Tuesday, January 23, 2007

" Why the HELL is John Kerry Dead Last at 8%?"

One Democrat candidate after another is now declaring their intention to run for president. Lost in the crowd (along with the DUFU-endorsed candidate, Tom Vilsack) is John Kerry. Think about it. Kerry was the Democrat 2004 nominee and now he is DEAD LAST in a poll of major candidates. At least Kerry has one hopeful sign. He is still ahead of Tom Vilsack since the former Iowa governor is doing so horribly in his campaign that he is BELOW dead last. Even Chris Dodd is now getting more buzz than Tom Vilsack. Of course, Vilsack could turn it all around INSTANTLY if only he follows the advice of the DUmmie FUnnies to WEAR THE BEAR. Unfortunately for Kerry, there is NOTHING he can now wear to raise his low esteem among Democrats. Not even an EXTRA-LARGE jockstrap. And now that the DUmmies have finally realized that Kerry is damaged goods, we can now see their honest opinion of him in this THREAD titled, "Meet the Press 'Presidential Preference Poll:' Why the HELL is John Kerry Dead Last at 8%?" The upside to Kerry's poor political fortunes will be the comedic entertainment to be provided by his inevitable implosion when he realized that he WON'T be getting the nomination. Here is a guy who for most of his life had the single goal of becoming the OTHER JFK and now it is about to be taken away from him for good. So let us now watch the DUmmies give a fairly realistic assessment of Kerry in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, again reminding Tom Vilsack to WEAR THE BEAR, is in the [brackets]:

Meet the Press "Presidential Preference Poll:" Why the HELL is John Kerry Dead Last at 8%?

[Maybe he needs better joke writers.]

I mean really - Kerry is probably the most intelligent, best debater, best speaker, and the most Presidential. So he goofed in 2004, so what. That doesn't make him a failure. And his latest gaff, falsely accused of being against the troops when the repubs and media twisted his words about being bogged down in Iraq, was completely outrageous. He's a war hero for freakin sakes.

[He's a war hero? Why hasn't he told us that before?]

He has all the experience. He knows how our government works. He's on critical intelligence committees. So why is Kerry so damn maligned?

[Maybe you should ask Chuck Schumer in the pic above why Kerry gets no respect.]

actually, people here did complain about the mistakes he was making in his campaign, but those stating those views were stomped on. I personally think Brazille is not competent, and should have been replaced early on, but some people actually believed that such observations were racist or sexist. She blew it in so many ways, that I still shudder whenshe appears on some MSM Cable gnus program.

[Yeah. Blame it all on Donna Brazille.]

He simply doesnt have a warm manner .... nobody can be blamed for that, but there is no mistaking his lack of popularity ...

[Kerry has all the warmth of an icicle. Not exactly a drinking buddy sort of guy.]

Personally I do not think he is a good speaker. If you are going to run for president you can't say in 400 words what can be said in 30 words.

[No wonder Pied Piper Pitt aspired to become a Kerry speech writer. He specialized in that type of word inflation.]

Part of his problem was that he had some really bad handlers I think.

[I remember reading how upset Kerry was at his butler for not having a hairbrush on hand when Master John needed it.]

Plus, Kerry is not last. There are a bunch of candidates in that poll getting less than 3%.

[Tom Vilsack is less than Zero. WEAR THE BEAR!!! ]

He is a victim of sociopathic character assassination.

[And all this time I thought he was merely a victim of swift boating.]

He did beat Bush in 04. He just couldn't out-cheat Bush in 04.

[Thank you, Diebold!]

Like it or not, the public's image of Kerry is already ingrained in people's heads.

[It's hard to rid that image of Kerry in his Speedos from our minds.]

And that's my big reservation about Edwards - I first saw it in the VP debates when he had the opportunity to rip Cheney to shreds and didn't do it. Now he says he was restrained from contesting the 04 results by the party, but I have to wonder how much he really wanted to slug it out.

[Edwards didn't want to do anything that would get his hair in a mess.]

Because of a blown punch line, and because of being swiftboated.

[Other than that he would be tops in the polls.]

Kerry is not very comforting. To be comforting, you need to be comfortable with yourself.

[Kerry only feels comfortable when he is wearing an EXTRA-LARGE jockstrap.]

He lost, he's damaged, he's passe.

[So what's the downside about Kerry?]

KKKarl is not satisfied with beating his opponents, he has to destroy them before he's through. Between the swift boats and the gaffe about the troops intelligence, Rove ran him right into the ground. Of course he has considerable responsibility for this himself by laying down and not fighting back.

[The Rape of Lucretia Kerry by the EVIL Tarquinius Rove.]

I think alot of democrats were disappointed by his '08 run (in the general election) especially his inability to refute the swift boaters in a timely way. I think many democrats simply want somebody else. Then his so-called "gaffe" towards the end of the '06 election where he was then sidelined for several days--apparently hurt him as well.

[And then there is that Lurch face of his.]

because we live in a throw away culture always on the lookout for new packaging, new product....

[Obama ears are now the current hot product line.]

(You can now access the DUmmie FUnnies simply by typing "DUmmieFUnnies.Com" into your URL address box.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

because we live in a throw away culture always on the lookout for new packaging, new product....

LIHOP, MIHOP, Swiftboating, BFEE, Diebold, Global Warming, Fitzmas, etc,etc,etc.

Reminds me of all the "The Man" speeches I heard back in the 60's and 70's but wrapped in new packaging.


11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAWN!!! Just as I predicted, PJ, your stupid website is going exactly NOWHERE. Virtually NO comments either. As of right now your unfunny website is in a state of rigor mortis. Again, the best way to get the attention of the public is to BARE THE WEAR!!!

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

10:33 PM  

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