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Leftists NOT Magnanimous In Victory Over Lieberman

The Leftists have achieved their dream of defeating Joe Lieberman in the Democrat primary in Connecticut. So do you think they are magnanimous in victory and attempting to reach out to the Lieberman voters to make it easier for them to support Lamont in November? Of course not. That would be practical politics and we already know the Far Left is anything but practical. Instead they are continuing to slam Lieberman as you can see in the DUmmie THREAD titled, "JOE LIEBERMAN IS A VILE SCUMBAG" and this Daily Kos KOmmie THREAD titled, "Lieberman Makes His Last Stand, Smearing Democrats Again." So let us now watch both the DUmmies and KOmmies celebrate their victory by prematurely dancing on Joe Lieberman's grave in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, sensing a Freudenschade Moment on the horizon, is in the [brackets]:


[DUmmie diplomacy at work.]

Ok, I've made no bones about my feelings for Lieberman over the last couple of years, but this vicious last-minute smear of Lamont really rankles me. Lieberman's website went down because he only pays $15 for a server he shares w/ 71 other websites. They are ALL down because of traffic.

[Hey, that's cheaper than what I pay for my server. If Lieberman can get a deal like that maybe that shows he is fiscally responsible.]

This smear is nothing more than a desperate, unhinged act of a vicious, vile despicable piece of shit. Lieberman could not go out gracefully. Instead, he has to launch this vile smear on Ned in order to give him an excuse to either contest the results or run indy, or to take down Lamont w/ him. He wants to take the party down w/ him.

Will Joe apologize for the vicious and admittedly baseless attack on Lamont?(Yes, his campaign ADMITS they have no evidence it was Lamont, or even that it was a hack). Or will Joe lose and go out as the classless piece of shit he is, letting these allegations stand? We were right about Joe all along. He's a despicable piece of shit.

If only he fought as hard in 2000. If only he debated Cheney as viciously as he debated Lamont. Why is it that Joe views Dems as more of an enemy to him than the Repubs that are ruining this country? Why does he not go after Bushco. w/ the same zeal that he goes after people in his own party? Why is he such a fucking douchebag?

Joe Lieberman, ultimate scumbag. That will be his political epitaph and rightfully so.

[Allow me to issue a BARF ALERT on your slam.]

Joe never even bitched while the GOP hacked the last three
national elections. He was the first democrat in Washington to tell Al Gore on TV, to give up on the Florida recount. And he kisses Bush!


It was MSNBC who HYPED the story for Karl Rove! They were on it and repeated it over and over trying to make it sound like the Lamont campaign hacked the site. Chris Matthews was there badgering Lamont's Campaign Chair about when Lamont would make a statement about "dirty tactics."

[DING! DING! DING! We have the first sighting on this DUmmie thread blaming Karl Rove for everything.]

When we retake the government we need a media bias commission. Reinstate the fairness doctrine. We also need to look at revoking corporate personhood, but that's a whole other- although related- ball of wax.

[Already the DUmmies are planning on setting up Commissariates to conduct liquidations.]


[Now Fatherland, Fatherland,
Show us the sign
Your children have waited to see
The morning will come
When the world is mine
Tomorrow belongs,
Tomorrow belongs,
Tomorrow belongs to me!]

A KICK BECAUSE THE VILE SCUMBAG IS RUNNING INDY. Vile, disgusting, destructive piece of shit. God, what a f*cking vile, pathetic douchebag.

[Oh how vile Joe is for doing exactly what he said he would do if he lost the primary.]

Joe Lieberman, you are a ratf#ck, ass hole, fucktard, bastard, son of a bitch!!!

[Does that mean you don't like Joe Lieberman?]

Listening to his "concession speech" I now totally agree-he is a vile scumbag!

[For actually doing what he said he would do. And now we turn to the Joe Slamming by the KOmmies.]

Lieberman Makes His Last Stand, Smearing Democrats Again

[And this isn't like smearing Lieberman?]

