Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another Leftwing "Vet" Exposed As a Fraud

I have noticed a growing pattern among the leftists in the past few years. They fabricate stories to help their dopey cause. We have seen this happening over and over and over again. We saw it when some professor in California staged a hate crime on herself by spray painting her own car with grafitti. We saw it with Jesse MacBeth who claimed to be a vet who saw war crimes committed in Iraq until he was exposed as a fraud. And of course there is that Duke "rape" case in which the DNA results exonerating the accused lacrosse players was suppressed by corrupt D.A., Mike Nifong. This pattern is happening with increasing frequency lately. The latest such leftwing lie involves the vet wife of another vet who whose funeral was supposedly delayed by an EVIL Republican coroner. Guess what? This story is also a FRAUD. The fraud perpetrated by DUmmie Monkeyman aka Dale Peters is a bit elaborate so I encourange all to investigate this beyond what will be laid out in this special DUFU leftwing fraud edition. To allow this story to properly unfold, let us first go to a post by Dale Peters in his DUmmie Monkeyman mode as he WHINES that "I got swift boated last night." For purposes of brevity, only the main aspects of this fraud will be exposed here so feel free to comment with other revelant details if you wish. So let us now watch DUmmie Monkeyman aka Dale Peters exposed as a fraud in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how soon Dale will be joining Jesse MacBeth in the slammer, is in the [brackets]:

I got swift boated last night

[Whenever a leftwinger writes that nowadays, it means he got exposed by TRUTH.]

Last night on the Daily Kos some right wing Military Group attack me. They Claimed Janet was not real and had phony paperwork to back up their story. This is not the first time these people have attacked us Veterans in our group. See the Corner just released Janet to me so I can put her to rest. They think this is now my weakest point. ITS NOT! I made a promise to Janet and Randy never to stop fighting for Veterans. I am going to keep that promise. I am going to lay low until my Brothers take them on. This is a heads up DU I never will hide anything from you. But you all needed to know. I hate saying this But I will be back soon. The name of this group is MILNET just in case they post here. Friday at 9 am I will lay my lady to rest then I shall return.

[You will lay low because you were EXPOSED. Oh, and it is laughable that there is a "right wing" Military Group on the Daily Kos. What happened is that the Daily Kos didn't want to be sunk when you were exposed. We shall visit that Daily Kos THREAD later in this special DUFU edition.]

never let the bastards get you down MMan

[Even when they tell the TRUTH about you.]

May your sweet Janet rest in peace, Monkeyman.

[Sweet fictitious Janet.]

Don't bother yourself with that scum, Monkeyman.

[Pay not attention to the TRUTH, Monkeyman.]

sfexpat2000...... Given your very negative experiences with sock puppets and harmful online personas, I am surprised to see you posting support without checking the facts. I'm sorry to say this......but you've been had. Please see this thread for a rundown on his various sockpuppets and hoaxes from other sites:


Sorry, I don't fact check my friends (true) and am in the middle of something else.

[Spaketh DUmmie sfexpat2000 as she assumes the ostrich position.]

Monkeyman, I am on your side today and I will always be on your side.

[Monkeyman, I am on your side today and I will always be on your side even though you are a complete fraud.]

Monsters the lot of them. Hateful monsters. I can think of nothing more vile than those who would kick another human being who is already down. What do they hope to accomplish. Soulless hateful monsters who never analyze their actions or words.

[Soulless hateful monsters who rely on the uncomfortable TRUTH.]

Shades Of Andy Stephenson.

[Shades of that other fraud.]

The only Rethugs left are the ones who have no sense of shame. These are some nasty bastards you're dealing with, Monkeyman. Best not to throw your pearls before swine. They sap your energy and make you sad, when you're already sad enough. They aren't worth your time.

[Hmmm... An EVIL Repulican coroner is accused of delaying the funeral of a vet but when that story is exposed as a FRAUD, it is somehow shameful to point out the truth.]

Sorry, but this is fraudulent bullshit. What happened is that "Dale Peters" got busted for sock puppetry--using at least 3-4 different screen names and pseudonyms like "Robert Hanafin" and "MIKE JLUSECK"--while trying to work the folks over at Kos into a frenzy over an alleged plot by a county coroner to prevent his wife from being buried.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! How dare you cite the painful TRUTH!!! Not hearing this! Covering up my ears, shutting my eyes, and shutting out anymore hateful facts by screaming "NAH! NAH! NAH!"]

