Friday, March 02, 2007

"Gore Critics Are Right"

Hey Liberals! Do you have a guilty conscience over blabbering about conservation but your home leaves 20 times the carbon footprint of the average home? No problem. Just by Carbon Credit Indulgences to assuage your eco guilt as Al Gore has done. And who can you buy those Carbon Credit Indulgences from? You can make your payments to Generation Investment Management which, by the strangest of coincidences, is the same company founded by Al Gore who also places his enormous carbon footprint there as Chairman. Therefore Al Gore is buying indulgences from himself and he urges all of you to also buy those Carbon Credit Indulgences from him as well. His hypocrisy in this whole carbon footprint shtick is so glaring that even many Leftwingers are disturbed by it as you can see by the title of this Daily Kos KOmmie THREAD, "Gore Critics Are Right." So let us now watch the KOmmies both attack and support Gore's eco-hypocrisy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if anyone will tack 95 theses in protest of carbon credit indulgences on the door of Al Gore's energy wasting mansion, is in the [brackets]:

Gore Critics Are Right

[It's An Inconvenient Truth.]

No, this is not a troll diary bashing Gore. Bear with me. I love Gore. But if the man is serious about his mission (and I don't doubt that he is), the best thing he can do is lead by example. I know he buys carbon credits to offset his footprint, but does he really want to send the message that you don't have to conserve if you can afford offsets?

[Let's use the proper terminology here. Not "offsets." He wants you to buy "indulgences" from...Al Gore.]

Now, one thing some of you may be thinking is, "No way, Gore can't fold in the face of the Right Wing Noise Machine, he can't show weakness." One thing to remember, though, is that while many of us may want him to run, he seems sincere in his lack of desire to do so. What I am getting at is that he certainly did not get to become the Al Gore we all now love by being a cautious politician, and he's not running for president at the moment, so why does he need to act like a politician? A politician goes into damage control at this point. A true believer does the right thing.

[He only "seems" sincere in his lack of desire to run for President. Al Gore's carbon footprint damage control over his mansion's wasteful energy use is being conducted precisely because he intends to run for President.]

In the face of all the criticism on the power bills, all Gore can muster is that he uses compact flourescent bulbs and that he buys offsets. Well, the bulbs don't appear to be helping much. As for the offsets, it seems to me that Gore does not want to send the message that one can reduce one's carbon footprint through: 1) conservation (if a regular person); or 2) offsets (if rich and important like Al).

[I never figured out all this concern with energy saving lightbulbs. The amount of energy used by regular lightbulbs is miniscule compared to the carbon footprints left by running the AC. Planting a bunch of trees next to your home for cool shade as Bush has done at his Crawford home, is a much better way of saving energy than replacing your lightbulbs.]

What Gore could do is say, "Critics, you have something. Maybe I am a bit like the plumber with the leaky faucet. I have been busy doing my slideshow and promoting my movie, and maybe I have neglected to do as much as I can to lead the fight against global warming not only through teaching, but by example."

[And by quit flying in private jets to Global Warming conferences.]

Imagine Gore then promptly sells his house, and builds an energy efficient eco-friendly home. He uses some building techniques any regular joe can use if building a home (thicker insulation, better windows, cistern, etc.). He does some cool stuff that most of us can't do (solar, geothermal, grass roof, whatever). He brings in Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV, and shows everyone ways to build an earth-friendly home. He hooks up to the grid and puts power back on the system.

[Maybe Gore could get the floor plan for his new home from W whose Crawford home is rated as very eco-friendly.]

If Gore means what he says, and if Gore is truly reinvented and unfettered from cautious advisors and triangulating and damage control, he will rise to the challenge his critics have laid down, and he will shut them all up.

[Or maybe he will just double the Carbon Credit Indulgences that he buys from himself. And now on to the other KOmmie reactions to Gore's "ecopocrisy."]

I'm as big on Gore as it gets but what you know is what you do. Gores house should be an example of how the rest of us can conserve energy. Passive solar, proper insulation, recycled energy from heating, cooling, lighting, backed up by photovoltaics, wind, solar hot water and a much smaller space. A bicycle to get around with would possibly help him get back in shape.

[And destroying the phone number for the local pizza delivery would also help.]

I guess offsets are like 'get out of jail free' cards. I agree that just because Al Gore can afford to pay more for his comfy lifestyle it doesn't wash.

[For Al Gore it is like a "get into the White House free" card.]

Thinking back to my physics class,it would seem that offsets cannot reduce, they can only displace. Only by using less energy are we really conserving. Paying somebody else to use less, or plant a tree in my name is a joke.

[Hmmm... I wonder if Al Gore's Carbon Credit Indulgences he paid to himself also paid for the energy saving shade trees planted next to W's Crawford home.]

I will admit there is probably more Gore could do to reduce his footprint, but he also has to fly to present the show and spread the word. This education also has the effect of getting many others to reduce their footprint which also reduces the overall production of greenhouse gases--to a level much less than if Gore did NOT do exactly what he is doing.

[A not quite convincing explanation to justify Al Gore flying around in an energy wasting private jet.]

Another way to say it is that offsets are self-imposed taxes on your own production of carbon. On average, people respond to such taxes by changing their behavior, which is what Al Gore has done in his personal life, too.

[How? By buying Carbon Credit Indulgences from himself?]

What's next? Discussing Al's weight. Oh, that's right, F*cker Carlson already covered that last night. On his GOProgram Mike Allen of said Gore is "packing his freshman fifteen" and Jake Westberg of Slate said Gore had "extra weight on him"...they all chuckled and had a grand time while I went ballistic. And those were the "nice" things they had to say. Karen Hanretty, GOP Strategist/bitch from hell was even worse. F*ck, this shit isn't good for my blood pressure.

