Saturday, April 18, 2015

DUmmies Trash Talk Skinner's Cash Cow

Hey DUmmies! Why do you have to be so nasty towards Skinner's Cash Cow, Hillary? I mean have you no sympathy for him and his wife who is Treasurer of Friends of Hillary? Let's face it, a million dollar home in Chevy Chase costs a lot in both mortgage payments and upkeep. So if for some reason Hillary is forced out of the race, goodbye Skinner's money pit. In this specific instance, the DUmmies are mad at Hillary for seeming to support TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership. Since we are talking about Hillary here I like to thing of it as standing for To Pay Plenty. And if you read the previous DUFU EDITION, Hillary paid plenty to Skinner's wife, Shelly Moskwa, in her role as Treasurer of Friends of Hillary. Yeah, no need to scratch your tiny heads in befuddlement as to why Skinner suddenly went all out Hillary fanboy right after her announcement. The source of his enthusiasm can be traced to the Benjamin$$$. It seems silly to gripe about Big Money Hillary and ignore the fact that Hillary's Big Money has purchased your own UberDUmmie to betray you. So with that in mind, the DUmmies sort of miss the point they dare not face in HRC on the TPP: Hedging and essentially a whole lot of nothing. So let us watch the DUmmies grumble about Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, urging the DUmmies to visit Skinner's million dollar home purchased with hedge fund bucks funneled to him via Friends of Hillary, is in the [brackets]:

HRC on the TPP: Hedging and essentially a whole lot of nothing

[You call Mrs. Skinner's big Hillary salary a whole lot of nothing?]

HRC knows what's in the TPP. She was involved in drafting it. And two of the three leaked chapters and other leaked information about content and process, were leaked either while she was still in office or shortly thereafter.

[And you know what's in the FOH, Friends Of Hillary. A whole lot of funneled hedge fund bucks funding the wealthy lifestyles of Mr. & Mrs. Skinner.]

The TPP negotiations were comprised of 20 rounds of negotiations. There are 12 nations in the deal. What does that mean for changes that everyone agrees on? That would be exceedingly difficult if not impossible without extending the process by many months or years, something no one involved is willing to do.

Why must a trade deal strengthen our national security?

I would bet my life that Hillary supports the TPP and will support it. Literally. It's a damn safe bet.

[And I would bet Skinner's wife that Skinner will support whatever Hillary supports regarding TPP. It's a damn safe bet he doesn't want to cut off that cash flow.]

This really is not leading. It's not being a champion for middle class working Americans. It's not courageous and sadly, it's not honest

[No less honest than Skinner going all Hillary fanboy in DUmmieland while failing to mention that his wife is a benefactor of the Clinton Global Money Bucket.]

If you think this post makes me a hater, then I'll wear your labeling me such with reluctant pride. I respect and like a lot of HRC supporters here, but this statement from the campaign is emblematic of why I can't support her. She'll almost certainly be the nominee and I'll vote for her, but that will come from resignation.

[This post makes you a sucker, DUmmie cali. After all that you will STILL vote for Hillary. Skinner is laughing all the way to the bank carrying his Clinton cash. Now on to the other clueless DUmmies...]

Hillary is a champion on economic issues for her corporate donors, gotta give her that.

[Without those corporate donors, no Hillary cash stash for Mr. & Mrs. Skinner.]

With wishy-washy statements like that, hard to imagine Hillary standing up to her banker pals who fund her candidacty.

[Just as it is hard to imagine YOU standing up to Skinner for selling you out. BTW, have you gotten a whole bunch of Hillary emails recently? A certain Friends of Hillary email list is being rented out.]

Why SHOULD the banksters be worried bout Hillary?

[She is bought and paid for...just like her fanboy Skinner.]

Why can't Hillary reveal the TPP? Oh, that's right it's a big secret.

[Why can't Mr. Skinner reveal Mrs. Skinner's employer. Oh, that's right it's a big secret.]


Anonymous The JUDGE said...

Skinner is a true-blue Democrat...a double-dealing corrupt to the core self-serving greedy bastard.

3:08 PM  
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