"I am Julie Tackett, founding member and current National Secretary of Veterans & Military Families for Progress. I got an email from Dale alerting me that someone was going after him in my name. I came onto KOS to check it out. I, and VMFP, have experience with Dale, and unfortunately it is not usually good. Here are the facts from my personal experience:


1. VMFP originated from a group of Vets for Kerry veterans who wished to stay organized after the 2004 campaign. We met in first Milwaukee in Feb of 2005. According to the original attendance spread sheet in our archive, Dale was not in attendance, but many of the other vets mentioned in your diary were there. (Tom Brophy (IL), Randy Barnes (MO), etc) This group had a working name of Veterans for Progress, but upon the decision to have military family members as a part of the organization, was named and grew as Veterans & Military Families for Progress (I emailed Wade our Certificate of Good Standing from DC)


2. Dale registered on our web site and posted frequently. He also, on two occasions (once for John Edwards during the 2004 campaign and once for Paul Hackett during the Ohio special election) promised VMFP that he would "show up at a campaign event with a bus load of veterans", upon which we relied and acted upon. On both occasions these buses never arrived and deemed as never existing in the first place. After a particularly vicious flame war through emails and on our website ( ), Dale said he wanted to quit VMFP, and our leadership happily and quickly honored his resignation. I then removed most of his posts from the discussion board on our website (his name was monkeyman).


3. Occasionally we get emails from other veteran groups and military units informing us that Dale Peters is an imposter and claims to be in various military units.


There was no organized rightwing witch hunt, but rather a bunch of liberals who got pissed once they realized they had been played for suckers.
Remarkably, this "Dale Peters" character has done this crap before!:

[Liberals played for suckers which happens again and again and again. Just act the Duke Gang of 88.]

It would be ashamed if the Monkeyman was pulling a fast one. It would be obscene in fact.

[But it would be the typical MO of the Left.]

It is obscene. And DU needs to know. I didn't want to post the info here, so I quietly emailed Skinner about the situation. But Monkeyman just can't help himself. He had to come back and pre-empitvely give some bullshit story about a right wing attack from Daily Kos. He had(s) numerous sockpuppets at DK. And I'm pretty sure a few of his "supporters" will be showing up here.I've had it with this guy. Just go look at his DU journal. His "wife passes" and less than 30 hours later he's back to posting non-stop news-op-ed type stuff. All over the Internet. Daily Kos, Chicago Sun Times, Google Groups, and on, and on, and on. Sometimes "Mike" or "Jack" posted for him. For a guy with a big family and a lot of Veteran support, he sure is finding time to spend about 18+ hours a day (possibly more) on the Internet.

[And Skinner reacted in his usual manner by sticking his thumb in his mouth and assuming the fetal position.]

Monkeyman...aka Dale Peters....aka Mike.....aka Janet G....ALL FRAUD.




He has been caught in a thick web of lies and is trying to cover his tracks by calling Kossack's a right wing attack. Puh-lease.


There is still much more to be uncovered about your hoax/fraud Dale. You sure you want to keep going?
I would prefer that you just drop out of site like you did at all of the military websites where you were found to be a fraud last year. You remember? When you told them you had an amputee son at Walter Reed? And then they found out that your own service claims were bogus too?


Or when you promised on multiple occasions that you would bring "busloads of Vets" to events for Dem candidates and then never showed up? Several Veterans organizations say that is why they had to cut off communication with you.


And now you come here to play on the good will of DU'ers. How about you direct us to Janet's obit? I've never heard of someone having to wait 17 days to bury a loved one.


Dale, I believe that you want to help Veterans. But, your pathological lying and sock puppetry aren't doing anybody any good. Give it up. And don't blame anyone at DKos. Your own pathological need for attention got you to this point.

[[NAH! NAH! NAH! Has he gone away yet so I can open my eyes again?]

Making people that I have interacted with for the last 3-4 years, people I you sfex....look like suckers with his false stories. He lied about his wife of 30 years dying in his arms. He lied about having an amputee son at Walter Reed. I could not sit back any longer and watch him perpetuate this fraud. I have known this information before today and specifically didn't post because I wanted to stay out of the impending flame war. I directed the info to Skinner and had planned to leave it at that. But, this last thread he started was just too much. And I was tired of seeing good DU'ers posting thread after thread about crying for him and being there for him, and so on and so on. It started making me nauseous and I felt like DU'ers had a right to know the truth.


We need to time this out. Because whatever is happening will not be made better this way.

[DUmmie sfexpat2000 justifying her ostrich position.]

