Monday, August 12, 2013

Obama's critics are racist--unless they're DUmmies

If you oppose President Obama, if you don't like him, you MUST be a RACIST! You're criticizing him because, as a racist Rethuglican, you can't STAND having a black man in the White House! Unless of course you're a DUmmie. Then you have free rein to criticize Obama all you want, because, as a progressive, ipso facto, you CANNOT be a racist, and you're only criticizing him because he's let us down by not being progressive enough.

That's about the size of things in DUmmieland.  And the DUmmies are too dense to see their DUbble standard--as we'll see demonstrated today in this THREAD, "MO State Fair clown dresses up as Obama and gets run down by bull" and this THREAD, "UPDATE Shameful Missouri State Fair stunt smears Obama."

See, here's what happened. There was a rodeo at the Missouri State Fair over the weekend, and the rodeo clown came out with an Obama mask on and got chased around by a bull, as rodeo clowns are wont to do. The crowd laughed and cheered. Now I personally don't find that shtick all that funny, but some people do. De gustibus non est disputandum. I mean, who can explain how Carrot Top is able to make a living?

Well, anyhoo, you'd think that the Missouri State Fair just conducted a Ku Klux Klan rally, complete with lynching and cross burning. Never mind that there's a long history in America of people making fun of an unpopular president, even going so far as donning a mask of the fellow and doing antics that mock him. No, if you do anything to mock BARACK, you must be a racist!!

So let us now travel to DUmmieland, where eight years of caricaturing George W. Bush as "Chimpy McBushitler" and "Chimpus Khan" were perfectly OK, and where the hypocrisy on this day runs in Rodeo Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who lives in Missouri but hasn't been to the fair, is in the [Barackets]:

MO State Fair clown dresses up as Obama and gets run down by bull

[Oh, I don't think Obama ever gets run down by bull. Indeed, he thrives on it!]

Most of Missouri is out of touch with reality.

[Said a member of the Reality-Based Community®.]

What racist crap!

[Yes! CLEARLY racist! There can be NO other explanation!]

I remember when I went to see Independence Day in the theater. When the aliens blew up the White House, the audience erupted in cheers. Clinton was President then.

[Well, uh . . . that's, uh . . . hmmm . . . that's because Clinton was The First Black President. I mean, before the current First Black President, of course.]

If I had been at a rodeo 10 years ago, and if they'd had a clown dressed up as Dubya, I would have been cheering for the bull.

[Send in the clowns--as long as they're wearing Bush masks. Diogenes, call off your search. We have found an honest DUmmie.]

Every last bit was meant to be racial.

[Now we've found a mind-reader.]

It wasn't racist when clowns did it for Bush . . . it's not racist now.


Which clowns? How did they make fun of his race?

[That's a clown question, bro.]

W.H. Harrison's campaign involved races between two teams rolling huge balls of cheese up a hill.


I think Obama has been disrespected at a level that many if not most of us has ever seen.

[I guess you had your eyes closed during the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush administrations.]

When will it end?

[January 20, 2017. I'm counting down the days.]

After all he has done. . . .

[That's the problem.]

I get mad at him over policy. . . .

[Then you must be a racist!]

Meanwhile, I live in the projects and have a lot of black and brown friends. That's how I like it.

[Dear DUmmie loyalsister, how can we neanderthals become as noble and enlightened as you? How can we ever measure up?]

I will never go to Missouri.


many blame Obama for problems created by Bush. And they defend their ugliness by comparing their rabidly racist comments to the legitimate criticism leveled at the lying, usurper Bush.


Obama is far from perfect and I am no fan of many of his policy approaches. . . .


How far will the continuing backlash go? Obama-hate is getting out of control.

[Just wait until Obamacare kicks in. You ain't seen nothin' yet.]

"Obama-hate is getting out of control." Including right here on DU. It's a disgrace.


Can you point some of that out? I haven't seen any hatred. there is some pointed criticism of unwarranted spying on Americans and proposals to cut SS, but I haven't seen any hatred.

[No, it CAN'T be hatred. We're progressives! Criticize Obama? It's not racism when WE do it.]

Look in here. . . .

[DUmmie michreject links to a thread where lots of DUmmies DUmp on Obama.]

That is one ugly thread. It looks hardly different from how we used to bash Bush.

[DUmmie Isoldeblue stumbles into some truth, thus coming perilously close to realizing that harsh criticism of a president--even mockery--can be motivated by something other than racism.]

Democratic Underground has turned into Obama Underground. my President - worship him or leave. People are now willing to accept murder, torture, domestic spying, proposed cuts to SS and Medicare, and post bizarre excuses and personal insults whenever someone questions Dear Leader.

[OK, DUmmie Isoldeblue made a free throw, but now DUmmie Doctor_J makes a slam dunk! And for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity, we hereby award Doctor_J today's Kewpie Doll!  Congratulations!]

Disagreeing with policy positions is not hate.

[Nor is it racism. Thank you very much. I rest my case.]

They are proving that their hatred is race related and nothing else. Bigots will be bigots.

[And DUmmies will be DUmmies.]

