Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"We 100% Condemn the Attempted Assassination on Cheney"

The title of this Daily Kos KOmmie THREAD, "We 100% Condemn the Attempted Assassination on Cheney," sounds reasonable enough but when you actually READ what is said, you have to conclude that the Left is seriously deranged. It turns out that the thread was posted strictly for Damage Control PR reasons due to the condemnation yesterday by Rush Limbaugh of the many Huffington Post rants wishing that Al Qaeda had killed Cheney in the recent bomb blast near him in Afghanistan. From the reasonable title, this Kommie thread quickly degenerates into the typical Leftwing hyberbole laced with non-truths and flat out anger. So let us now watch the Left FAIL miserably in their damage control efforts in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, 100% laughing once again at the lunacy of the Left, is in the [brackets]:

We 100% Condemn the Attempted Assassination on Cheney

[This sounds reasonable but I predict you will soon REGRESS to your usual Leftwing Lunacy.]

I think I'm speaking for almost everybody here when I say that I unequivocally condemn the attempted assassination of Vice President Cheney in Afghanistan and that any person responsible for this cowardly act should be jailed for life at a minimum.

[This is the obligatory damage control section of the thread which soon regresses to...]

Notwithstanding my condemnation, there is an organized attempt by Republicans and their talk show minions to try and portray "The Left" (Defined as anyone who disagrees with a conservative at least 10% of the time.) as wild eyed radicals who wish Cheney had been assassinated. That's bullshit! We are not the people who call for killing innocent people. The Right has a monopoly on that.

[...Flat out leftwing lunacy. BTW, it isn't tough to portray the "The Left" as wild eyed radicals. It's merely a matter of copy and paste as we shall see here.]

If you oppose killing an innocent person, say so. If somebody in your party says something along these lines, denounce them or I will presume that you support them by default.

[So you need to denounce all those HUffington Post loonies who advocated the killing of Dick Cheney.]

It's Ann Coulter who openly contemplates assassinating President Clinton or poisoning Justice STeven's creme brulee? Why has the GOP been silent?

[Why has the Secret Service been silent? This from the same folks who cheered a Canadian movie portraying the assassination of President Bush.]

It's Sean Hannity who basically calls for a jihad and tells his listeners that stopping Nancy Pelosi is worth dying for? Why has the GOP been silent?

[Could it possibly be because Sean Hannity has NEVER called for a jihad?]

It's conservative Glenn Beck who openly advocates killing anybody he deems liberal. Why has the GOP been silent?

[Maybe because Beck did NOT advocate killing anybody he deems liberal.]

It's Bill O'Reilly who advocates jailing people he deems "secular humanists." Why has the GOP been silent?

[Maybe because O'Reilly did NOT advocate jailing people who are secular humanists. Or perhaps you are using a Google Search in another dimension not available to us mere mortals?]

It's Rush Limbaugh who has advocated nuking much of the world and killing billions of innocent people. Why has the GOP been silent?

[Because listening to Rush second hand as interpreted by loons is a sure way to get your facts about him WRONG.]

I'm putting my money where my mouth is by denouncing A) the attacks on Cheney and B) any person who openly wishes they were successful.

But will Republicans do the same? Put up or shut up.

[Okay. No problem. They will also denounce the attacks on Cheney and any person who openly wishes they were successful.]

If you support Fox News while Hannity, Malkin, Coulter, or O'Reilly are still employed there, despite their terroristic comments of the past, then shut up because you have no right to denounce anyone.

[The Left defining these folks as making "terroristic" comments because they aren't PC. What next? Will you be condemning the DUmmie FUnnies for making terroristic comments by copying and pasting your lunacy?]

So what will you Republicans do? Will you denounce your terrorist hate mongers like Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, and Coulter OR still support them when they talk like Osama Bin Laden.

[A leftwing loon so soaked in his own hate-filled bile that he assumes that everybody else in the world shares his own distortions about conservatives. Sorry if we don't buy into your warped view. And now on to the rants of his fellow KOmmies...]

