Tuesday, November 30, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 11-30-04 AM Edition ("Anyone else disappointed by Michael Moore on Leno tonight?")

The DUmmies are in an uproar of despair. Their erstwhile hero, Michael Moore, has appeared on the Jay Leno show and appears to have deserted them, especially on the vote fraud issue since Jabba the Shmuck accepts the fact that Bush (GASP! SHOCK!) actually won the election. There are several DUmmie conspiracy theories on this Dummie THREAD titled, “Anyone else disappointed by Michael Moore on Leno tonight?” as to why Moore appears to have betrayed them but my own theory is that the Evil Republicans threatened to cut off his pizza supply if he didn’t change his ways. The DUmmie screechings at the “turncoat” Moore are in Bolshevik Red and the comments of your humble correspondent, feasting at the buffet table of DUmmie Despair, are in the [brackets]:

Anyone else disappointed by Michael Moore on Leno tonight? He seems really 'off.' So far it looks like he's missed a real opportunity to throw some good hits at bush and it feels really awkward. Really disappointing.

[Yes, it was disappointing. I was hoping that Moore would read me an excerpt from “My Pet Goat” while I was munching on my midnight snack of a large pizza just before I nodded off to sleep.]

Death threats. That's all I can think of.

[Much worse. The right-wingers threatened to cut off his pizza supply.]

scary shit. i think he had some Kool-Aid.

[A gallon of Kool-Aid to wash down two extra large pizzas that Moore had for brunch.]

That's what we'd all look like if we tried to find the "common ground" in this country----downright FOOLISH

[To look like that you would need to add on 200 pounds of very ugly fat.]

He dressed like a converted repug and he spit out garbage. Death threats or threats of imprisonment!

[Yes, Moore was definitely threatened with the incarceration of his pizzas.]

I never thought he would be such a sell out. Yeah * got more votes but he STOLE THEM. and not one f*ckin word from Moore. Kiss my ass MM. I tried to email him to let him know but his site doesn't seem to have a contact.

[Try emailing Pizza Hut.]

I don't....I think just like his outfit tonite, its all a "facade" and he's playing and f*cking with the minds of the Repukes and Moralistic Mightier than thou America....

[Great idea! Gain the confidence of Republicans so as to be invited into their homes…..and then RAID their refrigerators!]

I believe that coming in on a talk show, making an election fraud stir, Michael Moore's looks and demeanor in a very difficult time is that he did the very best he could to not have himself and the phenomenal body of his work suddenly invalidated.

[Yes, Moore wouldn’t want to invalidate his phenomenal body.]

It may be strategically beneficial for him to create the image of resignation; of an extinguished flame - however, it's very possible that he is simply not responding well to the devastation that accompanies the knowledge that, fraud exposure or not, Bush will maintain power at any cost.

[Moore needs to learn how to cope with election loss from the DUmmies and promulgate wild election fraud theories based on surmise.]

I am presuming that his ultimate goal is still to bring back Democraty and end the War. This could not have been changed overnight. In the next few months we will probably see him trying different cloths style. As for his words, or lack of words about the electoral Fraud, I did not expect him to say anything about it. He did his share during the campaign. Right now a lot of people are working underground to expose it and he was probably told to wait for others to come forward about it.

[Maybe Moore is providing camera equipment to Bev Harris to film her vote fraud documentary.]

He was very different. I kept waiting for him to unload on dubby, but he never did.
It really look like someone got to him. Slight possibility of depression and giving up the ghost. Shaven and dressed in a suit. That would be fine, but he really seemed subdued.

[Moore was mourning the recent demise of his beloved Canadian bacon pizza which was destroyed by his highly acidic gastric juices.]

Didn't he get teams of videographers to document the stealing of the 2004 election? We haven't seen ANYTHING yet.

[Bev Harris has that angle covered. And don’t forget to send her even more money. NOW!]

I think he's just lulling the Repukes into complacency and not making waves. Like how Kerry's been quiet, and how things in Ohio and Florida and who knows where else are going forward.

[Yes, Kerry is sending out very subtle secret code to his DUmmie troops to continue wallowing in the vote fraud scam. The secret code is so subtle that only an elite few can interpret it. Hang tight. Help is on the way!]

Neither Moore nor Kerry have any secret plans, and it's just delusional wishful thinking to harbor thoughts that they do. Even Bev Harris has said that Kerry's lawyers just stood by and did nothing, and had the gall to claim that blackboxvoting.org was just there "to make trouble".

The only thing I have to look forward to in January will be when reality finally kicks in, and people are forced to admit to themselves that Kerry & Co. had no secret strategy, and just caved in. Then we'll finally be able to get to the important task of trying to find some Dems with a spine to run in '06 and '08....and make sure these votes are counted, instead of trusting anyone involved with the DNC with our donations and hopes. Because it's becoming increasingly clear that these bozos have no intention of fighting to get the votes counted, the way Gore did.

[NO! Kerry DOES have a secret plan. Just look for the subtle nuances in the way he adjusts his tie. It contains complete marching instructions for the DUmmie troops. As for Moore, look at the the pizza sauce stains on his shirt. The stain designs contain secret messages as well.]

As to "Bush got more votes", he may be one of those folk who are not convinced there was voter fraud, etc. He may actually feel Bush actually WAS elected by a majority -- which is JUST as scary as stealing the election.

[SCARY! How could Moore NOT believe there was election fraud when the overwhelming body of surmise and speculation says there was?]

I have just as much hope as the next person that the fraud is exposed, that we all live happily ever after, but I am getting tired of everything being viewed as if there is a secret meaning behind it.

[But they do! THEY DO! Look for the secret messages subtly hidden in the pizza sauce stain configurations on Moore’s shirt.]

The mob at the RNC who stood up and chanted at him, "four more years" after John Mc Cain's "disingenuous filmaker" comment. The hate was palpable. It was freaky and I can only imagine MM has nightmares about that now.

[Yes. Moore sobbed fearful tears into his stack of pizzas.]

I don't think he's taken a day off in the last three years, certainly not since the election. I wish he'd take my advice and just go snorkelling in Hawaii for a few weeks.

[Michael Moore decked out for a day of snorkeling? What a SEXY sight that would be!]

I don't know if I can express this very well. Democrats played by the rules, straight up, and people poured everything they had into this. They cheated. Whether anyone can "prove" they cheated or not is irrelevant, we know they cheated. That ends any obligation that liberals and Democrats have to play the rigged game any more. Now we are free to innovate, to get creative, to confuse the hell out of them, to try a variety of things and see what "takes" and what works. No worrying about the reputation of the party or the image of liberals anymore. So long as Democrats were trapped in a rigged game, it was hopeless. Now there is a lot of freedom, and I think Michael is taking advantage of that.

[FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE ARE FREE AT LAST! And we are now FREE to CHEAT at the elections and practice vote fraud in the future! It isn’t important that we can prove vote fraud by the Republicans because we already KNOW they cheated!]


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