Friday, December 03, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-03-04 AM Edition (MORE Civil War!!!)

The bitter Civil War over Keith Olbermann vs Bev Harris is becoming quite protracted since SIX DUmmie threads have been devoted thus far to this epic battle. This edition of the DUmmie FUnnies covers the latest DUmmie THREAD of this Civil War. Oh, it is ever so much fun watching my DUmmie Ant Farm lately since, in addition to building Vote Fraud tunnels that lead nowhere, the ants are viciously attacking each other. DUmmie Leader Skinner has promised some sort of a statement concerning this Civil War soon and we are waiting for it with bated breath. Also of note on this thread is that it contains the first known DUmmieland reference and link to the DUmmie Funnies!!! As usual, the DUmmie self-inflicted wounds are in bloody Bolshevik Red while the dispatches of your humble war correspondent from the battlefront are in the [brackets]:

From my detached perspective here in Canada this looks like a classic infiltration of an activist movement.

Perhaps Feds caught wind of the growing BBV community and sent in Bev and her crew to spy on it.....

When she saw that it was rather disorganized, and decentralized, she saw an opportunity to gain a leadership role and did so by co-opting the work amassed here on DU and elsewhere. Then she exploited as many personal contacts as possible to put out a book that launched her into the BBV spotlight.

At which point she seized control of the direction and culture of the debate by discrediting all others involved every chance she was given the access to the media her book awarded.

Now that the BBV movement was off chasing phantoms in a theory, directly under federal control, real planning of bbv fraud could begin.

Nov 2 Bev and BBV were given a new assignment ....Stall. Obfuscate and most importantly....Run out the clock!

[Uh-Oh! This DUmmie has discovered that Bev Harris is really a Karl Rove plant. Yes, Rove planted Bev Harris into the BBV movement and drain them of their money by convincing them to send oodles of cash to Bev.]

I do think anyone that posts here on either side should give something. Because we're ultimately on the same side! I've done it; who's next!

[Hello? Hello? Any more suckers out there willing to give more bucks to Bev?]

Why do people have so much sympathy for Harris? She volunteered to play in the big leagues. Anyone who asks people to soften or bend the rules, or act and think out of loyalty to them is either not ready to play in the big leagues or is playing a different game then they claim to be playing.

There can be no doubt that right after the election Harris allowed many here to see her as a savior, and that generated a lot of donations. People did not think that they were donating money to help her in her ongoing personal crusade and career, they donated money thinking that this was the best way to stop a stolen election. Harris has encouraged that thinking.

[Oh. I thought they donated money thinking Bev would luxuriate in 5 star hotels.]

One thing you can say for sure about these's provided the real freepers with a few laughs:

Nice going, folks. Can either side really state that it's been worth all the effort (and flames) expended? I ask as a genuine neutral party to this affair. The answer has eluded me thus far.

[WOO! HOO! Thank you DUmmie T Town Jake for providing the first known link from DUmmieland to the DUmmie Funnies!!! When the DUmmie FUnnies comes out as a book, you get a free copy!]

Yes it is worth it. Who cares what they think. Olbermann has 125% more views. And, bbv is facing the scrutiny of main stream exposure. If she can't hold up to it we should know now before she gets to speak for all of us.

[Yes, it is definitely worth it. The material this DUmmie Civil
War has provided to the DUmmie FUnnies is PRICELESS!!!]

Could someone have called posing as Bev? How can Keith be sure that the caller who was so belligerent was really Bev Harris? I wouldn't put it past the GOP to engage in a dirty trick here.

[Actually it was Karl Rove calling in with a falsetto voice.]

after the message she posted to a DU member last month....I find it easy to believe she was "belligerent."

[And remember not to type the letters, “BBV,” or Bev will sue your ass.]

I have no way of proving who is right in this flame war. But I do know one thing. I have seen Bev act in a mentally unstable fashion before. I have never seen Keith fly off the handle at anyone. When it comes down to this choice, I'll believe Olbermann over the lady that used to make a living selling penis sized Clinton Cigars.

[Weren’t those the Clinton Crooks cigars?]

