Monday, August 07, 2006

"Reuters admits altering Beirut photo"

The interesting thing about the scandal surrounding the use of fake photoshopped pictures from the fighting in Lebanon is that it is BIG NEWS everywhere EXCEPT in the Lamestream Media where there is barely a mention of it. On the Web, TECHNORATI shows "Reuters" as the #1 search item, "Lebanon" as #2, and Reuters fake photo photographer, "Adnan Hajj" at #3. So why the disconnect? One might as well ask why newspaper circulation is plummeting or why Network News viewership is steadily declining. In fact, this fake photo story probably wouldn't have even become big news had it not been for the Pajamahadeen on the Web. They, NOT the MSM were the ones who discovered the obviously doctored photos such as the one above with the repeating smoke patterns plus the double image of the same building that you can see highlighted in the animation. So what was the reaction from the Leftist blogosphere? In the case of the Daily Kos, one big yawn with nary a mention. However, in DUmmieland, their reaction is that such doctored photos didn't really matter since they illustrated a "larger truth" or that the fake pics were really part of a dirty Republican trick to discredit the already discredited Leftist media (such as Reuters or AP). Such views on the fake photos out of Lebanon are laughingly on display in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Reuters admits altering Beirut photo." As usual the DUmmie excuses for photo fakery are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent assuring every red blooded male out there that all photos featuring the magificent mountains of Playboy Playmate Petra Verkaik are oh so real, is in the [brackets]:

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

[GASP! And the next thing you know, the Associated Press will admit to writing wildly biased stories.]

Reuters withdraws photograph of Beirut after Air Force attack after US blogs, photographers point out 'blatant evidence of manipulation.' Reuters' head of PR says in response, 'Reuters has suspended photographer until investigations are completed into changes made to photograph.' Photographer who sent altered image is same Reuters photographer behind many of images from Qana, which have also been subject of suspicions for being staged

[Notice that the MSM is NOT mentioned in the exposure of this photo fakery. The MSM reporters are either too busy telling each other how unpopular Bush is or just flat out too lazy to even care about this because it doesn't fit into their leftist agenda.]

How much of what we see/read can we accept unquestionily as fact? From either side or any source? I wonder how often this really happens.

[In almost every AP or MSM story as well as from Reuters. And there are MORE such faked photos.]

Take everything from most media sources with a grain of salt. Especially these days.

[And this DUmmies WINS a salted Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Have you been listening to Limbaugh? Also note it's too Late they are ALREADY a tool for propaganda and have been lap dogs to this administration... So have you? been listening to Limbaugh? You stated almost verbatim what he did.. These photographers are obviously willing to participate in propaganda,'' Limbaugh said.]

[To question the veracity of the Reuters photos means you are obviously a tool of the rightwing, including Rush Limbaugh.]

Also Hezbollah is into every thing in that country. Their military part is just a part of the group. They build schools, hospitals and homes. I am willing to say they were right there to dig out the people. I do not think this is a group that is just into terrorism.

[The Hezbollah as warm hearted humanitarians argument.]

We deem any group that goes against Halliburton's wishes as terrorists.

[If you oppose Halliburton then you MUST be one of the good guys or so goes the bizarre DUhmmie reasoning.]

So the number of lies told are irrelevant as long as they fit your point of view?

[That pretty much sums up the point of view in DUmmieland, you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Since it is the Ministry of Propoganda saying that it is fake, I will continue to believe in the original photo and the origianl photographer


We know the deaths are real but the propaganda will be non-stop since Israel is committing war crimes and their PR teams are working overtime.

[So Israel faked those photos?]

There's a small chance this could be a Memogate type set-up.

[The photos were taken by Lucy Ramirez then faxed to Karl Rove from a Kinko's in Beirut.]

"Memogate" or "Rathergate" smells like it

[Now all we need is the Karl Rove link to make the paranoia complete.]

I was thinking the same exact thing. This type of play worked against Rather, why not obfuscate this situation foo.

[As Dan Rather would say, the Reuters photos were fake but accurate.]

Here's a quote from the article: "Earlier, Charles Johnson, of the Little Green Footballs blog , which has exposed a previous attempt at fraud by a major American news corporation, wrote : "This Reuters photograph shows blatant evidence of manipulation. Notice the repeating patterns in the smoke; this is almost certainly caused by using the Photoshop “clone” tool to add more smoke to the image."

Little Green Footballs? That previous work he's done was against Dan Rather regarding the Killian documents.

[AHA! Well that pretty much proves your paranoid conspiracy theory. Now if we can somehow link Freeper Buckhead to the Reuters photos the paranoid conspiracy theory will be airtight beyond a doubt.]

LGF is a right wing site. Like FR.

[Just like the DUmmie FUnnies.]

that tells me all i need to know

[That's all you need to know to shut down your tiny mind.]

