Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"We are witnessing the End of America"

I guess the DUmmie joy over the Democrats winning back the House and Senate has pretty much disappeared. Replacing that joy is the usual DUmmie doom and gloom as you can see in this THREAD apocalyptically titled, "We are witnessing the End of America." One big theme of this thread is how America is now oppressed by religion. What planet are the DUmmies living in? The main religious encounter I've had in the past two years was right after Hurricane Wilma when I spotted a bunch of teenagers carrying a large tub of bottled water on ice down the street. They handed me a bottle and I asked "how much?" They then replied that it was free and that they were from Cavalry Church. That was IT. No big "sales" pitch on religion. Just handing out free bottles of water. So somehow the DUmmies are operating under the delusion of mass religious repression in America. But I rattle on too long here. Let us now allow the DUmmies themselves to prove how divorced from reality they are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that COLD bottled water was much appreciated in the days following Hurricane Wilma, is in the [brackets]:

We are witnessing the End of America

[So the DUmmies hope.]

Was it Alexander Hamilton who suggested that every generation should have its own revolution, to prevent precisely what is happening to us now? Well, it has occured in the past several times, but we may be too close to recognize it. So in the 20th century, I suspect that we have lived through several of them already:

[Alexander Hamilton is exactly the WRONG person to cite that quote my history challened DUmmie.]

Revolution #1

The revolution of the '60s kicked America out of its racist, close-minded, anti-commie, sheeplike behavior. Not just with music, culture, arts, drugs, but with the very perception of reality and society. Sure, not everything was golden or perfect, but it was a great lead forward. We took away shackles of racism, of closed-mindedness, of oppression, and began to fully understand freedom as our forefathers intended.

[Your perception of reality was forever altered by an overdose of acid.]

Revolution #2

Then came another revolution that coincided with the election of Reagan. The corporate world reacted to the '60s by co-opting it.Packaging it. Selling it. Sucking the very soul out of it, by design. They continue to draw strength through misdirection. They turned America into supersized massive shopping mall, with supersized, massive shoppers, pushing supersized massive shopping carts through huge caverns of goods, ready to load into their supersized massive SUVs, while they stop for a take out Supersized massive grease and fried potato meal. With their diet coke.

[Damn that Reagan Revolution and its supersized economy!]

Revolution #3

The latest revolution has been Power/Religious based. As for Power aspect? The neoConman movement that destroyed the Party of Lincoln, pushed out all moderates, all rational thinkers, all of those who cherished and worked for the very best ideas that Republicans once stood for. Freedom of speach, freedom of choice, freedom to do well and succeed, or to fail, and try again. Freedom from an overpowerful government. Ye Olde GOP of yesteryear did more for social security, benefits for the poor and to strengthen the social safety net as Republicans, at least until Reagan's era. Most GOPers from a generation past would be puking up a gut at the idea of domestic surveillance without a warrant. PNAC and the neoConman movement have done more to destroy America than I thought possible in my most paranoid nightmare. But there it is.

[Please don't deprive DUmmie antifaschits of his delusions by informing him that social spending INCREASED under both Reagan and Bush II.]

As for Religion? Every Faith Based initiative destroys every social net we have worked hard to create. Were there excesses in welfare, medical and other aspects of that safety net? of course, but far less in scope than the outright greed and theft that we face now. What a few welfare queens did retail, Haliburton, Enron, and many others do wholesale, at a far greater level of corruption, deceit, fraud and theft. The idea that the Big Ditch forest service employees cannot estimate the length of time that erosion occured, simply because some dimwitted, smallminded, fairy-tale believing, self-deluded cretin might be offended should be the source of rioting and protests, not passive acceptance and mild regret.

[DUmmie antifaschits finds the source of much of his anger---religion.]

Philosophy has been replaced by crass commercialism and supersized massive evangelical churches. Rational thought has been replaced by faith based initiatives, crowding out the very idea of intellectual curiosity and a hunger for discovery and progress.

