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KOmmies Claim Terror Alerts Are Just Republican Fear Mongering

Guess what? There is absolutely NO reason to be concerned about terrorism. In fact if you do worry about the terrorist threat, you are just being brainwashed because there is really nothing to worry about. See, what happened is that the Daily Kos KOmmies have waved their magic wand and made that non-existent threat disappear. You can see the KOmmies perform this amazing magic act in this THREAD titled, "Calling bullshit on the Fear mongers." So let us all watch the KOmmies make the terrorist threat disappear in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding everybody that the KOmmies are just DUmmies with better PR, is in the [brackets]:

Calling bullshit on the Fear mongers

[Let the Magic Terrorist Disappearing Act begin!]

Note to Karl Rove and his Flying Monkey minions:

[Watch out all you Secret Rovian Agents---KOmmie occams hatchet is putting you on notice.]

That "Fear" thing you've been peddling for the past five years? Over with. Done. That is, like, sooo 20 minutes ago. Pre-9/12 mindset, and all that. That Dog Don't Hunt. That ship has sailed. It's not playing in Peoria. You might be sellin', but we're not buyin'.

[Yeah. How silly to be concerned about terrorism. Those terrorist bombings since 9-11 in Madrid and London were nothing but Republican propaganda intended to scare us. Continue with the enlightenment...]

Hasta la vista, baby. Ta-Ta For Now! See ya - wouldn't wanna be ya. Sucks to be you-ooo! Try the next country. I gave at the office. Negatron, Pigpen. No quiero Terror Alert Level.

[They tell me to evacuate a building because of possible terrorism, I'm just going to sit there like an idiot because I know it is all just a Rovian plot to scare us.]

There's an old saying in Reality Land - I know it's in Reality Land, probably wherever it is you live, too - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - aww, hell:

[KOmmieland---the non-reality based KOmmunity.]

Go f*ck yourselves, motherf*ckers.

[You're on a roll. Continue with your stupidity...]

America is waking up. Americans are no longer listening to the will-sapping blatherings of the Republican Grima Wormtongues, the traitorous venal cowards who counsel Fear, mistrust and powerlessness.

[Sitting thru a few too many showings of V For Vendetta?]

F*ck that, Americans have declared.

[Narrow that down to KOmmies and DUmmies have declared.]

Fear is an important survival tool for the human species. Fear is one of our most primal emotions, originating deep in our brains, in that part of the central nervous system common to complex vertebrates: the amygdala. Fear causes us to make behavioral changes in response to life-endangering threats that we perceive in our environments. It's one of the reasons we still exist as a species and that we have achieved our current state as King of the evolutionary Hill.

[A pschopathology lecture as delivered by a psychopath.]

Fear is an important survival tool for the human species. Fear is one of our most primal emotions, originating deep in our brains, in that part of the central nervous system common to complex vertebrates: the amygdala. Fear causes us to make behavioral changes in response to life-endangering threats that we perceive in our environments. It's one of the reasons we still exist as a species and that we have achieved our current state as King of the evolutionary Hill.

[A KOmmie telling us in a roundabout way how security checks at airports are just plain silly.]

Hey! Speaking about Republicans -

[Their fault!]

Say, didja know that the Terror Alert Level® spiked last week? Yeah, all the way to Red! Huh - you probably didn't even notice. Or how about a few days later, when it went back down to Orange - didja catch that? No. No, I didn't think so - I'll bet you didn't miss a beat. Hmph. Chances are, nothing in your life changed at all last week: you still went to the store, you still filled your car up with gas, you still watched reruns of "Desperate Housewives" on TV, you still barbecued hamburgers in your backyard on Saturday, you still took your kids to the park on Sunday.

[Say, didja know that your Electro-Shock Therapy level spiked last week?]

No, not much changed, I'll bet. Outwardly, anyway. But if Karl Rove is doing his job right, what might have been different was that your anxiety level might have been raised juuust a little bit. You might have noticed - if you had been paying really close attention - a vague sense of impending disaster, an undefined unease, a small - very small - twinge of fear that wasn't there previously, nibbling away at the edges of your consciousness.

[Those terror alert levels are all set by levers that Karl Rove pushes in the KOmmie fantasy world.]

For the Republicans pulling the levers behind our country's National Insecurity Apparatus, your response was perfectly in line with their intent. They don't want to see too much outward change in your day-to-day behavior, they don't want to see you transforming your habits - your shopping habits, your driving habits, your viewing habits - they don't want you to feel as though you've had to make a sacrifice to accommodate the "change" - from Yellow to Red!!! - that they would like to have you believe has occurred in the level of risk to our nation's security.