Maybe we should be thinking "context" here before we fly off the handle.

[DUmmie sfexpat2000 again doing the ostrich stretch.]

hey when you google Dales Peters and Robert Hanafin together they always seem to post on the same threads and Hanafin is supposed to be a retired USAF Major and Dales Peters also comes up as "Sgt. Dale Peters"

[Did you see a corporal Jesse MacBeth in there?]

I saw more than a dozen newspapers in your area that were searched by Kossacks and not one in 16 days has an obit, Dale. No funeral notices either. If she was such a community and Veterans activist and your wife of 30 years, wouldn't there be some type of funeral notice?

[SNIFF! Does that mean we can't feel self righteous over the fact that an EVIL Republican coroner delayed the funeral of a vet?]

Monkeyman - My suggestion to you... Get offline and stay offline for a few months. Go outside for walks. Go read books. Do some volunteer work.

[And then disappear forever. It will make it so much easier for you to be considered a nonperson that way.]

A virtual 'he said, she said' means nothing. Just ignore these people Monkey, it sounds like a cult is after you. Find something productive to do, you will only waste real-time with a virtual war of words. Not worth wasting time on.

[That's right, DUmmie Monkeyman. Just IGNORE the truth. Not worth wasting time on. And speaking of truth, let us now go to the KOmmie THREAD that exposed your fraud.]

*Third Update* Dale Peters: The tragedy at DKos that wasn't?

[aka another leftwing FRAUD.]

Ah, what tangled webs are woven.

[Is that you, Mike Nifong?]

People often exaggerate their history in small amounts, either idealizing or pumping up their travails without actually intending to deceive. Not a big deal, usually - it's just the retelling of history through a minor filter of your ego or rewired paths in your brain.

[Did I ever tell you about the time that Playboy Playmate Petra Verkaik begged me to spend the night with her in her hotel suite?]

That's different than having a compulsion or even nefarious goal in lying to others.

[SOP for the Left.]

Essentially, an alias at Daily Kos, dale peters, became entwined with a newer alias, Janet G, as Dale's wife. Their stories, revolving around themes of Military Veteran support and related political issues, became part of a larger mythos concerning her heroic past and eventual, sorrowful death in Dale's arms.

[You left out the part about how an EVIL Republican coroner delayed the funeral of Dale Peter's newer alias, Janet G.]

Current research indicates that Dale actually lives with his mother and has never been married. Yet, it gets even worse.

[He lives in his mommy's basement and survives on a diet of order out pizzas.]

Following from a supposed online death march with political intrigue at DKos, and the interesting followup revelations, this diary goes even further into the muck, seeking to offer information for the community. I will admit my bias showing throughout the diary's presentation of said research, though my opinions are still open to more revelations from trustworthy sources.

[Please feel free to enter the muck.]

Dale Peters has a growing trail of Google links which seemingly connect his style of earnest pleas for Veteran's support efforts with outright lies about his life in various, online communities. I assert that he has decieved US Military Veterans, political campaigns, social assistance organizations and now, Daily Kos. Notably, DKos is but the latest in his string of hits, but let's take a look at what led him to our blue waters.

[Don't forget the DUmmies. He also deceived the DUmmies but DUmmie sfexpat2000 still believes in him.]

As noted in diary links above, we had a series of local diaries by his supposed wife, "Janet G", which soon ended in her dramatic passing and Dale's subsequent, emotional expressions of gratitude for incoming sympathy by this community.

[Dale made up his wife between bites of pepperoni pizza delivered to his basement HQ.]

This online event led to mild questions and even outright accusations about Dale and/or Janet not being genuine or upfront - in one recent case (see second link, above), the questioner was troll-rated numerous times. Sure, his attitude seemed inappropriate at times for the tone of diary provided, but he also had some keen points to offer. The questioner was also, due to entirely unrelated circumstances, going through a personal emotional event . . . and this got me thinking.

I did some basic research and found a disturbing link, but decided to take the matter offline for discussion with the beaten-down questioner, QuickSilver - his opinion seemed most worthy to consider on next actions in this context. After some discussion with he and Shockwave, I did further research, noted the second diary's outing of the same link about Dale Peters and his lying past online, then we agreed that I'd publish what is currently known. That's this diary.

I should make clear: I now believe that, aside from issues of tone he displayed at the time, QuickSilver was entirely correct in his suspicions. He had excellent sense with regards to sincerity of Dale and the entire situation.

Let's see what's out there.

