Saturday, December 18, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-18-04 ("“Person of the Year – Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”")

The DUmmies are throwing a conniption fit over the rumor that George W. Bush might be named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year as you can see in the DUmmie THREAD titled, “Person of the Year – Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” The DUmmies are acting like this is some meaningful award when Time Magazine long ago lost any real relevance. Time, due in large part to the Internet, has become a dinosaur. By the time any story is printed in Time, it has already been fully discussed and analyzed on the Internet. I haven’t even read a Time Magazine in years but I did take a look at one at a supermarket checkout line recently. I was shocked by how THIN Time has become. Just about 40 pages. Reading Time makes one feel like “Been there, Done that.” Everything in Time is totally outdated. While looking at Time, I almost expected my portable radio to blare out an Edward R. Murrow report about the Blitz from London. The fact is, I see absolutely NO justification for there to even be a Time Magazine. The biggest thing Time has going for it is the annual Person of the Year Award which the DUmmies seem to take so seriously. Anyway, the DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, which is probably longer than most of the current issues of Time, is in the [brackets]:

Well, there's a magazine I won't be buying.

[You and about 300 million other people. The only people left buying Time magazine are those with formaldehyde running through their veins.]

How can Bush be person of the year? There's so much wrong with that.... That's like on Barbra Walters' special Karl Rove was number one. Over Michael Moore? He's made more impact on our society then Rove.

[Absolutely. He created A Perfect Rovian Storm that defeated you guys.]

I would disagree. Rove has made a HUGE impact on our society - hell the whole world - it is entirely a negative impact, but I would say bigger than MM by a long shot.

[I wouldn’t say anybody is bigger than Michael Moore in the waistline department.]

Person of the year. Yes, indeed Rove is that. He might well one day be considered the person that caused the downfall of American society. You don't really think * could of accomplished all this w/o THIS evil mastermind do you? * is just the guy that carries the message, and the media wants to leave us w/ the impression Rove was just *'s lacky. The fact the media wants to leave this message to the world only proves that they are just as interested in getting their names down in the history books as * and his administration is. They really don't care whether it is for good or bad.

[Karl Rove is the Dark Lord who controls Evil Emperor Bush from deep within A Perfect Rovian Storm.]

Glad to see that people are getting on board with just how much influence Rove has. I agree that he has a lot and that it's all negative. I consider him and Dick Cheney the 2 most despicable people in the US. Rumsfeld is in there as well. Bush is just their lackey so he gets a bit of a break for now. As I post frequently, I can only hope that some journalist somewhere will grow a spine and REALLY investigate what happened in Florida in 2000 re: the phony felon list. Then it'll be bye bye Rove. AND his flunky, the President.

[What are you going to do? Retroactively inaugurate Algore?]

I read on another site that "Kelly" of Time is considering "Bloggers." I went to Time website, and emailed them. Why doesn't everyone? I mean, what have we got to lose. They have until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to reveal their choice. And it's either nominate ourselves, OR Karl Rove. Should be an easy choice. After all, "Bloggers" ARE the wave of TRUE future news! We ARE the newsmakers, much as they hate to admit it.

[Hmmm…. I like that thought. Even I would buy a copy of Time if they name the DUmmie FUnnies as the Blog of the Year.]

If it is Chimpus Khan, I agree. He deserves it. No one of the face of the earth has had more impact on more people's lives than this man. Now, if it is Rove, then Time is looking at the real power behind King Khan, but would be right in line with my sentiments.

[I can already envision Karl Rove staring out at us from the midst of A Perfect Rovian Storm on the cover of Time.]

To be honest, I don't give a rat's ass who Time Magazine selects; what Time Magazine thinks; nor what they report. It's all bullshit and propaganda anyways. I'll leave it up to the Sheeples to find this "person of the year" turd food to be interesting and thought provoking.

[I heard a rumor that Time is going to become a humor magazine and name the DUmmies as a group as the Person of the Year. That should get LOTS of laughs.]


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