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DUmmie FUnnies 12-03-04 AM Edition (Bev Harris BANNED From DUmmieland!!!)

Just how nutty do you have to be to be banned from Dummieland for being incredibly annoying? Perhaps we should ask Bev Harris because she was BANNED today for being too bonkers even for the DUmmies. Methinks this is the beginning of the end of Bev’s con artistry. Her sources of funds are drying up. No longer allowed to shill in DUmmieland and even Randi Rhodes hasn’t been mentioning Bev lately. Could we be far away from Bev Harris doing the Frog Walk into jail for fraud? I think not. I only wish you folks could have heard the Steve Kane (Steve Kane Radio Show) interview with Bev and Kathleen from BBV. Every sound emanating from them just oozed of money worshipping fraudulence. But now let us join the Dummie THREAD in progress in which Bev is being banned. As usual, the Dummie yelpings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying the banning ceremony, is in the [brackets]. The banning ceremony begins with the Dummie administrator reading off the charges against the accused, Bev Harris:

Over the past two years Bev Harris has received a great deal of support from the members of Democratic Underground, in her research, publicity efforts, and fundraising. In return we have played host to an 18 month-long squabble between Ms. Harris and other verified voting activists, and have even been threatened with lawuits by Ms. Harris herself. Despite this, we have publicly remained mostly silent on the verified voting squabbles.

We believe verified voting is a topic of crucial importance, and have been uncomfortable taking sides on an issue which, frankly, we should all be on the same side of anyway. Therefore we have kept most of our correspondence with the various factions private and attempted to cool things down behind the scenes. Like all issues discussed at DU, we have tried to focus the discussion of verified voting on the topic at hand, and not on the personalities of the participants. However, in light of the recent troubles, we feel compelled to make a statement.

In 2003 Bev Harris, along with a few other verified voting activists, were banned from DU for engaging in personal squabbles on the message board after they were repeatedly instructed to stop. Around that time, Ms. Harris threatened us with a libel lawsuit, claiming that we could be held responsible for comments made by other message board members who doubted the credibility of her project. She never followed through on this threat and we never heard from her lawyers.

Ms. Harris was reinstated shortly afterwards, after agreeing to put an end to the problems that got her banned in the first place. Nonetheless, those problems periodically recurred after her reinstatement. A few weeks ago, Ms. Harris again used our website to threaten DU with lawsuits, in her postings, in private messages to other members, and in rude alerts she sent to the moderators.

We sent a message to Ms. Harris telling her to stop hassling our moderators and members, and informing her that if she had a legal concern, she needed to contact us directly. We also let her know that her continued participation on this message board was dependent upon her behavior. The legal threats stopped, but we received no response from either Ms. Harris or her lawyers.

This is our personal experience with Ms. Harris. We cannot confirm or deny the veracity of claims made by others, including many former colleagues, her former publisher, and Keith Olbermann. But we can confirm that the claims made by others about Ms. Harris are not inconsistent with our own experiences.

We have remained as patient as possible in our dealings with Ms. Harris because we believe that the topic of verified voting is a crucial one. We were prepared to sacrifice a certain amount of tranquility on the message board if verified voting was being discussed in a generally positive manner.

Ms. Harris's recent spat with Keith Olbermann has made positive discussion of verified voting increasingly difficult on DU. For over a year and a half, our members have been split into pro- and anti-Bev factions, and recent events have only exacerbated that division. Yet this morning Ms. Harris returned to DU and started posting as if nothing had happened, while making liberal use of the alert button to complain to the moderators about our enforcement of the message board rules. At this point our patience finally ran out.

The fact that the disruptions have continued, despite repeated warnings from the administrators, leaves us with no other option but to bar Bev Harris from posting on this website. We no longer believe that it is productive to allow her to use DU as a platform to promote herself while simultaneously trashing us, our moderators, and others who have been previously supportive of her cause.

