Friday, December 17, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-17-04 AM Edition ("FREEPERS READ THIS")

The DUmmie who posted this THREAD titled, “FREEPERS READ THIS” is a marketing genius. He/She/It/Whatever knew that it would short-circuit the normal DUFU auditioning process and lead to its immediate induction into the DUmmie FUnnies as a featured thread. Normally, I would have ignored a DUmmie thread about an Ohio judge tossing out the “vote fraud” lawsuit because such Ohio recount arcania is starting to bore me. However, when packaged correctly in this form, how could I avoid featuring it? Oh, and here is another deal, DUmmies. If you post ANY thread using the words, “DUmmie FUnnies” in the title, and I will feature that one as well. And now to DUFU this edition with the DUmmie screechings in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent and auditioner is in the [brackets]:


[I’m all eyes. Please continue, Mr. Delusioneer…]

CMON, I know you're reading this...You guys screwed up BIG TIME TODAY!!! HAA HAAA HAAAA! Chief Justice of Ohio's Supreme Court really messed up... fell for it HOOK LINE AND SINKER. Even better, so did your great hero SLUDGE!!!! No go back to your own forum and do what FREPPERS DO BEST: STICK YOUR HEADS IN THE SAND!!!!

[Yeah, it was all planned that you folks would file a faulty lawsuit that would be tossed out by the judge from the get-go! And it was all planned that Ohio would certify Bush as the winner on Dec. 6 and that the Ohio electors would cast their votes in the Electoral College on Dec. 13 to make Bush the official winner. Yes, it was all part of that grand plan to make Kerry the president. And your plan is working BEAUTIFULLY!!!]

that by them throwing out the case, the media will be all over it - finally giving our story legs and we refile correctly. Do I win a prize?

[Oh, so the media can cast the electoral votes retroactively in the Electoral College to declare Kerry the winner? What a GENIUS of a plan!!! And yes, you do win a prize. A booby prize.]

Not only that, but Moyers put himself in precarious legal/ethical position... he should have recused himself immediately... not doing so means he gave a judgement, directly or indirectly, on a law suit where he was a defendent... grounds for disbarment.

[So why don’t you take that DUmmie Posse that was going to arrest Ken Blackwell and send them out to disbar Judge Moyers? Oh, and don’t forget to post a petition on the Web calling for his disbarment so we can all sign it. Hee! Hee!]

did that judge just did not read the complaint? Is that why he ruled on it? Or, was he just trying to be above the law like everyone else in the Ohio courts and pushing his luck? I'm confused about this guy's idiocy. Thanks.

[Perhaps that judge was a Perfect Rovian Agent who is a secret member of a rightwing sleeper cell. BTW, I’m NOT confused about YOUR idiocy.]

If he recuses... then another, less conservative judge gets the case... which would have been much better for him than what he did do, but bad if he wants to keep Bush (and himself) the winner of the election. At any rate, the MSM media picked up on it WAY TOO FAST without considering the implications... which I think was the ultimate goal.

[Yes, it is all part of the grand plan and all the pieces are fitting in perfectly. Now if only the Congress officially announces Bush as the winner on Jan. 6 and the Kerry presidency will be a certainty.]

I'm praying you're right but I've got my hopes up so many times it hard not to be squeamish. Blackwell and this judge are acting as if they are above the law! What do they know that we don't?

[Answer: BUSH WON.]

We should be kind to freepers. It's such a burden to so challenged. Intellectually and morality wise.

[Would you mind repeating that phony Shakespeare quote about patriotism that you DUmmies were reciting recently with the smug pride of having knowledge about the Bard that we poor Freepers lacked?]

Freepers, you have my apology. Please stay and read what Democracy is all about.

[I’m not sure about Democracy but we sure are reading a lot about insanity.]

Whats a 'FREEPER'?

[Folks who laugh at DUmmies.]

Originally referring to a denizen of the Free Republic website, the term has come to have a more generic meaning, and is used to refer to any Right Wing disruptor who comes on to this site, as well as referring to RW wackos in general.

[Also the vast majority of signers of the Arrest Ken Blackwell petition that went nowhere. Hee! Hee!]

Are these a group of right wing hackers? From a website?

[We are rightwing cyberwarriors from A Perfect Rovian Storm bearing deadly satirical tipped swords.]

They are from They are like Nazis. They adore the Chimp and like the fascism that is on the rise in the U.S. They like the Nazi playbook because they advocate violence with anyone who underminds the Chimp and questions the Chimp's authority.

[Hail to the Chimp! Woe unto anybody who “underminds” him!]

Some build up their post count with innoccuous posts in the lounge and then when they've been here a respectable amount of time and gotten a respectably high post count, start spouting RW talking points.

[And some of them build up their post count and end up undetected as DUmmie Moderators. Hee! Hee!]

I understand the logic of this...But how are we sure that even if the Chief Justice gets shitcanned that it's going to fall on the shoulders of a "less conservative" justice? I know it will be one less repuke, but we're still outnumbered 2 to 1. Do we know that the next justice in line to take his place isn't one of them?

[You mean there is logic in this to understand?]

I'm not going to conjecture anything, as I'm not a lawyer; but it's obvious that Arnebeck counted on this and had planned it as part of his strategy. What his end-game is going to be we'll have to wait and see, but it sure as hell just went to a whole new level of interest. As said above... the MSM has finally picked up on the fraud issue by reporting the "Toss-Out"; and they are the ones that have appeared to been used the most in this maneuver.

[That Arnebeck…what a GENIUS! He actually planned in advance to have his lawsuit tossed out right away. And he was able to keep this secret plan carefully hidden from everyone…including himself.]


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