[Only a very few DUmmies hiding away in dark caves are keeping alive rational thought. Or so goes his acid trip relapse.]

We are witnessing the fall of America. WE have lost our soul our ability to lead, our righteous, equitable and fair-mindedness. It is replaced with leadership by military-based group thought, by invading countries based on lies and by creating a scared population of sheeple, worried about dirty, rag-headed, smelly AY-rabs lurking behind corners, ready to pounce on honest, god-fearing, trustworthy, patriotic americans heading to church.

[Keep ranting, DUmmie antifaschits. The doctor is taking notes.]

The only response is to follow the advice of Hamilton and have another revolution.

[DUmmie antifaschits' mind is so scrambled by 60s drugs that he still believes that the revolution quote is from Hamilton.]

freedom of religion? sure, so long as we have FREEDOM FROM RELIGION, at the same time. No more war-making? Absolutely, so long as we defend our own borders from enemies from without and within. Education? Yup, but not with some idiotic, unfunded mandate like Leave No Child's Behind. Environment? hell, energy, clean air and water, are all related. If we spent 1/10 of the cost of our little IraqNami Invasion, we'd have superb battery storage capacity, clean non-fossil fuel energy supplies, and efficent personal movement devices that would be a dream to park and recharge.

[Sanity? Absolutely, so long as the DUmmies are cut off from their drug dealers.]

Yes, we do need a revolution, and the first step is to remove the president, Darth and their criminal cronies from office. LEgally. Bloodlessly, through the use of all constitutional tools.

[When DUmmie antifaschits wakes up from his drug trip he will discover that President Darth has been replaced with Vice-President Vader.]

I remember an episode of Boston Legal from last year, in which Alan Shore said to Denny Crane (say it again... Denny Crane! DENNY Crane! Denny CRANE!) something to the effect that if the poor people ever realize that they outnumber everyone else and decide to mobilize, the few people who hold the wealth will be screwed. Why does the 85% at the bottom allow the 1% at the top to stay there? And what will happen when the 85% decide they aren't gonna take it any more?

[Bolshevik Revolution fantasies fueled by a TV show.]

We must unite...and we must act...we can do it! Man, I wish I'd seen that Boston Legal!

[Boston Legal is inspiring the DUmmies to rush to the barricades!]

It was a great final scene. I wish I could remember the case - Alan was defending a very poor person, possibly homeless. But that's all I remember.

[That's because the tranquillizers kicked in.]

I need to get season two on DVD. That was the first episode of Boston Legal I saw, and it hooked me, and I've become a total fan of Alan Shore's degenerate-but-liberal attitude.

[If season one of Boston Legal doesn't bring about the desired Bolshevik Revolution then season two should do the trick.]

oh cool! i didn't know they sold the entire season on dvd.
i didn't discover boston legal until my sister told me about it. i've missed out on a lot so i'm definitely gonna get the dvds. love alan shore!

[my fave episode was the one starring pauly shore!]


[Rosie O'Donnell will provide you with a banquet dinner.]

But now, I just don't see the people of this country having enough passion to change things.Without the will of the people we will not get another revolution - either politically or culturally.Let's face it, if the overwhelming majority of people in this country are not completely outraged at this point then what's the point? I mean, we have a so-called president who was not elected and whom refuses to listen to anyone other than those who agree with him - and he's still in office after six years! We elect a Dem congress and don't demand immediate impeachement! (many DU'ers excepted) I think through a combination of prescription drugs, super-sized meals, and enough crumbs to keep the masses busy, we'll take whatever we can get and like it. The moron knows this - Rove told him so.

[The masses have been sidetracked by large doses of DUmmie drugs and Boston Legal reruns.]

delusions can be very comforting.

[Especially when aided by massive doses of drugs and watching Boston Legal reruns.]

