Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Bernie Sandernistas Attack Clinton Cash

The Bernie Sandernistas are attacking Clinton Cash. No, they haven't gone so far as to specifically attack the Clinton Cash fiunneled to head DUmmie Skinner via his wife, Shelly Moskwa, in her role as Treasurer of Friends of Hillary as revealed in detail on FEC documents featured in a previous DUFU EDITION. Since these revelations, Skinner seems to have gone into a witness protection program as a sort of voluntary "Desparecido" so as to avoid having to face his fellow DUmmies concerning his Clinton Cash. In the meantime the DUmmies of the Sandernista faction which consists of about 99% of the DUmmies are attacking the enormous fees both Hillary and Chelsea are scamming from colleges as you can see in this THREAD, "A college balks at Hillary Clinton’s fee, so books Chelsea for $65,000 instead." So let us now watch the DUmmie Sandernistas attack the sordid world of Clinton Cash in Bolshevik red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Hillary's hedge fund son in law just lost a big chunk of that cash in Greek investments according to Fortune magazine, is in the [brackets]:

A college balks at Hillary Clinton’s fee, so books Chelsea for $65,000 instead

[Can't afford the big scam? No problem, we'll get you the little scam.]

When the University of Missouri at Kansas City was looking for a celebrity speaker to headline its gala luncheon marking the opening of a women’s hall of fame, one of the names that came to mind was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But when the former secretary of state’s representatives quoted a fee of $275,000, officials at the public university balked. “Yikes!” one e-mailed another.

So the school booked the next best option: her daughter, Chelsea.

The university paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton’s brief appearance Feb. 24, 2014, a demonstration of the celebrity appeal and marketability that the former and possibly second-time first daughter employs on behalf of her mother’s presidential campaign and family’s global charitable empire.

[How much of Chelsea's fee was ultimately lost by her hedge fund hubby on Greek investments?]

More than 500 pages of e-mails, contracts and other internal documents obtained by The Washington Post from the university under Missouri public record laws detail the school’s long courtship of the Clintons.

[Of course it would never occur to the university to book a (GASP!) conservative but on to the angry Sandernistas...]

65,000? I would barf if I was in college and they decided to pay that much for her to speak....ugh.

[Hey, the Skinner payments to keep you DUmmies in line don't come cheap.]

What has Chelsea Clinton accomplished in her life that didn't involve her parents that would justify her receiving a $65,000 speaking fee?

[Lived through birth?]

I like Chelsea. She's down to Earth and a genuinely nice person. If someone wants to pay to hear her speak, what's the big deal? Besides, she gives her fees to the foundation. The senseless bashing is depressing, particularly considering that this is a Democratic site.

[Yes, Chelsea gives her fees to the foundation which then funnels it into such charitable projects as payments to the Treasurer of Friends of Hillary aka Mrs. Skinner.]
It's called, "lucky sperm."

[Webb Hubbell's sperm is lucky? I say that lower lip DNA MUST be permanently removed from the gene pool.]

Sorry, Hillary folks, but --- how do you explain that a presidential candidate asks $275,000 to speak at a university? Please do it. Please explain.

[Shelly Moskwa. Mrs. Skinner. Skinner. Keep DUmmies in line. There. I explained it.]

Criticism of the requested $275k is entirely deserved. It indicates greed.

[Money talks, BS walks. And in this case BS stands for Bernie Sanders and he WILL be walking. When? At the Democrat convention next year when the Clinton Cash talks to the DNC rules committee and invalidates Bernie's delegates because wasn't technically registered as a member of the Democrat party. So even though Bernie will have a majority of delegates, BS walks out of the convention as a LOSER because Clinton Cash TALKS.]

The money is donated to the foundation which is charitable. It is not like Hillary is pocketing it and buying diamonds and furs.

[Not buying diamonds and furs but buying Skinners and shills.]

OK, the Clintons re not greedy. The foundation is greedy. Better?

u [How would you classify Chelsea hubbie's hedge fund?]

The difference is that Hillary can get paid that fee, Bernie can't.

[Also Bernie doesn't have a son-in-law that blew a big wad of hedge fund cash on the great Greek economy.]

Personally, if I were a university student and knew money was being wasted on Chelsea, I would have been extremely pissed-off...

[But doesn't it make you happy that, according to FEC documents, some of that money was funneled to Skinner via his money hungry wife?]

But her Mom is going to be our next President... it's her TURN. Ugh. Vote Bernie!!

. [Vote Bernie!! Then watch him walk out of the Democrat convention next year a LOSER because Clinton Cash will strip away his delegates on a technicality. Money talks, BS (Bernie Sanders) walks!]

She speaks for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes Q&A, then 1/2 hr. photo op. That's all, folks!

[Plus a half hour well-stocked limo ride back to the airport for the private jet ride back to the NY penthouse.]

After a year in default, I'm finally in a student loan rehabilitation program. Owing right around 12 grand, I'll probably have it paid off in ten years or so. Where a brief appearance by a politician's daughter pays more than five times what I owe...

bb [Maybe in the next life you can be born as a result of Webb Hubbell's "lucky sperm."]

Was this before or after she said she just couldn't get exited about money? I forget...

[It was right after her hedge fund hubby told her: "I have bad news and good news. The bad news is I lost a bundle investing in Greece. The good news is I expect my investment in Puerto Rico to pay off as big as my dad's Nigerian email deal."]

I'm sure she donates every penny to charity.... You know,....The Clinton Foundation.

[Which funnels the dough to such charitable causes as Hillary brother's Haitian gold mine venture.]


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The Troglaman Clones/Moonbats NEVER cease to amaze with their unbelievably shallow intellectual depth.

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breaking news …
seems Pitt is leaving DU (again)
he has a GBCW (good bye cruel world) post up
cuz someone mentioned that Rove still wasn't
in prison….

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Pitt's as bad as TrogTheTroll....can't post online unless he's drunk.

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