[You've already sacrificed your sanity when the terror alert level changed.]

They don't want you to do anything differently in your everyday life. They only want one small change in your behavior, and they only need it every couple of years or so, in November. What they want, of course, is for you to go into that voting booth and vote for a Republican, because you're terrified.

[BINGO! We finally come to what this is all REALLY about. KOmmie fear that the terror alerts will remind folks of 9-11 thus helping Republicans at the polls this November.]

The Terror Alert Levels® are a joke. What are we, on a kiddie ride at the county fair or something?: "You must be THIS terrified to be a good American citizen." F*ck having somebody tell me how terrified I should be in order to be a Good American. (Is that anything like a Good German?) F*ck having somebody lie to my congressman so they will be terrified enough to send American troops and American money overseas to be squandered - WASTED! - in an illegal, ill-advised, ill-conceived and ill-executed adolescent, compensating, circle jerk.

[Screw having the least bit of common sense!]

"OMG, like, what's the Terror Alert Level® today?? Orange?? OMG, I don't have, like, anything to wear with that!!"

[Don't you have an orange strait jacket?]

What do they think - we're kids at a magic show or something, f'cryin' out loud? "Ooh, Look over here! No, no! - not over there - over here, over HERE! Ooh, look, here's a BOOGEYMAN!" What, do they hope we won't notice that so much of our country is in shambles: the economy is in shambles, the environment is in shambles, our armed forces are in shambles, our Constitution is in shambles - did I mention the environment is in shambles? - healthcare is in shambles, New Orleans is in shambles - Gimme a f*cking break.

[Attention! occams hatchet's sanity challenged rant will continue for quite a while so there is plenty of time for the Happy Farm folks to arrive with their butterfly nets.]

The Terror Alert Levels® are laughable, especially to those of us who survived the darkest days of the Cold War. We had thousands - literally THOUSANDS - of nuclear warheads pointed at us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for 40 years. Every day, we faced the real possibility of the imminent annihilation of America, Americans and the American way of life, which would have taken only a matter of minutes. I mean if today's Terror Alert Levels® go from Blue to Red, during the Cold War we would've needed them to go through friggin' White Hot, and they would've been up there almost all the time.

[Which do you prefer biting down on? The licorice flavored leather strap or the salted one?]

Reality has a well-known liberal bias. To a Republican banking on ersatz Fear to save his sorry ass at the polls in November - like, say, Joe Lieberman - that's bad news.The Republicans have no use for real fear, that kind of fear that keeps the soldier in al-Anbar province alive as he patrols vigilantly down an empty street, fully aware of his surroundings - Situational Awareness, they call it - ready to take action in response to anything that might threaten his life. That kind of fear - the kind that keeps us alive, that has kept us alive for millennia, that has made it possible for the most vigilant and aware representatives of our species to keep winning the evolutionary lottery - has a utility, a purpose, a definable value for each and every member of the human race.

[For you psychology students out there. There is a wealth of material here for you to write a term paper about psychotic personality patterns.]

Have I ever felt that fear? That feeling that has no words, but which is as certain as death? That metallic taste in the mouth, that razor-honed sharpening of all of the senses, that searing into memory of every aspect of the moment with such clarity that the minute textures, the smallest sounds, the very smell of the world around you in those few seconds is something that you will never forget? The kind of fear that focuses your mind so wonderfully? Yes, I have. I have felt true fear, the fear that comes from knowing that you could very well be leaving this mortal coil within the next few seconds.

[Please wipe the rabid drool off your restraining straps.]

Yes, I have known true fear. And no, it's not the same weak-ass shit that Republicans most desire for us to be in thrall to. The only Fear they're comfortable dealing in is that inchoate fear that has as its object not a real, immediate and identifiable threat to our physical well-being, but rather a shapeless, generalized threat. It's really not Fear, it's anxiety.

[Real soon you can commence your pogo stick exercises.]

Rather than be specific about the fact that, in fact, there are people out there who want to kill us, who do, in fact, hate us, and then Doing Something Specific About Those Specific People, Republicans would rather have us trembling in fear at the very thought of "Terrorists," The Concept.

[Yes, "Terrorists" is such a silly phantom concept. Oh, and your Lithium treatment will be a bit earlier than usual today.]

