Monday, January 15, 2007

Mike Nifong Becomes Moral Leper Even To Many DUmmies

"And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean."

Just how low has the reputation of the former DUke lacrosse "rape" prosecuter, Mike Nifong fallen? So low that even many DUmmies now rebuke him as you can see in this THREAD titled, "about the duke lacrosse case...they put themselves in this situation." Although the DUke lacrosse players accused in this "rape" case (now dropped) were initially condemned by the usual leftwing suspects, especially far left Duke University professors who took out a newspaper ad declaring them to be guilty before the case barely got started, the general consensus now is that Mike Nifong was faking it all along. Although those leftwing DUke professors will forever have egg on their faces, even most liberals realize that Mike Nifong is so morally loathsome that it is best to distance themselves from him even though he has now been taken off the DUke case. So why did Mike Nifong unjustly fabricate rape charges against the DUke lacrosse players based on nothing? Was it because Nifong is some leftwing loon who saw the DUke lacrosse players as rich rightwing EVIL Republicans who should be punished for being who they are? Well, that is probably a small part of it. However, much more importantly, it now turns out that Mike Nifong is such a sleazebag that he pressed the rape charges based on nothing for no other reason that he faced a tough primary opponent in the Democrat primary for District Attorney in Durham County and used the trumped up rape charges simply as a way to win that election and collect a DA pension in a few years. Of course, it is now all backfiring on Nifong since he has been nationally exposed as a moral leper and now has an ethics complaint filed against him by the North Carolina bar. If there is true justice in this case, Mike Nifong will also be facing a jail term, loss of job and pension, and a lifetime of battling endless civil lawsuits against him filed by the families of the DUke lacrosse families. The fact is that Mike Nifong has now been hung out to dry. Although a few DUmmies continue to defend him and his phony "rape" case, even many of them have now realized that supporting Mike Nifong is a lost cause. So let us now watch the DUmmies debate the phony DUke rape case in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that many observers considered Nifong to be a slimeball even before the DUke "rape" case came along, is in the [brackets]:

about the duke lacrosse case...they put themselves in this situation

[A DUmmie bitter ender still believes there is some validity to the phony DUke "rape" case even though the charges have been dropped.]

those moms are outraged, but those boys opened themselves up to this. something happened and if they were so innocent, there would not have been alcohol and strippers in the first place and if the girls hadn't been strippers ...

[And if you hadn't been a DUmmie your brains might not be scrambled.]

NOTHIGN good can come from this for EITHER side and it has set a bad precident for women who truly raped

[The DUke lacrosse players got raped by this phony case.]

but I really hate hannity and et all proclaiming how innocent those boys were. .... that is all. maybe I am not fully expressing what I mean. I get really outraged by this case

[You are making NO SENSE because you are outraged by the fact that the DUke lacrosse players are INNOCENT even in the eyes of many liberals.]

So if you drink and mingle with strippers you're automatically guilty?

[That would make Charlie Sheen automatically guilty many times over.]

I am saying they are not innocent of everything and something happened

[Correct. One of the accused DUke lacrosse players was so preoccupied by the charges that he forgot to return his library book on time.]

Blaming the players is just like blaming a rape victim for "putting herself in that situation". By all appearances, both the players and strippers used poor judgement, however, that does not excuse the poor judgement and obstruction of justice and other possible criminal actions by the DA.

[Mike Nifong is in deep doo-doo when even the DUmmies slam him.]

What happened is that the stripper lied. This is beyond any dispute, whatsoever. Even if something happened, it doesn't mean any kind of charges should be brought. Unless the something was a crime. The only one who seems to have committed a crime was the stripper.

[And Mike Nifong for fabricating the charges. We musn't forget about him.]

None of the three were accused of making racial remarks or making suggestive comments about a broomstick. One of them spent much of the evening on the phone to his girlfriend, and then left early. None of them (or any of the 46 team members) have DNA that matches the DNA found on the woman (which belongs to several other unidentified men -- which is odd, because she had claimed not to have had sex for a week). All of them have passed lie detector tests. So what is your evidence? The accused's statements, which are full of contradictions, and also contradict those of her own driver and the other dancer?

[Hey! DUmmie greenbriar has a "feeling" that something happened. Isn't that enough for you? Oh, and speaking of DUmmie Greenbriar, she already has quite a record of being a loon. Back in the 11-23-04 EDITION of the DUmmie FUnnies, this SCHOOLTEACHER had a public BDS meltdown with thinly veiled threats against the President.]

true...I think there was wrong doing on BOTH sides but the moms are going to be outraged at how their Innocent boys were treated...

[DUmmie greenbriar is upset over the fact that the moms of the innocent boys are going to be outraged over the phony rape charges.]

Agreed, but think if it were your son. What would your reaction be?

[DUmmie greenbriar thinks the moms should have warm, fuzzy feelings toward Mike Nifong.]

60 Minutes segment is on now. I just can't believe how ph*cked up this case is - nothing good will come of it.

[Actually SOME good will come of it since it has exposed the hypocrisy of the Left. See, they are quick to condemn all sorts of imaginary abuses of incarcerated terrorists but pronounced the DUke lacrosse players GUILTY before a trial process was even initiated. That newspaper ad taken out by the leftwing professors should be preserved for all posterity so we can read their names on that roll call of dishonor.]

Shame on her, my shiny white hienie. She deserves some serious jail time. If she lied, of course. Which all the publically known evidence indicates that she did. So does Mr. Nifong for stirring up racism in the black community in Durham for political gain. This is the sort of thing to be expected from Republicans, not Democrats. I am ashamed for my party.