Don't let the Right Swiftboat us with a lie and smear.

[How about if we "Swiftboat" you with Copy & Paste as we always do in the DUmmie FUnnies?]

We have to be prepared to hit back. Even the most timid remark from someone on the left will be endlessly paraded out and overblown by the right to a breathlessly willing media who blow it up while remarks a hundred times worse from the right are totally ignored. Threatening people who disagree with them with death, either veiled or openly, has been a tactic of many of the big names on the right for years and they need to be called out over and over and over on this. Me, I'm a consistent pacifist and I have no wish to see Dick Cheney dead. I long to see him behind bars.

[ATTENTION NURSE RATCHED! Severe BDS outbreak in Ward Nine!]

I wouldn't put it past Cheney to stage an attempt on his own life to gin up sympathy for himself.

[To all you DUFU newbies out there... If you want to get some great entertainment from these Leftwing Loons you merely need to wait a few moments for each comedic gem to show up.]

He needs to be tried for war crimes. Not Matyred. I bet Bush ordered the damned hit to A make the fat git look brave, or kill the fat git to make him a Matyr. Or They are spinning it to make it look like he was the target.

[Nurse Rached will be arriving soon with your lithium treatment.]

Would love to see war crimes prosecution for Cheney. How do we do that?

[By jumping through the portal leading to the Alternate Reality.]

I think it's really dangerous to pretend that America doesn't have enemies, even if they're not the ones we seem to be pursuing primarily. Al Qaida really exists, as does the Taliban (again), and they must be stopped.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

America probably wouldn't have enemies like Al Qaeda if it weren't for enemies of America like Cheney.

[See. It's not the terrorists fault that they are terrorists. It's all the fault of guys like Cheney who made them that way.]

I neither clamor for his death nor would I weep over it. But once dead I would probably piss on his grave like I would Reagan and countless other Republican Americans who have trashed not only their country but the world as well.

[Feel the love!]

Dick Cheney is not innocent. Justice has broken down in America. There is no accountability for his crimes because of the power he has. And at that point, there's no basis for saying one is "innocent" until proven guilty. There will never be a process to prove anything, because our country is too corrupt. In that case, I'm not at all against the people we illegally declared war on attacking our leaders. I personally support their initiative in taking it out on the people who deserve it, rather than the citizens of this country.

[A loon who supports Al Qaeda for carrying out "revolutionary justice."]

I'm just saying that this is War. Cheney started it, Cheney knew the consequences and the risks. He's the one who deserves to bare the burden of what he's wrought, even with his own life.

[This sure doesn't sound like the 100% condemnation alluded to in the thread title.]

I'd be out celebrating if they'd gotten Cheney. Impeachment would then be a viable option. Personally, I hope Cheney goes back to Afghanistan often. If I saw Cheney in front of the Capitol (knowing he has a bad heart) I'd challenge him to a race up the steps.

[So much for that 100% condemnation. It was just a bunch of Damage Control PR hype.]

He's created a situation where his life IS in danger everywhere he goes. Payback is a bitch at times. There's an old adage that says that the world is never wrong. If one travels the world and people are trying to mow you down at every corner, it's time to take a hint. That's how I feel.

[Another KOmmie who has fallen off the phony 100% condemnation bandwagon.]

I will admit when I heard about this story I experienced a mild flashback of sorts to the day Ronnie Raygun was shot. Apparently that's troll bait around these parts so I won't go there. Take it for what it's worth, which admittedly may not be much.

[This story brought back happy memories for this KOmmie.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back PJ, I was beginning to think you fell into the DUmp and was buried.

There's an old adage that says that the world is never wrong.
Ok, most of "the world" believes there is a God, so....

I'd be out celebrating if they'd gotten Cheney.
I'm not at all against the people we illegally declared war on attacking our leaders.
But once dead I would probably piss on his grave like I would Reagan and countless other Republican Americans who have trashed not only their country but the world as well.