This Republican government doesn't want us to get busy doing something at home to really do anything to make us actually safer from the real threat of acts of mass violence. It wants us to sit home and do nothing, nothing except be afraid.

[But you see behind their nefarious schemes just as clearly as you see Plan Nine From Outer Space.]

The reason they don't want us to do anything is because they know that once we do, once we start making real sacrifices, we will start demanding results. Better to have us wander around in a fog of undefined fear so that we can be led around by the nose and told what is best for us, and how as Good Americans we should support everything the Republicans want to do - otherwise, we're - GASP! - helping the terrorists. F*ck that.

[Speaking of wandering around in a fog...]

Americans are figuring out that all of this Terror Alert bullshit is just that: bullshit. They're tired of being played for fools, of being made jumpy every time the Republicans get in trouble and need their asses dragged out of the fire. They're freakin' fed up with being made to jump through hoops when there are real dangers in the world that need attending to.

[Time to break out the Guy Fawkes masks!]

It's one thing for my beagle to be jumpy - to run up to the front window howling at every imagined bump, knock, rustling or disturbance, to be on heightened alert, itching for an excuse to run and howl, and raise her hackles. It's a nuisance, but it doesn't throw off the important work she has to do in life.

[I think your beagle has already watered on your brain.]

America, on the other hand, has very Important Work to do. We cannot afford to be sent scrambling, over and over and over again, to the front of the house on a silly whim, howling at nothing, our Terror Alert Levels© raised to Orange because someone across the street slammed a car door, or because in our fevered jumpiness we mistook the closing of a cabinet for the sound of a stranger approaching our door.

[Or a KOmmie ranting insanely into the night wind.]

Yet that is precisely the behavior that the Republican Fear-mongers want us to exhibit. The Important Work that we have to do includes holding our government officials accountable for the state of our nation - and that is something that the people in charge of this country for the past five-and-a-half years Do. Not. Want. Instead, they want to keep us running around, howling at imaginary noises, our hackles raised, our Terror Alert Levels® on Orange - or Yellow, that will do, too - because that kind of shapeless, indefinable, targetless fear allows them to get away with all kinds of behavior that ensures the survival not of America, Americans or the American way of life, but rather that of their own small, selfish, venal, deadly interests.

[It's going to be FUn to watch them restrain you on the airport security line.]

Bad news for Republicans: Most Americans are smarter than my beagle.

[Bad news for you: Most KOmmies are DUmber than your beagle.]

I'll tell you what Republicans fear: Republicans fear a fearless electorate. Republicans fear citizens who open their eyes and look outward, to see what is really happening in their world, citizens who have Situational Awareness that helps keep them alive.

[Watch out or I'll squeal on you to Chancellor Sutler.]

The Republicans have succeeded with this Fear-mongering strategy so far largely by labeling anyone who questions it a Coward and a Traitor. The Republicans are masters at projection; that is, accusing others of the very thing that they themselves are guilty or, or are most ashamed or afraid of. They are masters at playing to those characteristics in others which are their own weaknesses. And the sad fact of the matter is, they are cowards.

[So how many times did you sit through the V For Vendetta fantasy? 10? 20?]

What is it that Republicans are trying to make us afraid of? Fear of dying? Millions of Americans die every year. They die from all kinds of causes: snakebite, lightning, electrocution, infections caused by poor hospital care, traffic accidents, homicide, old age, cancer, food poisoning. Almost none dies from acts of terrorism outside of a war zone. Every year for the past 10 years, lightning has caused the deaths of an average of 49 people in the United States. Yet in spite of that, we are not encouraged to maintain our Terror Alert Level©s for Being Struck By Lightning at Orange or Yellow.

[The only thing I'm fearing right now is that your rabid rant will never end.]

No, the galling Fear that Republicans like to spread is the kind of fear that does not empower, but rather, disempowers. And that is what the Fear-mongers want. Oh, the Fear-mongers know fear, too - the kind of fear that ensures their own survival. The fear that comes from knowing that their regime cannot survive a citizenry that knows its own power and wields it at the election booth.

[Why say in 50 words what can be screeched in 50,000?]

Fear? F*ck Fear!

[Are you sure you took your massive dose of meds today?]

Americans have no use for that kind of fear. That kind of Fear is the thing that freezes the deer in the headlights, that renders us incapable of action, that drains us of our will and our willingness to think clearly and rationally.

[You've long ago been drained of any ability to think clearly and rationally.]