F*** Missouri. F*** Obama haters. F*** anyone that has looked at the man cross-eyed.

[F*** all those haters! I HATE haters!!]

America has, because of the election of Barack Obama, let it's true color(s) be shown to the world, Been going on six years now and the man's skin color is still the major factor that a substantial body of the populace hate him for and judges him on. This country is racially, psychotically sick.

[Canada beckons. Heed the call.]

This has to be punished.

[To The Hague with the rodeo clown! Off with his mask! Off with his head!]

No amount of Raid can eradicate this scourge.

[Napalm! Napalm the whole state of Missouri!]

Cut those f***ers off the government tit!

[No lactose for the intolerant!]

Let them use their g*dd*mn farm subsidies to fund their f***ing fair!

[No fair!]

Well, to be fair. . . .

[To be fair or not to be fair, that is the question.]

Well, to be fair, if Bush would have jumped out in an orange jumpsuit 6 years ago, I would have cheered.

[So I guess it depends on whose clown is being gored.]

Conflating Bush hate with Obama hate is absolute bullsh*t. One is nothing more than unadulterated racism and the other is about political leadership and policy. It is absolutely naive to think that these people hate Obama because of his political policy.

[And you know this how?]

If Obama is a "Marxist-Socialist", then I'm the Prince of Wales.

[Greetings, Charles! How's the grandkid?]

Mocking the president is immoral.

[Unless his name is Chimpy McBushitler.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't commented on here for a while, mostly because troglaman isn't around to provide his personal style of unintentional humor. Just wanted to say thanks to PJ and Charles for keeping up the quality laughs.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Living in Missouri, the only problem I have is it was done at the State Fair Rodeo which is at least partially paid for by state taxpayers. Evidently this guy decided to do this stunt without telling anyone and now there is an understandable uproar.

By the way, according to reports that guy has been BANNED FOR LIFE from ever working the State Fair again.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous The JUDGE said...

I think all those fifths of Old Crow Trogtwit chugged down before posting on here may have finally caught up with his sorry pathetic ass.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous questionmann said...

The Racist Right’s newest Lie, same as the old one: Obama’s Dog Starving U.S. Troops In Martha’s Vineyard
Another day, another totally discredited myth about the Obamas being rehashed by the disinformation propagation syndicate known as the right wing blogosphere.
he Racist right is constantly attempting to frame Obama as arrogant and out of touch. The only problem is he’s taken drastically less vacation time than the previous Republican president, G-Dubs. The post breathlessly ask if it was right for the Obama’s to fly their dog Bo out to their vacation spot on Martha’s Vineyard in a separate plan while troops abroad were having their rations cut. Why does a dog get a separate plane all to fly to an extravagant liberal enclave while soldiers starve? The entire question is a false premise completely. But what’s even more amusing is that it’s constructed from two situations that occurred years apart. Let’s start with the plane story. has an excellent explanation of the Bo plane story and how the dog was actually in a plane full of other people heading to Maine as well. Since Air Force One couldn’t land at the small Maine airport, two smaller planes were used and Bo went on the plane behind the Obamas. But this story is not from today and it’s not flying to Martha’s Vineyard. So that all by itself would be a mendacious twisting of the truth. But we add on the starving troops for extra affect. That too is a wild twisting of the truth.
The post insinuates that this extravagant dog plane trip is being done while troops are being given less food to eat in the field of battle. The basis of this part of the smear is due to the United States scaling back the war in Afghanistan, that a majority of Americans want over now. The military’s retrograde of the war requires dismantling the supply lines and equipment for the four hot meals a day that were being served troops. The military is not eliminating two of the four meals. They are instead moving to MREs for these two meals of the day. Nobody is having their rations cut at all, it’s just not going to be hot. Nobody is saying the troops should be happy about this, but they are by no means receiving less food by any definition. The politics of any small normal occurrence is so desperately twisted to make Barack Obama into something he’s not. It says everything you need to understand about the complete lack of principles and policy on the American conservative right that this poorly constructed straw man of manufactured outrage even exists.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd think with a name like "questionmann" he'd actually ask a question.


I guess that makes him disingenuous.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

The only question about "questionmann" is who programs him? He's got the Moonbat talking points down pat that's for sure. Someone or some outfit is filling his vacuous mind with this BS because it's obvious "questionmann" is completely oblivious to reality. And he's just as much a linguini-spined guttersnipe as Troglaman is as shown by his expert ability to power-slam his head repeatedly up his ass.

And as "Anonymous" said - a name like "questionmann" you'd think he'd actually ask a question. His name should be "Babbleman" since all he did was come on here and spew useless babble produced by power-slamming his head repeatedly up his ass.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of inane babbling by "questionmann" who should be called "verbal diarrhea man"

...and he never does get around to asking a question.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd think with a name like "questionmann" he'd actually ask a question.

I just think of him as "TL/DR-mann."


6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Questionman didn't ask any questions, but I will. exactly when did anyone say that troops were being starved so that Bo could be flown to Martha's Vinyard? It's very hard to see the world clearly when you have your head up your ass.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Fifths Harmonys said...

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10:59 AM  

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