I have found Bev Harris and the Votergate film crew to be quite amiable, although sometimes quite busy. I was in fact interviewed in the film before they left, and suggested they head for Florida. They did that. Mr Olbermann should end the feud. Bev is quite nice on film and would do a convincing interview.

[Interesting. Wherever Bev goes she is accompanied by the Votergate documentary film crew. But Bev said she is NOT making a documentary. So that would mean that Bev has no stake in Votergate. I BEEEELEEEEVE Bev. I mean, she wouldn’t LIE to us. Uh…..would she?]


Black Box Voting requests retraction from Keith Olbermann, along with an explanation of why MSNBC alleged such an untruth. We have given Olbermann the opportunity to correct his factually flawed editorial by having Bev Harris appear on his show.


Blow me


In light of how she handled the DU issue, I am not inclined to take her side. Keith Olbermann is one thing, but according to what I've read in the other threads on this issue, she threatened to sue the owners of DU. Not cool, IMO. If I were Bev I may have gotten "belligerent"--but then I would have got my ass on that show and shown the tapes. Even if they called six months later.

[Bev had good reason to threaten the DUmmies with lawsuits. They committed the high crime of typing “BBV” on their keyboards. This atrocity can NOT be permitted!!!]

As far as I am concerned, ask yourselves what is most important at this point: proving you are right and Bev Harris is wrong, or putting your money on the horse most likely to win? At this point, we ALL have one goal, despite our differences, and that is to prove election fraud. Bev Harris' organization, whether you like it or not, has the most visibility in this struggle.

[Yeah. Go ahead and bet all your money on the Bev Harris horse. Hee! Hee!]

I like Keith and I like his show. I can not separate my knowledge of Rove and that this type of war between Keith and Bev is a perfect Rovian storm. Psy-Opps is all about media manipulation and Rove is a master of it. Olbermann et al are the puppets - love em or hate em, the MSM talking heads are indeed used, weather knowingly or un-knowingly. BBV has exposed a lot of crap over the past few years. BBV has always fought an up hill battle with the MSM. After what happened to Palest in 2000, I take anything from the MSM with a very light grain of salt. Olbermann - NO EXCEPTIONS. Ask yourself, why is it so hard for the MSM to question the GOP's insistence on paperless voting machines (Fraud) when ALL Diebold ATM's provide paper so that you see your money was not stolen? Not even the beloved Olbermann had brought up this ridiculous and obvious point. Don't be surprised to see a retraction of all and any hints of voter fraud from his show after Dec 13th. Otherwise - Please, prove me wrong.

[I won’t try to prove you wrong but I will compliment you on providing a PERFECT Freeper screen name---“A_Perfect_Rovian_Storm.”

I think Keith is resolved to the fact that the chances of overturning this election are very slim, and he doesn't want to alienate the president any more than he needs to by focusing on issues of Republican fraud. The increased ratings of his show and the resignation of other major news personalities means he has the opportunity to break into the nightly news business in a big way. I'm sure he will continue to report on items which make the news regarding lawsuits being filed and recount results, but don't expect him to probe very deeply.

[And then there is the wild theory that even Olbermann’s deluded mind was able to perceive that Bev is nothing but a sleazy con artist and he wanted to disassociate from her pronto.]

Thank you all for your lack of perspective and strategy, your stalwart drama-fits, your overriding black-and-white view of huge sweeping concepts like "the mainstream media", your overall paranoia, your lack of getting out much. Thanks to you, another important issue sinks into obscurity, one more issue we get to complain about and have people go "what are you talking about?"

[But thanks to you for all the GREAT DUmmie FUnnies comedy material!]

It is obvious Bev has a history of being disagreeable and she tried to make Olberman her latest victim. Sorry this dog won't hunt. The only thing Rovian about this is Bev's ego. One of her people is even spouting that she didn't need Olberman, he needs her. I give up this is too stupid for words. And you can't accomplish anything without MSM even if you don't like them. That is reality folks.If it wasn't on TV it didn't happen. And Bev just screwed the pooch and is TV poison. And if Olberman retracts anything she will have given him the excuse to do so. End of story.

[Poor dog! Which pooch did Bev screw?]

There are literally thousands of messages on the Bev/Keith topic.

[Yes! Isn’t it terrific?]


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