Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some DUmmies Admit They Look Like Paranoid Kooks

When the news broke yesterday about a suspect being arrested in the JonBenet Ramsey case, it didn't occur to me that there might be a DUmmie angle to this. How wrong I was. Some DUmmies began posting about how it was a Rovian plot to detract from...whatever. I guess this conspiratorial paranoia was too much even for some DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD lengthily titled, "Why Are Many Progressives Willing To Believe That Major News Events...are 'manufactured' by Rove as some sort of 'distraction' so that other more important news stories are 'ignored' by the press." I would change the "many" in that sentence to "most" since MOST DUmmies buy into kooky conspiracy theories. Most DUmmies believe in MIHOP and the rest buy into LIHOP. So let us now watch the DUmmies examine their own navels in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, a secret Rovian agent monitoring DUmmieland, is in the [brackets]:

Why Are Many Progressives Willing To Believe That Major News Events... are "manufactured" by Rove as some sort of "distraction" so that other more important news stories are "ignored" by the press.

[Because being a paranoid kook in DUmmieland is the NORM, not the exception.]

Whether it's an earthquake, or flood, or some headline-grabbing celebrity news story, there are many progressives who predictably complain that the "MSM" is taking Rove's bait so that something else goes un- or under-reported.

[Notice how Angelina Jolie split from Brad Pitt at such a convenient time for the Bush Regime? Typical Rovian diversion tactic.]

Does any rational person honestly believe that Rove is THAT powerful? (Remember the folks who were convinced that the Christmas tsunami was intentionally caused by a nuclear explosion at the underwater fault?)

[That's almost as ridiculous a premise as believing that Karl Rove was indicted on May 12.]

And now, with the Jon-Benet Ramsey murder arrest we're ALSO supposed to believe that this a masterful Rovian-decoy? -- Good grief! Give me a break!

[Didn't Karl Rove once live in Colorado? I think the links are well established.]

News happens... they can't ALL be stories that put Bush in a negative light. It's not a big plot. Get real! Learn to cope.

[Get real! DUmmies will NEVER get real. Learn to laugh.]

Frankly, I think it makes progressives look like unthinking, gullible, and paranoid idiots. Grow up already!

[Shhhh! Don't discourage them. The DUmmie FUnnies needs that comedy material.]

PLEASE city ONE instance where someone has stated that earthquake or other natural disaster coverage is a rovian plot.

[Oh, just check out this DUFU EDITION where the DUmmies are upset about a New York Times article about how they blamed the Tsunami on Bush.]

There were dozens of threads after the Pacific tsunami claiming they were man-made, caused by undersea nukes, and some even said yes, it was designed as a distraction. The threads were all locked, but it got so bad that Skinner had to say something about it.

[That was William Rivers Pitt chiming in. So which is stupider, Pitt? Believing that the tsunami was man-made or that Karl Rove was indicted on May 12?]

Hell, that made the New York Times.

[A John Schwartz article exposing the paranoid DUmmie mentality for the comedic benefit of all.]

I've been away from the computer all day... didn't know the Ramsey story was a Rovian ploy!!! Good grief, what a stretch!


Those are the far lefties not the progressives

[Progressives ARE far lefties. Those paranoid raving idiots are YOU.]

I think it's better to err on the side of paranoia than on the side of swallowing every damn thing. I love the DU nutballs!

[Yes, better to err on the side of paranoia than rationality. DUmmie love is a wonderful thing to behold.]

I'm confused. Who has said every thing is a Rove plot?

[Just about every untombstoned DUmmie.]

The Jon-Benet arrest however may be a Rove decoy, I am not saying it is but that it may be. It is a story that has gotten way more publicity than it deserves, and there are many more important issues that are getting virtually no attention.

[Thank you for bringing this discussion back to the normal DUmmie irrationality.]

There were a shitload of threads saying that exact thing. It got to the point where the admins had to impose a moratorium on conspiracy theory for awhile, something which is still around in some form, I think. Some of the choicer threads suggesting the US caused the tsunami for "uh, er, I dunno but they must have!" ended up getting cited in the New York Times towards the end of 2004 or the first few days of January 2005. The NYT article was, itself, condemned as "a Rovian plot" in a thread where it came up.

[New York Times author of that article, John Schwartz, is a Secret Rovian Agent.]

I agree that sometimes the idea that Rove is behind so much of the news cycle goes a bit too far, but I think claiming that some DUers believe he causes earthquakes makes us all look ridiculous. There are some people who don't use their heads, as well as some freepers trying to discredit us that will post ridiculous notions but I think there are few if any real DUers who ever believed the tsunami was caused by a nuke.

[MOST DUmmies believe in MIHOP. Is that really any more loonie?]

Karl, is that you? Are you trying to deflect the news media from DU's investigative prowess by trying to make us all look like a bunch of loons?

[DUmmies only look loonie because of a Perfect Rovian Conspiracy to make it so.]

So, you mean that the terror plot last week was real?

[According to the DUmmies as chronicled in yesterday's EDITION of the DUmmie FUnnies, it was all part of a vast Rovian UK/Paki/US Intel plot.]

I don't have an opinion either way about the Ramsey story. I don't know anything about it. But I do know this administration has a penchant for making up stuff to grab headlines whenever they find it convenient, and too many people fell for it again last week. If that's going on again, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

[You started out semi-rational but quickly veered off into the typical DUmmie paranoid morass.]

You're just behind the news cycle. Rove's part in this will all be revealed in time.

[Karl Rove was behind shoving William Rivers Pitt ahead of the news cycle in reporting his indictment on May 12.]

Before I clicked on your link I was looking at the "latest" page and thinking an awful lot of people needed medication.

[The need for medication is a prerequiste for being a DUmmie.]

stop making sense & keep your logical thoughts to yourself please

[Or else you will be Tombstoned.]

The British authorities were forced, by the GOP leadership, to arrest plane bombers much earlier than the British wanted to arrest them. The British *knew* they needed more evidence, but the GOP leadership wanted a big news splash to coincide with LIEberman's defeat. LIEberman, btw, is the ranking "Democrat" on the Homeland Security committee in the Senate and was the very first "Democrat" to hear about this plot.

[Welcome to the "reality-based" community.]

Sometimes the only thing one can do here is to go outside for a hike, go shopping, go bike riding, go swimming in a pool, whatever - turn the mind off for a while. It can get real crazy here sometimes.

[Only sometimes?]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I started reading you stuff a few months ago and thought it was great. Wonderful imagination I thought. Then one day I followed a link from Malkins site to the du'ers and found some of the same statements you posted in red. I was floored. Some people really think that way! Strange people. I like your stuff even better now.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah you thought it was fake. Click on some of the blue links in the intro. Actual DU boards.

Now think, you may know some of these people. They may live near you.

Kind of creepy huh?

11:32 PM  

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