We still remain firmly committed to promoting discussion of verified voting, and we wish Ms. Harris well in her efforts to shed light on this important issue. From now on, we encourage all of our members to focus on discussing the verified voting issue itself, rather than the personalities involved.

[I recommend that Bev Harris be studied by medical science. You can be the most complete wack job but still remain a DUmmie in good standing. Yet Bev was so incredibly annoying that she gets banned from DUmmieland. Yes, scientists need to study the Bev Harris brain. Truly a marvel in disfunctionality. But now let us hear the DUmmie Peanut Gallery weigh in on the Bev Harris Ban situation.

Way to throw the Baby out with the Bathwater. I am a apalled that Markos and the DU moderators sit in front of their computers, within reach of their coffie, within easy driving distance (at least) of their beds, and trash Bev, who is OUT THERE, ON A LIMB, RISKING the WRATH of the IRS to PUBLISH here and at KOS.

[You’re sure right about Bev risking the wrath of the IRS. She filed BBV as a non-profit organization and yet she doesn’t even report on how much dough she suckered out of folks like you DUmmies even though she is required to do so by law. Oh, and don’t forget to send Bev even more of your money. Those 5 star hotel rooms don’t come cheap.

I feel that Bev has pretty much accomplished the main part of her task, now it is up to others to continue the work of investigating the recent election to see how such corruption was put into action and how far it went in fixing the election results.

[She sure has accomplished the main part of her task. And now all Bev needs to do is use the money she conned out of the DUmmies to film her documentary that she plans to market. Unfortunately for Bev, her dreams of an extended Caribbean vacation will probably have a 10 year pit stop in the prison yard.]

I am extremellllllly relieved to find that the top of DU is this objective and that my personal beliefs on the situation were not in fact as far off center of DU culture as I feared.

[If your personal beliefs are not far off the center of DUmmie culture, then you have BIG problems, Bud.]

Content, but no delivery. Just as I suspected. I wondered why there was so much activity--dozens of lawsuits, press releases, etc.--but no real traction or breakthroughs in local or federal courts or in the court of public opinion. I donated to BBV because I believe in the project, but I have been wondering if they are managed by the emotion/anger of the cause rather than a sensible, credible plan. Bev's pprobably amazingly overwelmed in this high stakes game and has lost some composure.

Has anyone else wondered why Bev just doesn't seduce many people into "believing" despite having a tremendously compelling cause? I think she is on solid ground in asserting that these voting machines cheat voters and candidates, and I know this is of interest to most Americans, press included. Where are the breakthroughs in garnering support?

It seems that Bev has problems getting along with others. She seems like someone whose anger needs containment so that her credibility and the credibility of the cause can be where it needs to be at such an important time in history. If she comes across looking like a loose cannon, then the merits of her--and OUR--cause get dismissed.

[Even though Bev has problems with Anger Management she was still able to con you out of your money…..sucker!]

DU is so awesome it is vital we protect it's integrity.

[DUmmieland protecting its integrity is like Paris Hilton maintaining her virginity.]

She spent more time at DU than at her own website.

[Bev knew the best sites for harvesting suckers.]

Lending unquestioning support to an egotistical PR personality is never a good idea.

[Too bad that egotistical PR personality will never refund the money she scammed from the DUmmie suckers.]

Some people just do not work well with others. Too bad really, where would she be without DU?

[At Motel Six instead of 5 star hotel suites.]

As one who spent hundreds of hours doing legal research for BBV during the years 2002 and 2003, I too am appalled by the events over the course of the last 18 months. Many of us feel very used. More important, many of us are hurt and angered that this issue has been reduced to ego.

[Actually the issue has been reduced to money. And don’t expect to get yours back from Bev, sucker.]

I have been a supporter and find this unfortunate...I see now that unless Bev changes her ways and shows PROOF ...N O W ...that she is on the up and up..she risks much work by many being dumped into the annals of conspiracy..We ALL know that not to be can be crazy but you have to back it up with PROOF...SHOW THE TAPES NOW BEV...My friends and I have contributed lots of money and I am really upset at her!!! **********To the DU staff...from now on PLEASE let us know of problems like this so we can make better judgements on WHERE to put our hard earned money...

