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Elizabeth Edwards Rattled On "The View"

Here is a tip for women out there. If you absolutely hate talking about your husband having a love child with another woman, then DON'T write a book about his affair and then go on a publicity tour promoting the publication. Because if you do, you are sure to be asked highly embarrassing questions about the love child as happened to Elizabeth Edwards when she appeared on "The View" yesterday. Take a look at the video in this Huffington Post THREAD, "Elizabeth Edwards Talks Possible Love Child On 'The View'" and you could almost hear her mind screaming out "STFU!!!" And yet "The View" hosts keep coming back to ask Elizabeth more questions about the love child. STFU!!! But what did Elizabeth expect on "The View" or any of the other shows? That they would just ignore the love child? STFU!!! So let us now watch Elizabeth Edwards scream "STFU!!!" in her mind in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that a timeline shows that John Edwards most likely caused the conception of the love child on the very day in 2007 when he won the Father of the Year award, is in the [brackets]:

Elizabeth Edwards stuttered through four awkward minutes of talk about husband John's possible love child on "The View" on Tuesday, continuing an explanation she first gave on Oprah.

Without bringing up Rielle Hunter's name, Sherri Shepherd broached the subject in the second segment. Sherri's estranged husband fathered a child with another woman, so she can relate.


"If the whole issue would go away, I'd be perfectly happy," Edwards said. "Somebody is obviously the father... The fact doesn't change the relationship with my husband."


She went on from there, after being pressed by Barbara.

"I don't know whose child this is. I think that's probably the reason there is no father written on the birth certificate, I understand. Whoever the father is, they're going to have to have to deal with the fact that they have this child. From my perspective... my relationship with my husband is not changed by this."

She also said that if the child IS his, she would not leave John.

[Stand by your con man. And now to hear from the HUffies...]

What is wrong with her, is this ALL TO SELL A BOOK? She is getting embaresed just for that.


Elizabeth, dear, the only way this is going to go away is if you stop talking about it to anyone who will have you on his/her show! The public was so over all this. Now you need to take time to heal and get over it, too. Talk to a therapist. In private.

[And STFU!!!]

She wishes the whole issue would go away? Then why doesn't she just stop going on all these shows and talking about it. She knows she's going to be asked. Geez, Elizabeth, stop already. what a distasteful circus.

[But at least it does remind us again what a sleazebag the Breck Girl is.]

She should go on all the tv shows she wants to go on. However, she shouldn't be surprised that she gets asked embarrassing questions when she does.
As for doing nothing wrong, a lot of people aren't impressed by her presenting such a phony image of family togetherness in order to get her husband elected when she knew otherwise. It's the hypocrisy that is distasteful.

[At least it was an authentically phony image.]

Elizabeth, we all love you. But PLEASE, PLEASE, go home to your children and be quiet. Someday your children will read all this stuff, see all this stuff, and its not going to do them any good. Either forgive your husband, and let this matter end, or kick him out of that big house.

+[According to the National Enquirer, she already did kick him out of the big house.]

She wants that issue to go away? Well everybody pretty much forgot about it until she decided to write a book about it and promote it on Oprah.


Wait til Rielle starts making the rounds! That should bring up some even stranger questions.

[If there is a big payday involved, you can be sure Rielle will be making the talk show rounds.]

The issue of paternity is not about Elizabeth Edwards hurt feelings. I do not understand why paternity has not been resolved yet. John Edwards needs to step up and ask for a paternity test to determine if this is his child and then he needs to become a part of her life if he is the father. The adults in this situation are behaving like children. This little girl needs a father. I would think someone among this group would understand this and step up to their responsibility.

[Calling Maury Povich!]

You would think that EE would be better prepared when she makes the rounds of all these shows, discussing this topic ad nauseam! Stop with the stuttering already - you had to know all these questions were coming when you opened up this can of worms again!

[Gee, why would talk show hosts want to talk about the love child? Elizabeth never expected that.]

The entire reason Elizabeth Edwards wrote this book was to publicly shame her husband and Rielle Hunter so bad that when she eventually loses her battle with cancer , Jonh Edwards cannot take up with his baby mama because the public scorn would be overwhelming. To me, that is the point of the book. "SHAME on Rielle." She almost makes John out to be a victim of a predator. What a laugh. Great lesson to teach their daughter.

[Yeah, the mistress was keeping quiet UNTIL Elizabeth's book was published.]

The whole issue will go away as soon as she stops talking about it. She's going to beat Edwards about the head and shoulders with this to humiliate him as much as he did her. But enough is enough. Damn.

[No. I disagree. I want to see MORE humiliation of the Breck Girl.]

Why would a married man with a sick wife and young children have unprotected sex? All of this could have been avoided if he had a second of thought.

[Maybe Walgreen's was closed the night Johnny made his condom run.]

The way she is trashing Rielle is so undignified --- yet Elizabeth still holds up her husband as this perfect man who made "one mistake" and Rielle as some "thing who shall not be named." Who was the person with the power and sway in that relationship -- John. Who was the person with more to lose -- Rielle. Who has been the person who has acted in the most dignified fashion since this entire story broke -- Rielle.

[It was all Rielle's fault! My Johnny was merely an innocent bystander who was conned by her!]




Anonymous rAY said...

"One question...WHY DIDN'T YOU USE CONDOMS, JOHN!!! "


9:27 AM  
Blogger StandupGuy? said...

Dear PJ-Comix , You should read "Resilience" before jumping on the bandwagon and slamming Elizabeth Edwards. You look stupid just like the women on the View.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Somebody please explain to me, in small words, how PJ is looking stupid here?

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...


Reporting on a flaming catastrophe of a freak show like The View is not the same as running one.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to Elizabeth: It's best not to write about or televise psychiatric therapy. Think Ipecac... John sicker than sh*t will be much more freeing...

11:32 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

So we were supposed to vote Elizabeth and John Edwards into the White House, and she doesn't even care if an innocent child goes through life not knowing who her father is . . . I used to admire Elizabeth Edwards, but after her shameless promotion of a book with a tease of a scandal purposely thrown in for sale, I wonder why.

9:04 PM  

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