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"Obamas lead has an asterisk"

One of the great effects of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos is that it is causing to Democrats to face doom down the road in the form of the disenfranchised delegates from Florida and Michigan. Normally, a candidate (Obama) would have been already coronated by now with the convention merely being a technicality to make it completely official. As a result, Howard Dean could have played the part of the good guy and allowed the Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated since their votes would have no effect on the outcome. However, thanx to Operation Chaos, the Democrats don't know what to do. Seat those delegates and the momentum switches over to Hillary. Refuse to seat them and the Democrats from those states will sqwawk about disenfranchisement. Heads you lose, Tails you STILL lose. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is why Howard Dean wants the Democrats to make their final choice at the beginning of July. Sorry, Howard, but Hillary will fight for every last delegate, including the ones she won unfairly in Florida and Michigan. Already, I am preparing the popcorn and beer for this summer's Democrat convention. It is destined to be the most exciting entertainment in years with lots and lots of fireworks. The DUmmies even realize this as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Obamas lead has an asterisk." So let us now watch the DUmmies debate delegates in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Obama better not take any vacations until AFTER the convention, is in the [brackets]:

Obamas lead has an asterisk.

[Your thread title needs an apostrophe.]

Without Florida and Michigan there is no leader. We cant play by the rules because there are no rules which take this Fla/Mi situation into consideration.

[Thank you, Howard Dean. YEEEEEEAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!]

There are rules. FL and MI broke them. Case closed.

[Party broken.]

FL and MI agreed to their punishments, case closed.

[Punish those two states to the point they will be completely lost in the general election.]

The DNC should change its rules to count Florida. To disenfranchise Florida in choosing a nominee would haunt us in the general if we nominate Obama, whose cronies helped kill re-votes in both states.

["The Haunting" will the be Democrat theme in the general election.]

Granholm f*cked up, didn't she?

Yes--and so did Dean

[Shared incompetence.]

The problem is we are not punished the legislatures and governors of those states. We are punishing the voters--people we will desperately need in the general election. We have to look at the political consequences of this. Strictly on the legal aspects the DNC has a right to do whatever it wishes but that does not make it politically smart.

[I'm wif stoopid!]

Florida and Michigan has got to count. Because Hillary would get 210 delegates in Forida which would push her ahead of Obama in the delegate count and she will win the nomination. Plus, Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot so he gets no delegates.

[Perhaps I should double my beer and popcorn supplies for this summer's Democrat convention. I am thinking it will be several days of non-stop riveting entertainment.]

Right now he leads by 146. Florida alone erases over a quarter of that. Michigan would be dicey. She won about 80 delegates there I believe while Obama won none but you would have to assume most of "uncommitted" would go to Obama. Given that she would not net that much from Michigan. Besides, Michigan, thanks to Obama and his friends killing the re-vote, will not be counted. Florida has a shot because everybody's name was on the ballot. Still we should expect the Clinton camp to try to get Michigan in and if they succeed that would be a great coup for them.

[A coup attempt will be part of the entertainment at this summer's Democrat convention.]

It was Hillary's little buddy Grandholm that made the Michigan problem. Hillary doesn't get to profit by screwing around with my right to vote.

[Now that I have hi-def TV, it will be FUn to watch the angry looks in detail of the Democrat delegates at this summer's convention.]

The Democratic party of 48 states. it is the new 'strategy'

[It worked prior to 1959.]

The fact that Hillary went against her word and put her name on the ballot when all other candidates didn't, just shows that even from the beginning she felt she could circumvent the rules. I'm all for seating the delegates, but they can't count because Obama wasn't even on the ballot.

[GASP!!! Hillary went against her word? Say it isn't so!]

This is one of the things that turned neutral people against Hillary. She agreed that both of these primaries wouldn't count since they violated the pre-established election rules, but when it appears she would need them in order to boost her chances of winning she decides she wants them counted - in defiance to her initial pledge and word. What that says to everyone in the Democratic party is that she will engage in Bush-style propaganda, where reality along with her word is thrown down the memory hole if it suits her needs even at the expense of the party and liberalism overall. Besides allowing for and pushing afterwards the Iraq War, Bankruptcy Bill, etc. She also believes in Newspeak against her own Democratic allies. The reason she is so disliked has less to do with Obama, an unknown commodity who though has shown some promise with his left-wing voting record and prescient view of the war in Iraq. It is because she is pathologically deceptive who has shown time and time again she will throw the party/liberalism/all those working class people she pretends to care about under the bus if it suits her interest.

