Thursday, December 16, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-16-04 PM Edition ("I believe Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan 20”)

DUmmieland is obviously still a Fantasyland judging from the title of this DUmmie THREAD titled, “I believe Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan 20.” Yeah, and I BELIEVE the tooth fairy will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. All I have to do is envision my own alternate reality. Yes, I am already envisioning an alternate reality inauguration ceremony followed by an alternate reality inauguration ball. So let us now view the alternate reality of DUmmie comments in Bolshevik Red while your humble correspondent comments, from a cloud in the alternate reality, are in the [brackets]:


[I BELIEVE you are about to be institutionalized.]

I believe Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan 20. I am Doohickie, and I approve this message.

[I believe DUmmie Doohickie will be institutionalized on Jan 20. I am the Tooth Fairy, and I approve this message.]

I have read several sentiments... "i believe kerry will be in the white house in 2005." that's great, but... where's the action.

[Shhh! I am envisioning my own reality of taking action.]

I know we will join together with responsible members of the HR and the Senate and halt the fraudulent national election of 2004. We will halt it on 6 Jan 2005.

[Your choice: electroshock therapy or removal of the frontal lobes.]

We are made of sunbeams

we are made of molten glass

we can light the fire of living

we can learn with an ugly past

we can roar into the future

like a bull with battered brains

and it's a mighty thin line

'tween livin' and dyin

and all these stupid games

and it all depends on if you use your mind

[And all this time I thought you were made of moonbeams.]

I can't even imagine all the voices and stories and images that were going through Kerry's mind on November 3. I believe he understood the desperation of so many around the world. I don't believe he's given up, and neither have I.

[I believe you will be calling the suicide hotline number on Jan. 20: 1-800-BUSH-WON.

I still believe too! Jan. 6 will be OUR stellar day!

[So stellar that you will be beamed up to the Mother Ship that day.]

John F.Kerry is a true American patriot that loves his country that respects and will fight for the rights of all Americans, even those who disagree with him. He is a man with a heart the size of Texas and has the strength and knowledge to be a great leader. He is a man of intelligence who can see all sides of a issue and incorporate all available data before making a decision. He is contemplative and thorough. He is a man of rare qualities in our political environment today. John F.Kerry is in fact the right man, at the right place, at the right time.

[Help is on the way in the form of a crowbar to remove those lips of yours superglued to Kerry’s butt cheeks.]

I'm starting to lose faith that he will be inaugurated on Jan 20.

[Just because the Electoral College just declared Bush the winner, is that any reason to lose faith that Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20?]

Hi Everyone!! My mom had to run next door so I thought I would jump on an chat with everyone. I Love Kerry like my mom does. he is totally awsome dude!!

[Have you asked your mom if you are Kerry’s secret love child?]

I'm 16 and will turn 17 in March so I'm not no push over when it comes down to who I support in politics. I argue with my friends all the time over Kerry. They say me and my mom are just alike when it comes to thinking. But my mom got me interested in politics when I was young around 7 anyway when I don't go to school we watch the Senate. I got interested in Kerry long before he ran for president. My mom is crazy she has always said he was good looking LOL! But he really is a great senater and I wanted him for a president so bad! It makes me sick to think we have stupid Bush again. I got more brains in my pinky than that dummies got. How can so many be so dumb and vote for him. BARF!!!


I believe Kerry will step right up to the plate. If the election gets turned around by whatever means, scenario, that’s another discussion. Let’s say it happens. He’s President Kerry. I like the sound of that. He said he would have his cabinet ready. He has to be able to lead this country and bring it together. He has not lost any political capitol over this. The press hasn’t maligned him. He still looks presidential. I think he’s preparing. Inauguration day we all come together. Democrats delighted of course. Many republican citizens won’t want Bush if he they believe he stole the election by design. Many are sorry they voted for him, MSM has been more critical of this administration than before the election. And we really don’t know how many votes he got.

[1-800-BUSH-WON. Remember that Suicide Hotline number on Jan. 20]

I believe and I also believe my brain has become a little addled in the last few weeks. Please make this nightmare end! Please, I need to believe.

[I believe that your brain will go from addled to scrambled.]

I believe we'll be dancing in the streets on Jan 20.

[Laminate that Suicide Hotline number and make sure it is in your wallet on Jan. 20. 1-800-BUSH-WON.]


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