fixed. Nothing else matters.

[GREAT! As long as DUmmies are completely obsessed over an election result they don’t have a chance in hell of changing then they can’t cause much harm in other areas.]


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