[Lots and lots of FRAUD.]

Dale Peters and his job

Dale Peters has often claimed membership in "Veterans for Progress, IL" as their "head" and "Republican Representative":

[WOW! So he is even claiming to be an EVIL Republican? BTW, quite a few "Republicans" turn out to be frauds. Usually that happens when the media finds a "Republican" who has turned against "Bush" or "seen the light."]

Dale Peters, Republican Representative to Veterans for Progress (A truly non-partisan Veterans organization that needs not hide behind no Congressional charter to show who we really support America's VETERANS!) I am the Head of Veterans For Progress IL . . .The Republican Head of Veterans For Progress IL . . .

[You mean the FRAUD Republican Head of Veterans For Progress IL . . .]

He appears to be trolling for attention and building a false stature, in some ways.

[Sounds like a certain California professor who spray painted her own car with hate grafitti.]

So, he has claims to the Republican party, posts at news sites by speaking about his association to a Veteran's organization which takes a nonpartisan view, then talks up Democratic allegiance for Veteran's affairs and related politics at DKos.

[Par for the course for FRAUD Republicans.]

He's lying about something(s) in his political makeup, obviously. In fact, I'd say this looks like contextual altering of his beliefs to each audience. It's part of his shtick.

[The Leftwing FRAUD shtick.]

There's more, of course - this is just a start. My primary points for now:

Dale Peters, aka "monkeyman" seems to be a liar about his family and/or military history.

Dale Peters has been an emotional supporter of Veteran's rights online for at least a year and a half.

Dale Peters may have worked as a volunteer for John Laesch, as noted by llbear.

Mike and Janet may have been impersonated by Dale Peters online. Mike does not seem to exist. Janet may exist, may be deceased - more info needed. I feel she is mostly fictional, possibly based on a real person.

Dale Peters has fooled, and been caught by, a number of online Veterans/Military folks at similar-themed blogs for claiming both a military record and family he does not appear to have.

Dale Peters reportedly made untoward advances to at one least female member at such site(s), despite his "soul-bond" to Janet.

Dale Peters has been posting at DKos in the past year under "dale peters" and "Janet G", also clearly noting his "monkeyman" alias from elsewhere on the Internet, and recently we saw Janet G's alias being used for posts by (claimed) both Mike and Dale, but using the same voice.

I have not yet seen a voice for Janet which is markedly unique from Dale's or Mike's.

[But the pizza he has delivered to his mommy's basement...that's real. Anyway, let us now get to the KOmmie KOmmentaries on this fraud controversy...]

C'mon, once again this community got scammed...

[You are just $10 away from burying Janet G. in a timely manner.]

Have a look at Dale's posts at Google Groups from the last day or two (start here). He's whining about being swiftboated at dkos, and how hurt he is that Janet has been labelled a troll. He also claims we are hurting Janet, even though that would be impossible since she's dead. Pure hystrionics

[Pure LEFTWING hystrionics.]

As for motive, Dale Peters was banned by kos for plagiarism. That could be all the motive he needs to come back here stirring up shit. Then again, maybe he's just mentally ill.

[Flat out NUTS!!! Like a lot of the Left.]

I know you're half joking, but people were trolled rated to hell for suggesting that Janet wasn't real on previous diaries. Even now, as wader points out, we aren't 100% sure what to make of her. A diary laying out all the evidence, comprehensively, is probably what the site needs.

[IOW, most KOmmies fell for the scam.]

Wader left out the character assassination of Du Page County Coroner, which which was a prominent theme in the diary about the postponing of the funeral. Lots of questions with no actual answers provided by the diarist.

[That's okay since the coroner is an EVIL Republican.]

I am still waiting for the obit to appear.

[I'm still waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear.]

Have you had a look at Monkeyman's latest entry at DU where he claims that those of us posting in this diary are part of a right wing military conspiracy to get him? So far he's got about 10 replies from people who totally swallowed that story.

[The DUmmies are only $10 away from getting a clue.]

The people who responded to his latest journal there don't want to know the truth. Look at their replies. They unquestioningly accept, not only that there was a Janet who died, but that Monkeyman is being pursued by a ring-wing military conspiracy known as MILNET. I wouldn't waste my time trying to reason with people that gullible.

[How pathetic is DUmmieland when even KOmmies claim they are a bunch of gullible idiots?]

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"[How pathetic is DUmmieland when even KOmmies claim they are a bunch of gullible idiots?]"

I've heard that it takes one to know one.

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