I saw a program on the Plague this weekend. It focused on how the Black Death had followed the trade routes in another time of globalization on the planet. It talked about a corrupt church and the breakdown of institutions as the plague spread. It talked about the rise of the Flagellants, a thieving cult which preyed upon the fears of the survivors of the plague. And it talked about how the wealthy worked together to grab their wealth back from the rising middle class that formed in the wake of the devastation. I realize that the events of the 21st century thus far do not correspond on detail, but the world order has been devastated in the last decade. The box churches are driven by a corrupt clergy whipping the fearful to a frenzy. The wealthy are crushing the working man through globalization. Hopefully another Enlightenment will come...another Renaisscence...an age in which mankind will once again strive to seek its betterment.

[We've already seen some hilarious examples here of DUmmie "Enlightenment" inspired by drugs and Boston Legal reruns.]

We are witnessing the end of America, and also the rebirth of America. Pay attention to people around you. Don't judge them by appearances, or by notions planted in your head by corporate news monopolies. Really pay attention. And seek out the alternative America--here in the northern part of the hemisphere and also in the southern hemisphere. Do you know that an incredible, peaceful, democratic, leftist (majorityist) revolution is occurring throughout South America? It's worth looking into, because if the South Americans can do it, so can we--and there are lessons there for us in restoring democracy after brutal fascist dictatorships. (1. Transparent elections. 2. Grass roots organization. 3. Think big.)

[4. Think Chavista.]

Signing statements are just the first example. In no way are they or can they be part and parcel of the constitution. Yet, they shape and impact our domestic and foreign policy far more than any act by Congress. (given the bright shade of yellow that runs down the backs of too many congresscritters and senators, it is of no surprise).

[Thank you for bringing up the continuing DUmmie fixation on innocuous signing statements.]

Torture, prisoner abuse - for the first time in America's history, WE BEGAN TO TORTURE PEOPLE AS A MATTER OF POLICY. Think about that. Official US policy. WE TORTURE PEOPLE. For decades, the America I knew, sought to halt that practice, even among allies (although we made too many exceptions in the cold war).


Recall the ease with which the terra-alert level system was gamed. Every time bad or anti-administration news came out, the alert level rose. Add to that the total disregard about the death and destruction caused by our IraqNam invasion, and you have proof that the deaths of individuals matter not to these assholes. They are merely tools and "unfortunate casualties". (f*ck you, Gonzales and Cheney) If there is one more terra-based event, either created by the US, or allowed to happen because it suits their goals, watch for martial law to be declared. once that happens, our rights and freedoms will be long gone. Watch for every e-mail and website to be "approved" by government censors. Watch for snail mail to be limited to paying bills to corporations. Watch for spies to use city surveillance cameras for much more nefarious reasons like crowd control.

[The next time there is either a tornado alert or a flood warning, I will keep my eyes open for the impending fascist takeover.]

Religion is a huge part of the problem. People who will swallow myths and superstitions as truth will swallow most of what the militarycorporateindustrial establishment dishes out. Much like in the Middle Ages, they're conditioned to not use reason and common sense and to accept the authority of the priestly class. "Faith" is propped up to be a wonderful value to strive for. Americans are encouraged to disregard facts and science and embrace a belief in a sky fairy, a dude who is coming back from the dead to save us all aaaaaaaaaany day now, and faith that George Dubya and his Big Bizness Buddies have our best interests at heart.

[This from the same DUmmies who carefully consult astrological charts and worship the Earth Mother.]

Religion has done as much to hasten our decline as anything that Bush & Co have foisted on to us.

[Spaketh a DUmmie looking up from his astrological chart.]

Organized religion is part of the problem. The fundamentalists, especially. Liberal Christians like me are more spiritual and use our beliefs for good. When we do disagree with someone, we do not believe in oppression and damning to Hell.

[Better tell that to the leftwing DUke professors who damned the lacrosse players to Hell.]

Great artical.

[And such an intelligent "artical!"]

We are fed news of a police state and detainment camps or a marshal law put into effect after another attack on our soil . This may not be fiction but fact and we just don't know for certain so the fear resides at least for those who are keeping up on the events .