[Somewhere deep in the DUmmieland swamp a very faint glow from a lightbulb can be seen radiating from above a DUmmie's head.]

I just watched 60 Minutes - it sounds as if Nifong, Duke and Durham are REALLY gonna pay. Nifong is an ass - don't judge the entire Democratic party based on his actions.

[MOST of the Democrat party are made up of self-serving mini Nifongs.]

ALL, I repeat ALL, of the moral culpability is on the side of the stripper. Lying little XXXXX.

[AND Mike Nifong. Don't forget about him.]

I'm not judging the whole party. But the part that voted for Nifong is to blame. This was all pretty obvious before the election, and has just gotten worse. Some people let themselves be swayed by feeling of ethnic solidarity, or racism, whichever you prefer. Others for possibly other reasons. Just as Nifong planned. What he didn't plan on, these types never do, is that there are consequences to actions, and he could suffer them like other people. The man is a sociopath. The woman is just crazy. They both need to go away for a very long time.

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Here's a possibility concerning her motivation. She was still on probation for a felony violation involving alcohol. Being caught in an alcohol related offense (she was taken to an alcohol center by the police when she wouldn't leave the other dancer's car) could have put her in jail. By claiming she was raped, she got sent to a hospital instead and was home in a few hours.

[Mike Nifong's motivation was to collect a pension.]

Oh yeah. Since the case was so important to him, he didn't bother to interview the accuser himself, or get anyone else from his office to interview her. He declined to look at any student's alibi, or the lie detector tests of any students. He claimed that the students may have used condoms, though he knew that the tests had showed no evidence of condom residue, and that the accuser had told police that condoms weren't used. He claimed that the medical reports showed the accuser had injuries -- before he had even been sent the medical reports. He pretended that the students might have used date rape drugs -- even though he knew there were no toxicology reports that showed that. And he knew that the 2nd lab had found the DNA of several other men on the woman -- but not the DNA of any of the students -- a week BEFORE he brought the charges to a grand jury and got the indictments. Nifong has completely lost his moral center. If he ever had one.

[Nifong never lost a moral center because he never had one to begin with. His collegues noted that he was a nasty SOB long before the DUke "rape" case came along. Here is a quote about Nifong's attitude from WIKIPEDIA... Nifong is widely regarded as having a reputation for relishing both power and foul language, and Glenn Gray, a courthouse co-worker complained "He would curse you, scream at you, call you names over nothing".]

The woman lied. Hiring a stripper is legal in Durham, so far as I know. The smoke is coming out of Nifong's ass, 'cause he is going to be burned badly for this, and deservedly so.

[And don't forget the leftwing DUke professors who signed the ad condemning the lacrosse players. They're going to get fried to a crisp too over this.]

as a woman, the implications from this case scare me
maybe that is why I am so pissed at all those who claim the boys were innocent.

[Even though they ARE innocent, DUmmie greenbriar. BTW, are you still a grade school teacher? I sure hope not.]

Maybe you should be pissed off at the woman for making the false claim. She's the one hurting real rape victims. Not the students. You haven't explained why you're so sure they did "something." What evidence do you have that they did?

[Don't try reasoning with DUmmie greenbriar. It's a lost cause.]

I have really mixed feelings about this case. It looks like the rape charge was out of line, yet it's difficult to work up a lot of sympathy for these typical preppy college repub types. Sorry for the generalization, but c'mon, look at 'em. Maybe they'll all enlist and go to Iraq and prove me wrong...

[A DUmmie gets close to the truth. They are angry at the DUke lacrosse players because they think they are EVIL Republicans.]

Nifong, yes. The man was in a position of responsibility and public trust, which he deliberately, maliciously, and for his own benefit, abused. The stripper is just a stripper. It's the kind of thing that doesn't surprise one from that kind of person, although it is unexpected and shocking. Both should have serious, serious jail time. But if I could only choose one, it would be Nifong.

[And all Nifong wanted all along was a guaranteed pension by framing EVIL Republican DUke lacrosse players.]

you don't care that tehy didn't rape the girl, and that We the People's court system has been manipulated for the political benefit of a NC sleazeball politican.

[DEMOCRAT aleazeball "politican."]

Hope the prosecutor is bankrupted by this And hopefully some good can be salvaged from this. The boys, no doubt Republicans, will hopefully reexamine the fairness of the justice system for all people.

[Should the boys also reexamine the fairness of the Leftwing DUke professors who publicly declared their guilt in a newspaper ad or a DEMOCRAT DA who prosecuted them based on nothing?]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are they so convinced that the boys are Republican? As far as I know there has been no mention of their political affiliations anywhere.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The guys are presumed Republican because:

1.- They attend Duke (educated)
2.- They are a bunch of good-looking, athletic, and presumably popular guys.
3.-Their parents dont seem to need food stamps.
4.- They seem to be heterosexual.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.- They attend Duke (educated)

Shouldn't that preclude them from being Republicans? I thought Republicans were idiotic rubes...

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are presumed to be Rupublicans because only Democrat males are allowed to get away with crimes against women. Right, Bill (Clinton) and Ted (Kennedy)?

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 10:16 and john f not kerry. If they Democrats not attending Duke, they wouldn't have been charged for anything and they would have had a couple more parties at Nifong's house.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nifong is a complete idiot. No wait, that's a step up. He has ruined those guy's lives because he doesn't like Duke. A rape charge doesn't just go away on a job application. I hope Liefong serves a long time in jail and has many "friends".

9:14 PM  

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