Sunday, March 30, 2008

MTV To Broadcast "The Paper" From Yuppie Florida High School

I don't usually watch MTV reality shows because they always ENRAGE me. A typical MTV reality show features a bunch of self-centered yuppie kids (MTV's target audience) who constantly MUG for the camera. Rather than punch a hole into my TV screen (or pull an Elvis) I have avoided MTV reality shows like the plague. However, I will make an exception for MTV's upcoming "The Paper" which starts broadcasting on April 14. I have already seen a preview VIDEO of this show, and the kids are no less annoying than in previous MTV reality shows. So why the exception? Why torture myself watching a bunch of kids whom I know will get on my nerves? Simple, this show takes place at Cypress Bay high school located not far from me (about 15 miles) in the exclusive upscale town of Weston, FL. In fact, Cypress Bay high is probably one of the few (maybe the only) mostly white public schools in Broward County which is why MTV picked it for filming. They know their target audience. Yuppie white kids. In fact, I will be surprised if MTV doesn't draw some flack for their choice of high schools. Plantation and Piper high schools here in Broward wouldn't do. Their students aren't wealthy or white enough to appeal to MTV's audience.

Another reason why I will follow this series on MTV is that I have actually been to Cypress Bay high school a couple of times on secret missions. The last time was a couple of years ago for a weekend event there. I remember it mainly because as I was passing some woman playing a tune on the radio, I briefly did a quick step dance to the tune. As a result, a burst of laughter broke out from the crowd and they begged me for more and I complied to yet more laughter. Okay, I admit I was also mugging but it wasn't for the MTV cameras.

The premise of "The Paper" is about some students vying to become editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, "The Circuit." Normally the kids wouldn't give much of a crap since it probably involves a bunch of extra-curricular work. However, since they are on the MTV tube, you can expect them to suddenly become incredibly competitive for that post with lots of mugging for the camera along the way. As for the attitudes of the students, you can get a preview of it by the quote from one chick in the video who said that her mom wants her to be Barbara Walters. Of course, since this is Weston, her mom wouldn't want her to be Laura Ingraham.

Apparently I am not the only one who has a negative reaction to the preview video. Below are a couple of YouTube comments from others who were also turned off by the "The Paper."

WOOT! Let's degrade our school by displaying the hypocrisy and idiocy of it's most outlandish and asinine members! So fun! Yeah... God... I hate you MTV... You're a plague ripping through the world and stealing the minds of young people everywhere causing them to comform into your own idealistic fallacy on what people should really be like and what entertainment is...

those are like the whitest people in cypress


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Well, from the clip, PJ, it appears your description was depressingly accurate. Not that I would've been watching MoronTV anyway.

I seem to dimly remember that it actually used to show "music videos," even some good ones once in awhile.

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Narcissim running rampant on MTV. That's no surprise.

Thank God there are plenty of others in high school with actual brain matter in their skull.

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