[Please report to your local Wal-Mart detainment camp when "marshal" law goes into effect.]

I think we're going through another '60s-style revolution. In the future, I believe the majority of Americans will accept gays, family planning, a cooperative place for the US in the world, environmental responsibility, and that rich folks and fundies care only about their money and power.

[I think you're going through another '60s-style acid trip.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Philosophy has been replaced by crass commercialism"
Yes Comrade! Capitalist Pigs are the scourge of Mankind!

"I need to get season two on DVD."
Capitalist Pig!

"oh cool! i didn't know they sold the entire season on dvd.
i didn't discover boston legal until my sister told me about it. i've missed out on a lot so i'm definitely gonna get the dvds."

Another Capitalist Pig! When will our Comrades at DU rise up and purge our hallowed site of these Capitalist Pigs! Purge them! Purge them all!

"I saw a program on the Plague this weekend."
You are a Capitalist Pig using the unnecessary wealth destroying machines made by other Capitalist Pigs to rule the minds of the People! Machines that cost money that would be better spent on the poor!

Rise up DU! Rise up and destroy your mind controlling devices! Stop buying those machines! Give all excess wealth to the Party so that they may redistribute it to the poor and needy! DUAC! DUAC!

"We must unite...and we must act...we can do it!"
Yes Comrade! Together we can save this country and the world! Reject all Capitalism! Reject all Religion! DUAC! DUAC!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a program on the Plague this weekend. It focused on how the Black Death had followed the trade routes in another time of globalization on the planet.
Those evil Europeans spread death and destruction across the known world! Never again should we follow the evil European Model of greed and consumption!

"Hopefully another Enlightenment will come...another Renaisscence...an age in which mankind will once again strive to seek its betterment."
Those saintly Europeans saved us! We need to follow the European Model or we are all doomed!

Oh wait, I just contradicted myself! Never mind.

1:08 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Ray, at least you recognize the contradiction and care about it in reality. DUmmies don't EVER recognize their idiotic contradictions and if they did they wouldn't care.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to comment about the absurdities I read in the thread ... but Ray has done it much better.

All I can say is that these annoying children with Daddy problems had better realize their revolution will bring such violence as they have never seen or concieved of. And the UN will not intervene on their side for fear of real, unadulterated, pathological, unrelenting, no-quarter-given-none-asked war that will make their Tom Clancy games look like Barbie and Ken.

3:44 PM  
Blogger James Jones said...

Marshal law... that's like on Gunsmoke, right?

4:41 PM  
Blogger Shandalear said...

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. LOL!

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get these people who keep saying that the USA is turning into a theocracy. Don't they know the '80s? The Moral Majority was at the PEAK of its power. Pat Robertson was taken seriously as a Presidential candidate! If the USA was EVER going to slide into theocracy, it would've been more likely to do so back then, no?

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get these people who keep saying that the USA is turning into a theocracy.

Thats because you can reason. I have a moonbat cousin who insists the same. His view is that no one with Christian, or indeed any strong religious views ,must be allowed in the White House. To do so would be sending us right back to the Middle Ages.

When asked to clarify, he said atheists and agnostics would be fine. In other words, if someone doesnt think EXACTLY like he (or they), it means we are going into a theocracy.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, when they finally sober up following that acid trip, it's gonna be *ugly*.

2:31 AM  
Blogger Radish said...

I don't get these people who keep saying that the USA is turning into a theocracy.

I think part of it is denial and projection. They see stuff like the leader of Iran praying at the UN for his Islamic messiah to return and annihilate the U.S., and the totalitarian control religious leaders have in other Islamic countries, and they (rightly) fear its implications on our free society. But they can't reconcile their fear with their cherished belief that all non-American cultures are superior to us. Rather than admit that the latter belief could be flawed--that would make their whole worldview come crashing down--they deny the reality and project their fears of it onto American Christians.

Bonus, you can always bash American Christians without fear of being decapitated for apostasy or blashphemy.

11:57 AM  

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