Rationality - the enemy of the Republican Fear Machine. Don't think!, the Machine screams at you. Keep running! Run! Run! Run! The Boogeyman is coming to get you!

[Rationality---RANT! RANT! RANT!]

They're telling you scary campfire stories so you'll cower in your tent all night instead of coming out to see how beautiful the stars are, and to listen to the quiet of the forest.

[You'll be hearing a lot of campfire stories at the Happy Farms group therapy sessions.]

They don't want you to know that so much more is available and possible, that you can expect and experience and demand so much more from your life and your government than you have become accustomed to receiving in the past five-and-a-half years, that there are, in fact, stars in the night sky, and trees in the forest, and places where the rivers are clean and not choked with poison from mining and manufacturing and corporate farming. They don't want you to feel free to dream, to create new possibilities for yourself and your children, because that would interfere with their plans to expand the lowest strata of society while slamming the gates shut to entry into their rarified, exclusive, right-thinking uppermost stratum.

[You didn't happen to take self-editing writing lessons from William Rivers Pitt?]

And, as the recent overpowering stench wafting around George Allen reminds us: Fear has an uglier brother, Racism; both are spawn of Ignorance.

[The only stench I'm smelling right now are the ENDLESS farts coming out of your mouth.]

Fear of The Other is what feeds Racism; it is what makes war and murder and abuse possible. Fear of The Unknown can fuel a need for the imposition of order at all costs.

Fear can serve humanity, if it is used correctly, and sparingly.

[Does Kos pay you by the word?]

Americans want their government to keep them safe. We want our leaders to go after real Bad Guys Out There, who are looking to harm us. But we are not so stupid as to continue to be played for fools by the Fear-mongering Republicans in power.

[Your doing great in the Primal Scream Therapy department.]

During the Vietnam War, a bumper sticker of the day had a stark, simple message. F*CK WAR, it read. As Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner pointed out in their book, The Soft Revolution, the jarring coarseness of the first word was mitigated by the sober reality of the second.

Well, I say, F*ck Fear. F*ck Fear, and the Four Horses he rode in on.

Am I going to let Fear affect the way I live? F*ck, no. Am I going to let it affect the way I vote? F*ck, no.

Game's over. We call bullshit.

[We call Mental Health Hotline. So is it safe to come out for air now? Yes? Okay, and now to hear from your fellow KOmmies following that massive departure from sanity...]

Very thoughtful, insightful and full of healing!

[It sure was healing. My insomnia is now CURED!]

I was truly afraid to expand your comment.

[It's tough to expand beyond infinity.]

We need the Democratic Party tosay this in public

[I agree. Everybody needs to see how NUttie the Democrats have become.]

I have no adjectives to describe this diary.

["Insane" or "irrational" will do.]

Treason is the right word for everything Bushco has done. They are all traitors, the most effective traitors cloak

[Speaking of cloaks...Have you taken your Guy Fawkes costume out of mothballs yet?]

dem candidates have to call it predict the attack before it happens, and make sure Americans know that Republicans will create one to generate fear. Jump on this meme like a fucking pogo-stick, because they will do it. We can either call it in advance and nip it in the bud, or we can sleep through it, and wake up with our pants around our ankles wondering how it happened again.

[Is that you, benburch?]

fear is all the republicans have to offer this country. It's like the pickpocket's trick to take our attention away from the COMPLETE AND UTTER F*CKING OVER OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND DECENT ABOUT OUR COUNTRY: the Constitution, working people, kids, the elderly, the Environment, the rule of law,

[Clear skies, apple pie, mother's milk...]

I'm so angry at what's happening to our country most of the time that it's hard to articulate a semi-intelligent post.

[That's obvious.]

The terror alert color should be brown, for BULLSHIT.

[The perpetual color of your diaper.]

Let Us Pray..

Lord Jesus, God

I pray that those who lead by instilling fear shown the door and their actions examined closely for misdeeds. May that happen to them and may they be brought to justice if, in fact, they have perpetrated crimes; crimes against your teachings of peace, trust and tolerance. May those that have murdered for profit and gain at the cost of innocent life be thrown to the pits of Hell, of which they so judiciously deserve. Amen

I hope you don't mind me using your words for that!

[Sorry. Since you didn't pray to Gaia the Earth Mother, you didn't really have your heart in that prayer.]

