Friday, April 17, 2015

SURPRISE!!! Skinner's Wife Was/Is Friends of Hillary Treasurer

[This is a special DUFU investigative report.]

Remember when Skinner recently went all FANBOY over Hillary? Many DUmmies were perplexed about why UberDUmmie Skinner aka David Allen went so over the top enthusiastic for Hillary. Well, what Skinner did not reveal at the time was that his wife, Shelly Moskwa, was (and could still be) the Treasurer of Friends of Hillary. This FEC DOCUMENT reveals that at least as of January 31, 2015, Moskwa was still Treasurer as you can see by the date next to her signature. Also of interest in that same document is that Friends of Hillary had over $24 million in total disbursements. Hmmmm. How much of that went to the Treasurer?

Also quite revealing is ANOTHER FEC DOCUMENT which reveals that Friends of Hillary earned quite a chunk of change from renting out its mailing lists. Here is one excerpt:

Friends of Hillary asserts that it rented its list to 88 lessees in total and that Ready for Hillary PAC paid the same rate as its other lessees, including non-political entities. Friends of Hillary disclosure reports indicates that it received 18 payments for list rentals between 2013 and 2014, ranging in amount from $260 to $203,683. Friends of Hillary reported these payments as coming from Trilogy, another list brokerage firm, and directly from campaign committees.

Skinner has a lot to answer for to his fellow DUmmies. Here are a few questions he needs to answer:

1. Was your wife until at least recently Treasurer of Friends of Hillary?

2. Did you and/or your wife profit in any way from the rental of Friends of Hillary mailing lists?

3. Did you provide DUmmie e-mail addys to Friends of Hillary or your wife?

4. Why did you not disclose, when you were blatantly shilling for Hillary, that your wife was Treasurer of Friends of Hillary?

I would also like him to answer if he ever saw William Rivers Pitt sober but we already know the answer to that. In the meantime it appears that Skinner's sudden over the top fanboy cheerleading for Hillary seems to be all about the Benjamins. And on that latter topic, perhaps more later. Hee! Hee!


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

A Moonbat (Skinner) who's corrupt and only out for the money for his own coffers and willing to do anything no matter how corrupt and unethical to get it?

Heaven forbid.....\sarc\

3:29 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

It appears that as of 2/17/2015 Mz Skamster was still in the employ of Mrs. Bill Clinton.

5:53 PM  

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