MSNBC is reporting that if Lieberman does not pull off a win today, he is definitely going to be running as an independent against his own ostensible party, in November. So it seems now that this entire faked episode is nothing more than a publicity stunt by the Lieberman campaign, one they will use in a pathetic attempt to claim that the voters of Connecticut didn't really mean what they said they meant today, and Joe knows better than they do.

[Time for another BARF ALERT.]

Lieberman... What a f*cking douchebag. I hope the entire Democratic party spanks the sanctimonious f*cksnot so hard he coughs up 6 year-old hanging chads.

[Uh-Oh! It looks like you just lost your invite to the Lieberman victory party this November, MARYSCOTT.]

Jesus, I can't take it... next "Buckhead" will come out and claim that Lieberman's website was designed in 1972 before the advent of proportional e-mail fonts and we'll be dissecting this minutiae for months even though the GOP slime machine will be cackling with joy about how they changed the subject, and got the substance of the issue to dissolve under the microcosm of just how things like this work....

[Well, DUmmies and KOmmies do seem to have substantial propostional spacing in their empty skulls.]

Lieberman is genuinely... a complete shit-for-brains. His primary campaign uses all the techniques perfected by Rove. Then he blames all of it on Lamont. I sure HOPE he gets spiked. there is no place for this

[Joe Lieberman as the perfect Rovian student.]

It wouldn't surprise me if Joe won and then joined the Rethugs out of bitterness. Of course, he won't win.

[A KOmmie counting his chickens before they hatch.]

The signs have already been designed! Somewhere in a secure warehouse, there has got to be a bunch of the "Sore Looserman" signs left over from the 2000 fiasco.

[You'll have to make royalty payments to Freeper Registered who designed those "Sore Loserman" signs.]

The battle has been won, and the war moves on. In two months, Do Over Joe will but a dot on the landscape of coming bad news, be it gas prices or one or another part of the Middle East or who the hell knows what rude beast is slouching down the pike. The Mid Term Election of '06 is rolling along on it's way into the history books and Lieberman will be no more than an obscure footnote for history geeks a century hence.

[Another KOmmie counting his chickens before they hatch.]

Lieberman's loss willl be very bad for the party. I have just watched this site over time; I am a life long Democrat but recently with what is going on in the Middle East I think this is a very bad sign for the Democratic Party. I worked on the Jim Stork campaign and have voted Democrat my whole life but a conservative voice in the party is a good thing. He voted 90% with the party and I don't want a guy that votes the party line that is my biggest complaint with hard core Repubs. I think you all are nuts if you think this is good. I have a lot of fence sitting Dems in my family and elections are won on fence sitters. If the Dem party becomes a party represented by Dean level liberalism and the fence sitters go Repub. Hell I am ready to vote for the first time Repub b/c I believe we can't leave Iraq now that we are there. Yes we shouldn't be there but with the latest situation in Lebanon and the crazy language coming out of Iran we certainly must stay. This is a fight against the worst type of Demagogues. I believe the only way the Muslim extremists will be quieted is by threatening their entire existence. Japan was just as fanatical and without the threat of wiping out the entire country they would not have stopped. We may have to evaporate a whole lot of these crazy people before they stop.

[Expect a visit soon from the KOmmie Thought Police.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job (as always) PJ... but I think you meant "proportional" spacing in the empty KOmmie skulls rather than "propostional"...


10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, he just wanted a Kewpie doll. PJ didn't bite though.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

For anyone going back and clicking on "barf alert" let me warn you to put down all adult beverages and make sure you've swallowed every bit of beer/wine/liquor befroe viewing.

A more stern warning would have helped PJ. :)

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that guy is .....rational. That last guy. Poor guy, time for a tombstoning.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Looking for work, eh?... Did Joe post the comment above this one anonymously? :)

Turning on their own... love it.
Seriously, the only thing more "Freudenschade" about watching the DUmmies implode from external sources is when they foist misery upon themselves...

Wait, that's pretty much the same thing.

2:09 AM  

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