Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Is anyone worried about how falling oil prices will impact the election?"

As Rush Limbaugh often says, good economic news when Republicans are in office depresses the liberals. As proof of this, I present this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Is anyone worried about how falling oil prices will impact the election?." Yes, the DUmmies are WORRIED about good economic times. Not only that, you will see them also worrying about the low unemployment rate and the strong economy in general. Such good news for America is BAD NEWS for the DUmmies. So let us now watch the DUmmies admit they hate seeing gas prices decline in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who now knows that every cent of price decline on the gas signs means increasing angst among the DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

Is anyone worried about how falling oil prices will impact the election?

[I've already pulled out my worry beads due to the fact that prices here have dropped about a dozen cents per gallon during the past month. If it drops another dime, I might have to go into therapy.]

While I'm glad that oil prices are falling below $70 and with predictions that they could fall further in October and November, I'm concerned that this could help Bush.

[This DUmmie wants EVERYONE to suffer with high gas prices just so Bush won't be helped.]

People know high gas prices are here to stay and most of them even have an inkling why. Remember, 60% of us aren't nearly as dumb as we look.

[But you are as DUmb as you sound, DUmmmmmie.]

Adjusted for inflation, our current oil price high still isn't even enough to top the 1980 high. I think that voters, unfortunately, will settle for gas around $2.20.

[How "unfortunate" that lower gas will help Bush and the Republicans.]

If the Republicans win the next election-watch the gas prices go up. The sheeple never learn and the cons know it.

[Karl Rove already arranged for a big gas price jump for the day after the elections.]

They are falling for a reason. Oil companies are paying Bush back for all of the huge profits in the last two years. Notice, the election is not too far away. You connect the dots.

[I've connected the dots and they lead to your padded cell.]

Have you ever read 1984? And how Oceana cut chocolate rations, and then raised them again, but not as high as they were before the cut? Oil prices are like the chocolate rations. People, from an emotional perspective, will be willing to embrace Bush again if oil prices fall to their 2004-early 2005 levels, even if back then they were complaining about those prices to begin with. Why is this? Because people's expectations are so diminished and they don't believe that they will see $1.70 again, so $2.20 will be good enough for them as a result.

[DUmmies are stupid. DUmmies have always been stupid. And DUmmies will always be stupid.]

Whoever didn't know this was coming must be the least perceptive person on the face of the earth? So that leads to my next question...Were the Dem's ready for this?

[Too bad the Democrat's are stuck with their Pavlovian Reflex to answer everything. Falling gas prices? Bush's fault!]

Most Dems on this board have the insight to realize this
But the general, apolitical public doesn't.

[Too bad the general public isn't as "enlightened" as the DUmmies. They foolishly believe falling gas prices to be a good thing.]

Dude, that's a given...non political people don't know shit!!!

[The DUmmie attitude in a nutshell. They can use it as an all-purpose excuse for why they keep losing addition to the Diebold excuse.]

There might be "enough time" by November. Gas prices are already falling to the $2.60's in some areas, even though they were up at above $3.00 just a month ago! We still that more than two months before Election Day, and assuming that prices continue falling, that will be enough of a time period for voters to gauge the change.

[Drop to your knees and pray that the general public becomes as idiotic as the DUmmies between now and the elections.

How often can he stick a cattle prod up our asses, shock us, and then turn down the power...

[You just put a big smile on benburch's face.]

Our prices in Newark, DE fell $.20 overnight.
Made hubby go "Wow" this morning when we drove past. I just said "Watch'em after the elections. It's only temporary." I bet him a quarter.

[A WHOLE QUARTER!!! Wow! You sure put your money where your mouth is.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To hell with the country as long as they can get back in power.

They dont even know what a bunch of scumbags they really are.

3:20 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

And they don't understand economics or markets at all. Course, if they did, they wouldn't be Progressyves. Or whatever they're calling themselves in order to fool the 'sheeple' now.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are stupid cattle being led to slaughter. Actually, that is rather slanderous to the stupid cattle. Even they could "connect the dots" and see what's going on in this scenerio. For the last 2 years plus, as oil prices have skyrocketed, we have been told that it is the "market reacting to fear about the tense situation in the Middle East". Can any of you geniuses out there give me one drop of proof that the Middle East is not as dangerous as it was when oil prices started rising? Is the situation in Iraq improving? Ya, maybe for the Shite car-bombers. Is the situation improving in Afgan? Maybe if you are a member of the Taliban who is re-gaining public support. Has Iran stopped producing nuclear material? They keep thumbing their noses at Bush just tempting the idiot to attack them.
And then there is always Israel. Yep, things are much better on the fronts in Israel - just look at Lebanon and Gaza. So the way I see it, this area is a huge bomb just waiting for the Shites, the Taliban, the Iranians, the Hezbollah, the Palestinians, the Egyptian radicals or God knows who else to light the fuse. And you think that oil prices are falling because of this so called stability. Grow up and face the facts-WE ARE BEING RAPED BY BIG BUSINESS AND A PARTY THAT CATERS TO THEM! And if my ability to recognize that fact makes me a DUmmy, I'm not exactly sure where that puts y'all on the evolutionary scale.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And let the post-election party begin... a few days early:

I may only be a DUmmie, but here are my predictions to your entire herd to read:

1) You are going to lose YOUR asses on Tuesday November 7th because the American people are not as stupid as you think they are and certainly not as stupid as you are; AND

2) The price of oil will climb to between $75-$80/ barrel and gas will blow past $3.00/ gallon by 1/1/07 because George W and his oil friends will be done with us and will stick it up all of our asses.

And to you Repubbies, all I can is ..... Baa, baa. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't say that. I'm not sure what Foley is going after these days. He may be done with young boys and on to farm animals. YOU ARE ALL SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:44 PM  

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