Not only do we call bullshit on this fear crap, I say Republicans are wimpy, terrified, weak, lily-livered babies, crying for Bu$hCo to protect them when he barely protected himself from chocking on a pretzel. This is the guy who's gonna save you blithering idiots? The guy who was playing air guitar and eating cake on a tarmac while New Orleans drowned? The guy who's busy asking about pig for dinner when he's overseas during an escalation in Mid-East war? The guy who talks with food in his mouth and can't form a cogent sentence when asked a question off-book? The guy who can only repeat what Karl the PR leader Rove writes for him or dictates aloud until Bu$hCo gets it right? That f'ng guy? You've gotta be shitting me! Place your hopes and fears in an idiot and you're gonna get really f'd up, just like this country has become with that idiot child in charge.
Scared little wimps. That's Republicans and may they cling to clueless George W. Bush to save them - they deserve no better.

[That was KOmmie Little Lulu posting while drunk as usual.]

I ain't scared of nobody's Al Quaida. It frankly doesn't even cross my mind.

[KOmmie quote of the week.]

Just had a protest idea.... Since blunt actions or speech and broad strokes are often the only forms of communication that get through in our society, how about everyone who takes plane trips bring a gallon of water with them to the airport and try to carry it on. You see, with the kind of absolute overreaction, hair-trigger response that we do, the mounting hassle and cost of disposing the water jugs would paint the CLEAR picture that the current ban is ridiculous and overly paranoid!! Just a thought.....

[Just a thought..... You go ahead and do that so we can see you spread-eagled for an hour on the hot tarmac.]

it played in Italy and Germany in the 1920s and it worked in America in the 1950s but we won't be fooled again. These followers of Mussolini must be exposed for the fascists that they are, and brought down with all the might of the American spirit. Do not show any respect to our opponents, they aren't worthy of being involved in the process. We should tear them down wherever they appear and use whatever means we have to to protect what's left of our democracy. These are evil bastards and have to be treated as such, not as mere political opponents.

[So much for that "civil discourse" shtick the Democrats were lecturing us about from their moral high horse a few years ago.]

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." - V in V for Vendetta.

Man, that graphic novel and now, movie was so ahead of its time, eh?

[Another KOmmie getting his political inspiration from a comic novel made into a movie by a cross-dresser.]

I have never been afraid since 9/11/2001 (btw, can we please start calling it 9/11/2001 which was 5 years ago, instead of 9/11 which sounds like it could have been last year or next year? That could help us get some perspective on what was, after all, only one day when a couple of buildings fell and 3,000 people died added to the 40,000+ people who die every day from hunger and disease.) Anyway, I have never been afraid of the maybe 1234 terrorists who really want to kill me. I have been more afraid of the effects of fear. I refuse to give anyone else that kind of power over me. I live in the most powerful country in the world. If my country wanted to protect itself, it has the means, the smarts, and the resources to do so. And if my country is terrified of 1234 people whose only power is the ability to scare people with bottle bombs... well, it has real problems and needs to see a shrink.

[Spaketh a KOmmie who needs to see a shrink.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has he breathed yet?

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is waking up. Americans are no longer listening to the will-sapping blatherings of the Republican Grima Wormtongues, the traitorous venal cowards who counsel Fear, mistrust and powerlessness.

[Sitting thru a few too many showings of V For Vendetta?]

Or too much LOTR anyway. Stupid Hobbits.

There's a looooot of projection and irony going on in that endless rant about how afraid occam's hatchet is of that the Republican bogeyman is using a terrorist bogeyman.

It doesn't have quite the same style as Pitt so I doubt it's a sockpuppet, but it certainly took very seriously the Will Pitt School of Creative Writing's Lesson 12, "Brevity and getting to the point, why you don't need them in the modern American Empire that started with the US hockey victory but will end on May 12th or some other tipping point I told you about in my extensive career as a political consultant, a field in which I am currently available for paid consultation by the way, etc."

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Let Us Pray..

Lord Jesus, God

I pray that those who lead by instilling fear shown the door and their actions examined closely for misdeeds. May that happen to them and may they be brought to justice if, in fact, they have perpetrated crimes; crimes against your teachings of peace, trust and tolerance. May those that have murdered for profit and gain at the cost of innocent life be thrown to the pits of Hell, of which they so judiciously deserve. Amen"

A KOmmie "prays" against Planned Parenthood and NARAL!

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope he feels better.

Its like all these people

"You can't declare a war on terror. Terror is a feeling"

In this case terror is a symbol, a symbol for Islamofascist mass murdering bastards.

Nuance. Subelty. Nuance. Deeper Meanings.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

"Mr. Moonbat, what you've just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

1:36 AM  

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