Every time I read the things like this I am reminded of a quote by Hermann Hesse:
If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.

9:51 AM  
Blogger heldmyw said...

I'm not ascribing anything beyond a semisentient "move to the light" response in the lefties, but it seems that they are learning...

Even this rather pathetic attempt to curb their unbridled venom, even festooned with with Limbaugh lies and Reagan-peeing, is a small sign that perhaps they've realized that they're SO far out there, that the populace is not listening.


10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rumple-Pervert And
The FAUX NEWS WHORES! He rode in on!
Fascist Pigs!
One and all.

The system is terribly broken!
It has been co-opted by Fascists!
Billionaires are US!
They’re running ruff shod on the American People!
Ruining this Country!
Stealing everything!
Unlimited wealth brings unlimited problems!
For the Citizenry.

First of all,
The Wealth belongs to the Citizens. Not THE FASCISTS!That’s everyone!
Technology is a tool,
Used by them, against us,
To rule!
It is released periodically.
Under the control of system handlers.
The trump card (weapons) kept secret,
For an emergency:

Without followers,
There is no system.
Without workers,
There is no King.
The system has to brought into the future!
With us.
Redefined in modern terms.
Taking into account current technology trends.
And use them for the benefit of all.
Since the beginning of modern history.
War has been a plague on humanity.
End it.
Socialism Now!

We are only doing as good as:
The least amongst us is!
This is our Judge.
A living wage!
Full employment!
Health Care!
A clean environment!
Renewable resources.
End outsourcing!
Eliminate privatization! (and CRapitalism)Nationalize American energy resources!
This is just a start.
Build on this!
With your own recommendations!

Personal wealth has to be eliminated for the common good.
Greed is a negative human trait that will be purged from the system,
For the renewal to begin.
We must look at the bigger picture!
Which includes humanity as a whole. FUCK PRIVATE PROPERTY!
We are all related
We come from a common ancestor.
We all are children of the creator.
Springing forth from universe.
The Mother Earth nourishes us.
Brother and Sisters alike.
Taking no preference!
All treated equally!
This is the pattern.
Let’s use it!
With a common goal!
To live in Peace and Harmony
Working for the betterment of all!

12:02 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Truly vile.
PJ, I don't know how you can take it over there in Bizarro World (but please keep it up).

One can really see a divide in this country. It used to be Democrats vs. Republicans, but has evolved into those who can educate themselves with facts vs. easily-lead simpletons who see any attack on "The Man" as a victory in their pathetic lives.

Whenever I used to run into one of these peons claiming Iraq was an "illegal war", I'd ask them to site the statute which was violated... the law which was broken... Now, I simply smile at them as you would a mentally disabled person.

I will never understand people who revile the great nation that allows them the freedom to be idiots.

(Re: true patriot that from the Commie Manifesto? If you haven't been watching, communism always fails)

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay true patriot,

all the tings you listed:
A living wage!
Full employment!
Health Care!
A clean environment!
Renewable resources

only exist under capitalism. They don't exist under socialism. Just ask the Russians how good health care was under socialism, for example. Or ask them how that "living wage" worked for them as they stood in line for their weekly food allocations.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe because O'Reilly did NOT advocate jailing people who are secular humanists.

Especially since as far as I know, O'Reilly is a secular humanist himself. But unlike the Kommies, I'll admit that this is only what I've heard.

As for "true patriot", I'm not sure what s/he was trying to do. Trying to make people angry on a humour/satire site is rather stupid, since we're only here for the lulz and are more inclined to laugh at all that silliness vice getting angry or even mildly annoyed. (Of course, my gut reaction to lefty lunacy is 9 times out of 10 to laugh my ass off) So it seems more sense to me that s/he was laughing with us at the moonbattery as opposed to actively engaging it.

2:12 AM  

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