Just as the concept that the bombs in the Shock and Awe campaign were smart bombs led so many AMericans to believe that that campaign had done little to kill hurt or maim Iraqi civilians, now we must believe that the Beirut photos are a lie. Truth is the first casualty of war.

[Yeah, how silly to believe the obviously photoshopped Reuters pictures are fake, even AFTER Reuters admitted the fraud.]

Makes you wonder why someone would deliberately put out an image so obviously manipulated?


Like the "forged document" that documented Duhbya's AWOL escapades, the document's veracity was called into question, but the facts it contained never were. The pre-emptive strike effectively killed the story and made for a great RW echo-chamber talking point. Put up an obviously manipulated photo of the attacks in Lebanon, and the RW Noise Machine can cry "foul!" over and over and over.Meanwhile; the facts remain.

[aka Fake but Accurate.]

The print editor must have been working with eyes closed. For that to reach publication.

[He had the bias blindfold over his eyes.]

Crappy use of the clone stamp...

[Reuters needs to hire fakers with better photoshop skills.]

I could be wrong, HOWEVER, this is like rathergate: the point is not the veracity of this one photo, as it does not excuse the collective punishment being undertaken. IN fact, it feels a bit ROVIAN in scope to me, since it was such an OBVIOUS fakery.

[DING! DING! DING! We have a WINNER here with the first paranoid DUmmie mention of tying Karl Rove into the scandal!]

Why, it's almost like the photographer WANTED to discredit... his own work.

[Why, it's almost like the DUmmies WANTED to discredit themselves with their own lame excuses.]

It's following the same trajectory as Rathergate...
Drudge, Malkin have now picked up the story. Let's see if Faux, CNN, then the broadcast stations follow...

[Maybe the photographer can get the same book deal as Mary Mapes.]

I smell a RAT! This is too poorly done for anyone to have seriously...tried to pass it off as "real" (un-retouched). It's just WAY too obvious! That's one of the worst Photoshop jobs I've ever seen! Looks like a " first time I ever used Photoshop..." photo. I'm going to wait for the Reuters Investigation, because their is NO WAY any professional photographer would do this to their own photo, and then try to pass it off to a world-wide wire service as un-retouched. My guess is that the Reuters site was HACKED!

[The laughable Reuters as Innocent Victim Argument.]

This is probably a Dan Rather Memogate type set-up. Just like the freepers screamed that the memo was fake and completely ignored the substance of it, they can do the same here and say the photos have been staged.

[A fake memo that was "accurate" in the minds of DUmmies and Dan Rather.]

All of this reminds me of the rapid *debunking* of the Dan Rather AWOL story, by an online GOP political operative in just a few hours after that program aired. Rather's story was factual. But when the operatives began raising so much stink about *the document* Rather cited, the facts of the story were buried from the public. If you fax a copy of the Constitution to someone, the content of the fax is accurate, but the fax paper is obviously altered from the original parchment. But the facts are the same. Very slick sleight of hand by the GOP. Confuse and distort. They are masters of it.

[Yeah, if you fax an original copy of the Constituion, it will end up with proportional spacing and superscripts.]

Now every photo that displeases the Israeli government will of course be "doctored" or claimed to be doctored -- to some, proof enough.

[The Protocols of the Elders of Rove conspiracy theory.]

Little Green Footballs is credited for catching this? Weren't they the ones that "caught" Rather's memogate?

[AHA! Well, that just validates DUmmie paranoia.]

There's a lot of conspiracy theory going on here... but before any of them can be taken seriously, someone is going to have to address the least-complicated scenario, that the photographer is sympathetic to Hezbollah, that he therefore has a vested interest in making the Israeli attacks seem as devastating as possible, and exaggerated the image for the consumption of sympathetic international media. That we are all horrified by civilian deaths is the exact reason Hezbollah aims to cause them by siting their launch pads and arsenals next to schools and hospitals. At what point are we encouraging such behavior by reacting to incidents such as Qana by putting additional pressure on Israel?

[That's a bit of perfectly RATIONAL reasoning you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

That's a sick thought, a really sick thought and I'm not sure who you think that pseudo-argument would sway or what pile of sawdust they'd have under their breastbone if it did.

[A DUmmie ALLERGIC to rational thought.]

why were my posts in this thread deleted?

[Because you made too much sense you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's already been on Fox this morning, complete with side by side origional and photoshopped pictures.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, this is not a "DUmmiefunny". It is a "DUmmiestupidity".

I have some (few) liberal friends. However, the "fake but accurate" gets them kicked out of the house - no exceptions. I can deal with BDS, but not with idiocy.

12:36 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

It's interesting to see what logical pretzels these idiots can twist themselves into in order not to have to change their worldview.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one am surprised that the DUmmies who exhibit signs of rational thought keep going back. I would have thought they'd have given up by now. It's like reverse Darwinism, in a way.

10:55 PM  

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