Monday, November 29, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 11-29-04 AM Edition ("When and how does the Revolution start?")

In this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies the DUmmies can’t figure out why people aren’t rioting in the streets over vote fraud. Uhh….Maybe it might have to do with total lack of evidence of vote fraud. However, that minor technicality doesn’t stop the DUmmies from hoping for the coming Revolution as you can see in this THREAD titled, “When and how does the Revolution start?” As usual, the DUmmie yearnings for a Revolution are in Bolshevik Red while the comments of humble counter-revolutionary correspondent are in the [brackets]:

When and how does the Revolution start? I'm going for a bike ride for a couple of hours. Please fill me in when I get back. So where do we start?

[The Revolution starts at the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream shop right after the regularly scheduled Transcendental Meditation Workshop where we are learning to visualize our own reality of a Kerry victory.]

November 3, but we blew it. We sat down to our computers and blogged instead of marched. The Ukranians knew what to do. We just froze like deers in the headlights.

[Of course, not a chance that you might have blown it on November 2? The actual Election Day?]

What makes us more compliant than the Ukranians? And isn't it amazingly ironic how OUR government supported the claim of election fraud? Perhaps by doing that, they'd siphon off some of the anger right here. I'm wondering what our next step is though.

[Move to the Ukraine where that actually did have REAL vote fraud, not the fantasy stuff?]

Seems like all the protests and marches to date have had the response:

"Bush rules that out!"

He is in his Father's bubble and well-protected from results. You could think of him as the actual embodiment of the Radical Relgious Right's ultimate idol, the fetus -- safe and warm in an endless political womb. His umbliical is connected to the Neoconic body.

In other words, the response has been to ignore protests whether they are local or Worldwide. Only a representational government would be subject to the People's protest.

Protesting has its values like creating solidarity or trumpeting the message(s), but the media is hermitically sealed, so that only has a impact on the locale in which the protest occurs in today's America.

[It’s nice to know that the DUmmies are like a fetus – safe and warm in an endless fantasy womb.]

Don't know but whenever it starts..Media needs under Control First ! Otherwise it will never be shown ! How odd. Americans are so spoiled ...The only way revolt would take place is if they cancelled Nascar or the Apprentice or NFL ! People live in a dream world. My dreams were shattered last week and yes I blame Bush and the republicans for that too..Sunset on firearms ! People had better wake up !

[Talk about living in a dream…But maybe you can live out your dream and cancel the Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity radio shows.]

You did hear of twelve workers in OH who were arrested for picketing last night, didn't you?


What about the mass demonstration in DC by the AFL-CIO.


The rushing of the state house in Columbus?

[Like the storming of the Winter Palace? Didn’t hear of that either.]

It has started... truly, but you really have to pay very close attention... some has been reported (the workers last night, trying to portray then as thughs, and that is the other shoe droping by the way) Others have not

[Start the Revolution without me. I’m too busy channeling my energy for an upcoming Moronic Convergence in Columbus this weekend.]

Tanks in LA, I mean I am sure that was on CNN all day...

[Cossack hordes in Santa Monica!]

Shhh, pay attention, it is right under the surface... and like any other civil war or revolution it is slowly heating up.

[If a Revolution starts in the forest does it make a sound if there is no one there to hear it?]

start by recognizing that we are a corporate-controlled nation, and that even more so than the GOP, corporate power is the enemy of the people. Then boycott all non-essentials. Yes, you have to eat, but you can make socially conscious choices in where you buy your food.

[Oh, Mr. Commissar! Can I still eat at Checkers? I really love their new Pizza Burgers and for me it IS an essential.]

Do you really need to buy crap for christmas gifts? Do you really need the newest cd/dvd/game on the market? One step at a time, think about what you buy, what you support, what you can do without in helping to undercut corporate power by simply Not Buying It.

[How about that Grand Theft Auto video game? There will be a revolkution by some of my relatives if I don’t but it for them.]

Had we of taken to the streets, right after the election, things would have been a lot different now. But we had to have Kerry as a leader.

We had plenty of press, foreign and domestic that would have covered it. We had plenty of foreign observers here, that would have been on our side. We would have had foreign leaders on our side.

We didn't do anything huge, because of Kerry bowing out. That and all the rumors, that something big was happening behind the scenes by the Kerry camp. That kept a lot of us quiet.

[There IS something happening behind the scenes by the Kerry camp! Haven’t you heard of the Kerry ’08 campaign? Please make your contribution to Kerry ’08 Campaign Fund. Kerry needs it because his $45 million only goes so far.]

We may need TWO revolutions. One that begins immediately in an effort to shut down the current power mongers, and one that is designed to position liberals/progressives/Democratics to fill the power vacuum that will arise should the first revolution be successful.

[And of course, you personally, Dummie demwing, will be one of the power elites that will take control of power. All that other stuff of being mere proletarian workers is just for the shmoes.]

We need two revolutions, or at least a two pronged revolution. One that attacks the powers that oppress, and one that unites the oppressed.

[Two revolutions. First the Winter Revolt followed the Bolshevik Revolution.]

Don't wait for the TV or your friends to tell you because, as suggested, the Revolution will not be Televised. Live it by doing what you can when you can. Don't buy what you don't need. Don't buy what you merely want. Send the word out to like minds. Participate where you can when you can. Some of us have to travel to the fight (I'm going to OH from NC to participate in recounts). But some people can't take 5 or 10 days off work. So put up posters, send news stories, write your representative and the local papers. And if there is a mass protests to join, join it. Take a damp bandanna (for covering your face in case of tear gas) and a disposable camera (so you won't lose your good one if the cops decide to smash it) Wear a thick jacket, thick jeans and tennis shoes. Leave your ID, your jewelry and glasses at home if you can.

[Cry ‘Havoc’ and let slip the Dogs of War; That this foul deed shall smell above the earth, With carrion men groaning for burial!]

Who is your mayor, who are your city councilmen? These are people who you can generally talk to, and make an impression on if you can articulate concerns. Even party hacks will bend if they know what the people they live among and represent expect. If your town is run by people who don't give a damn about you, find out who ran against them last time. Organize an opposition.

[“Hi Mr. Councilman! Would you be interested in helping us shut down all the city services to oder to bring about the Revolution?”]


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