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You get easily conned out of your money, sucker, and then expect the DUmmieland caretakers to serve as your guide? Why do I have a strong feeling that you will be easily conned AGAIN? Oh, and I would recommend that you place your money in a safe investment in the future such as the Brooklyn Bridge Toll Bond. It is a bond to raise money to make improvements on the Brooklyn Bridge and turn it into a profit making institution by charging tolls. Each bond holder will in effect own a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge. Let’s do lunch sometime so I can sell you a share of the Brooklyn Bridge.]

The only thing I don't understand is how does she have so much time to harass people here, when she's suppose to be up to her ears in this voter fraud stuff? No wonder she missed the deadline for filing that lawsuit in FL.

[Because she knew that DUmmieland was where the money wa at. And you can’t expect Bev to waste money on hopeless lawsuits when she has much more important expenditures to make such as 5 star hotel suites.]

I have been a practicing astrologer for many years and had done searches for Ms Harris' birthdata on the internet with no success in these past weeks. I'm not interested in anything other than just her birth date(if you have anything else, such as place or time of birth that would be great, but it's not necessary). I'd be curious to know what sort of planetary problems she is dealing with.

[Right now Bev’s moon is rising in Uranus.]

I, personally, don't know all that many people that threaten lawsuits when sleep deprived.

[Threatening lawsuits is a well known stress reliever.]

Without DU, she wouldn't be doing ANYTHING in Florida. DU was Bev's springboard and remained her greatest avenue to solicit. (She even solicited TODAY on DU!)

[DUmmieland was Bev’s biggest source for suckers.]

I contributed to her site after the election, and, while I did not take an active role in the discussions about KO and Bev, I was thinking that, as a donor, I, as well as all other donors, deserved some evidence of the fruits of our donations. And, I noticed that she talked about additional expenses today...and requested more donations. I wondered about this as we hadn't really seen any evidence that our money was really at work. I believe in this cause, but I am not sure that it is being well-served by Bev and her group. I feel used. But, as they say, "live and learn"...

[The only thing you deserve as a “donor” to Bev is our mocking derision. You’ll live but you definitely WON’T learn. Oh, and could I interest you in the Brooklyn Bridge Toll Bond project?]

We will know soon enough exactly how much money has been donated and exactly how much she is paying herself. I did some research today on her 501(c)3 and found a web site called Guide Star. I was able to get her EIN number. It looks like she got her IRS classification this year so the tax records are not yet available, but they will be after she files this year. This is a free website to use and you can check any charity's financials. I will be curious to see the report.

[So will the prosecution team.]

What I have suspected all along is that...she took donations from people supporting BBV efforts, and then did the "activism" part, which will then be used in the documentary. So basically it appears that the 501c3 is propping up the profitable business. They are disconnected on paper, but only on paper.

[BINGO!!! And I am now in a state of shock that there is actually a DUmmie who can connect the dots.]

My only personal experience with her was a few weeks back when she was haranging DUers who were just trying to help her with threats about suing them over the use of the term "Cleanup Crew" which I frankly doubt could possibily be trademarked or copyrighted since it is such a generic term.

[Perhaps but don’t you DARE ever type the letters “BBV” or you will face a massive lawsuit from Bev.]

I wouldn't give her a dime. I haven't but I directed some of my wealthier friends to. They gave as a result of the results of the election and not knowing where to turn. I am beginning to think she may have preyed on our desperation.

[Such are the skills in the con artist arsenal. Know thy mark.]

I was getting sick of her DU fundraising.or should i say having DU finance her lil movie. Florida was stolen AGAIN!!..Bev was only cashing in on it.

[Coming soon to your local movie theater: “Diary of a Con Artist.”


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