[Psst! You're not supposed to acknowledge in public that Obama has a left-wing voting record.]

Both primaries are illegitimate because of their violation of the pre-established caucus rules. All of the the candidates agreed on this. To make this an issue is to fly in the face of reality through the use of Orwellian tactics by denying the reality of this pre-established framework for the election.

[Hillary will make it an issue. Count on it.]

It is simply amazing how many people still fail to understand that in Michigan... Obama whored for votes in Iowa/NH and took his name off the Michigan ballot. He did this, no one else did it for him. There were four Dems who stayed on the ballot in Michigan. Nothing in the DNC rules said that names had to come off the ballot. Had Obama stayed on the Michigan ballot, then he would have had delegates awarded. Michigan thought about redoing the primary...Obama said no. He wanted half the existing delegates in order for the redo to take place. In Florida, to take one's name off the ballot meant that you were dropped from the ballot in the general election as well as in the primary. That is why Obama did not remove his name there. Michigan's problem was exacerbated by Obama's playing politics.

[I'm already picturing Democrats screaming angrily into each others faces at this summer's convention. This will be better than any pay per view ultimate fighting event.]

You're a liar but you know that.

[A preview of the fireworks to come.]

There are rules. Florida and Michigan Democratic Parties knew what the consequences would be. They moved their primaries anyway. Now that it's inconvenient for Clinton people are lying about it.

[My hi-def screen is perfect for displaying the anger of twisted Democrat delegate faces.]

but if you add Mars and Jupiter, Obama wins! Though I hear Uranus is Hillary territory!

[I learned that from reading the DUmmie astrology forum.]

He still leads, even with those tainted Primaries. Come June 3rd, he will be the winner and can be magnanimous about.

[Don't plan on taking any vacations after June 3, Obama. Hee! Hee!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This will be a bloodbath...

By their rules, neither Michigan nor Florida count, there are no delegates, the vote was irrelevant and therefore... no one has been chosen to be seated.

Practically... this is suicide. Not so much for Michigan, although it has trended more 'red' lately, but Florida? You NEED Florida for the big win!

They are not going to get it!

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He still leads, even with those tainted Primaries. Come June 3rd, he will be the winner and can be magnanimous about."

Hillary will stay in it until the "bitter" end, and we will see the "chickens coming home to roost" for the Democrats. I had better stock up on popcorn.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama: Selected, not Elected.

9:52 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

I fail to see how Obama can have enough pledged delegates to be the "winner" on June 3. Of course, I'm not a DUmmy, and I understand math, so I'm handicapped by reality.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"However, thanx to Operation Chaos, the Democrats don't know what to do." PJ


"Practically... this is suicide. Not so much for Michigan, although it has trended more 'red' lately, but Florida? You NEED Florida for the big win!" They are not going to get it! anon

Both Michigan and Florida will be seated and split down the middle. Obama and Hillary will get an equal amount of delegates from each state.

Remember that the Dems don't elect their nominee with winner-take-all primaries like the RepubliDUms do. If Hillary wins 60 - 40 in PA, she'll get 6 delegates for Obama's 4. It's not enough.

Gear up for obamarama folks.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Both Michigan and Florida will be seated and split down the middle."

Obama wasn't on the ballot in Michigan, remember? No ballot, no votes. No votes, no Delegates, remember?

"Gear up for obamarama folks."

Tear up for the Super delegates and Hillary's Win, t-man.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gear up for obamarama folks."

Should read: "Gear up for obama melodrama folks."

It's going to be combination soap opera, Oprah and Hannah Montana. Long on histrionics, short on substance.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tear up for the Super delegates and Hillary's Win, t-man." ray

Not going to happen. But then you'll just move on to the next Rush-inspired fairy tale. I can't wait. You haven't been right yet, ray, about anything. But you've been entertaining.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oddly, I find myself in agreement with you. Hillary is toast but she will not admit it. I think she will drag this race out until the convention or until it's clear that the super delegates will not support her. The Democrat leaders don't want Hillary who,they know, will lose in November. So Obama is their choice---and both Reid and Pelosi are super delegates .

3:50 PM  

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