[Al Gore always deposits enormous carbon footprints whenever he visits the bathroom.]

The issue is carbon footprint. Gore's is zero. That's all an individual can do now.

[Gore's mansion uses 20 times the carbon footprint of an average home so according to KOmmie math it equals zero.]

These bastards are not innocent. They are using Al's strengths as a weapon against him. Pure Karl Rove.

[Karl Rove's carbon footprints are EVERYWHERE!!!]

Paying for Carbon offsets is roughly equivalent to hiring someone else to go to war for you.

[So rich people in the North hired carbon credit soldiers to serve in their place during the Civil War?]

Wealthy people should buy offsets so that more money could go to change the US energy portfolio. As we know government will not pay for it so who will? Rich guys. Let Gore pay.

[Let Gore pay himself.]

There is such an astounding amount of energy free floating in the form of sunlight, temperature differences, tidal, and geothermic energy that can be tapped if we develop the technology to do so.

[There is also an astounding amount of free energy floating around beneath the Gulf of Mexico in the form of petroleum but somehow I don't think you want to tap that.]

Somebody with the money Gore has could afford the equipment neccessary to make his meter go backwards. That would be a real, personal, individual contribution.

[Gore could buy a powerful magnet to make his electric meter go backwards.]

On the other hand, one thing that drives me nuts is all those articles telling people to turn off a light when they leave a room or to combine two errands together so they drive a few miles less. All while politicians and movie stars and whoever else can afford it are flying a couple of people to entire plane that uses a zillion gallons. It would take 10,000 ordinary folk combining errands for ten years to make up for one trip. But you NEVER hear a suggestion that these people use commercial flights or reduce the number of their trips in order to conserve. The haves get more haver. And the truth is, Gore is a have, and he lives like a have and will continue to live like a have, regardless of the effect on the environment. That doesn't mean I can't applaud him for all the work he's doing in other ways, though.

[And the truth is, Gore is a hypocrite, and he lives like a hypocrite and will continue to live like a hypocrite, regardless of the effect on the environment.]

That they had no legal right to even see his utility bills, and he has done far more (paying extra to buy green, buying offsets) than most people.

[Better consult your law books because they DID have the legal right to see Al Gore's utility bills.]

the guy who stole gore's bills is a veteran of the american enterprise institute and the competitive enterprise institute, two anti-global warming groups.

[How do you steal something that is available to the public, namely Al Gore's utility bills?]

I see Gore's people did say something about adding solar panels and better windows.

[Only AFTER Gore got caught being an energy hog.]

He needs the house. He's an elected leader on the world stage. He entertains millionaires and world leaders. He has $3,000 a plate fundraisers in his home. He's still active in the party. People around here think he still intends to run for president. Get real and grow up. Politics is all about pageantry and posturing. He's got to hold court somewhere. What do you want him to do? Rent an event room at the Holiday Inn?

[Holiday Inn is only for the rest of us Plebes.]

It's a right wing smear because it originated from the right wing, and it's entirely baseless. Show me some waste. Show me any evidence you have that the Gore family wastes energy. You don't have any.

[Try starting with his enormous utility bill.]

If any big-name Republican politician attacks Gore on this issue, we better be seeing a WHOLE LOTTA Republican utility bills. Just sayin'

[You want to see W's Crawford home utility bill and compare it to Al Gore's? Be my guest.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHEN Gore gets relected president theres only one problem, he cant run again BECAUSE HES ALREADY BEEN ELECTED PRESIDENT!

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mention of Bush's Crawford ranch reminds me of when the press shined a light on charitble donations made by respective presidential nominees. Bush and Cheney donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, Gore's donations were something like $500. I forget what Lieberman's were.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He's an elected leader on the world stage."
Elected leader? In what respect? Gore hasn't held a public office since 2001 when President Bush took office with Vice President Cheney. Gore wasn't elected (or has even campaigned) for any office since he LOST his bid for president, but he has appointed himself as Protector of Earth like the demigod he and the liberals believes he is.

true patriot,
Contrary to Moonbat belief, Gore LOST the 2000 elections! After all, even the Democrats in the Senate ratified President Bush's 2000 election results. There was no President Gore, there is only President Bush, get it? Two Term President Bush. I love the sound of that so much I have to say it again; Two Term President Bush Tee Hee

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"True Patriot"

Why do moonbats insist on such silly names? So TP, how do you defend this hypocritical SOB?

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If any big-name Republican politician attacks Gore on this issue, we better be seeing a WHOLE LOTTA Republican utility bills. Just sayin'

If they don't believe in the BS about global warming being caused by humans and they don't go around trying to get others to believe in the crap then what does their utility bill have to do with anything... The problem isn't with Gore's bill, it's with his hypocrisy.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO each according to his needs - FROM each according to his means!

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Stalin.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Mo K said...

Anyone who continues to praise him and deny Gore's hypocrisy knowing he buys his offsets through his own company, GIM, is not only an idiot, but being made a complete fool.
What a racket.
Gore makes Don King look like a lightweight! (Not to put down King. He's more of a patriot than Gore ever was.)

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think True Patriot is a froll.

You showed your hand too quickly though.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHEN Gore gets relected president theres only one problem, he cant run again BECAUSE HES ALREADY BEEN ELECTED PRESIDENT!

You got the lunacy part nailed pretty well, but you're still too coherent. Try to convey a feeling of frothing at the mouth, where the BSD is the only thing a moonbat has to live for. Still, you bring the LOLz, so you get a gold star.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



3:16 AM  
Blogger Mo K said...

"True Patriot" (BTW, interesting screen name), Nazis are more commonly associated with the Socialist/Communist party.

Interesting that once again, "Godwin's Law" is invoked.

Plus, the use of expletives to make a point?
Good grief. Grow up.

10:57 PM  

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