Saturday, August 19, 2006

Huffington Post Becomes Huffbollah Post

Sometimes there is an event that causes the looney left to boil over and let loose with their most primitive bigoted biases. The announcement that 84 Hollywood celebs joined Nicole Kidman in condemning the the terrorism of Hezbollah and Hamas was just such an occasion. I actually found out about their descent into hate and base bigotry when I noticed some of the hits to my DUmmie FUnnies EDITION were coming from the Huffington Post. When I went to the specific SECTION of the Huffington Post where my Blog was linked, I was shocked at this statement posted at 11:30 P.M. yesterday---"Job security in Hymiewood is now assured."

So was that descent into anti-semitism an exception to the rule? No. It was par for the course as we shall see NUMEROUS posts in reply to the celeb story descend not only into base bigotry and irrational hate for the USA and Israel but also high praise for the Hezbollah terrorists. So let us now descend into the Huffington Post sewer and watch their blazing bigotry in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, in need of a very hot shower to wash the Huffington dirt off me, is in the [brackets]:

Screw them. Those people enable Israeli aggression.

[Yeah. All those celebs twisted Hezbollah's arm to kidnap those soldiers which kicked off this round of fighting.]

Mr. Willis....I pray you are on the next plane that goes down. Get over yourselves Hollywood,we hate you off screen.

[A Huff Poster's version of a sacred prayer.]

Does that mean ISRAELIS DO NOT WANT TOO LEAD PALESTINIANS TO THEIR DEATH? I share your pain with innocents in the Arab world who also are suffering this time at Israel's hand.!

[Hezbollah terrorists as "innocents."]

Looks like this group is under the impression that terrorism is something only organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah use to achieve their various economic, political, and social aims. Israel for the past 35 or so years utilizes "terror" tactics in its attempt to acquire more land...oops I mean "defend" itself. Before their was Hamas or Hezbollah, there was Israel, and the wars, and the UN resolutions and war crime and human rights violations that Israel (thanks to its patron the US) has never had to account for...

Again, the situation in the Middle East is not caused by these groups Kidman and others have scapegoated any more than it is helped by them.

Oh, by the way Western Imperialism and their elite clients in the Middle East is probabably the most potent root to the turmoil and hate we see now...

This group along with most of the press, intellectuals, and the average citizens in the US really would do well to education themselves beyond Israeli PR that predominates their TVs....

[And you need to "education" yourself on REALITY.]

Hollywood is chock full of Zionist sympathizers who are just as responsible for the henious acts committed by te terrorist nation they wholeheartedly support - namely ISRAEL - the mother of all terrorist nations. Nicole Kidman is in bed with Rupert Murdoch, Arch Zionist supporter and propaganda news cheif du jour. She doesn't have a clue as to the serious threat posed to the US citizenry by the US Zionist Occupied Government, nor does she care. Why should she when Rupert's her homeboy? She worse than Ava Braun.

[Even worse than Eva Braun as well?]

Why doesn't Nicole take a listen to MP George Galloway about Hamas and Hezbollah (instead of listening to her Jewish agent and producers in Hollywood):

[Why doesn't George Galloway listen to his shrink and institutionalize himself?]

US support for Israel PRIMARY MOTIVATION for tragic attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993 and on 9/11:

[The popular Leftist notion that the terrorists committed their 9/11 attacks because they were FORCED to by US support for Israel.]

Oh, let's not forget that only 6 countries in the world sees Hezbollah as a terrorist organization... which are Israel, US, UK, Australia, Canada and Netherlands...

[The SANE nations.]

Bizarre! So no mention of terrorist state of Israel in the indiscriminate killing of children. Hezbollah & Hamas are resitance organisations and have NOTHING to do with terrorism. Only the US, UK & Israel are terrorists.

[Bizarre that you are allowed to roam the streets without adult supervision.]

It's interesting to see how opposed those who frequent this site are to the anti-terrorism statement. This place truly has become "The Huffbollah Post. "Nice customer base Arianna. Further evidence that the Democrats have become further and further removed from reality, sanity and common sense.

["Huffbollah Post." A PERFECT description of what the Huffington Post has sadly become. Oh, and I will be stealing that name from you.]

then why won't they (IDIOTS) all sign an ad to stop the #1 "terrorist" BUSH REGIME....AND PENTAGON.

[Can I sign the papers to institutionalize you for a period of not less than 20 years?]


[A finalist in the Himmler Humanitarian Award contest.]

I wonder of on the bottom of the ad, if it say anything like, "This message brought to you by the friends of AIPAC"

[I wonder if on the bottom of your butt it says, "USDA."]

Of course these hollyweird clowns are going to support Isreal. Most are Jewish and some of the execs are Zionists. Watching fantasy movies and programs is ok to escape reality once in a while, but to live in it is foolish.

[You mean watching fantasy movies like V For Vendetta from which you Leftists derive so much inspiration?]

I believe, as most of the world, that Hamas and Hezbolla are political organizations rather than terrorist. My name would be on this advertisement if Hamas and Hezbolla were replaced with Israel and United States?

[It's obvious the brain in your skull has been replaced by thin air.]

Did PeeWee Herman sign it also?

[No. He was busy recording his new song: I Touched Me.]

Those actor clowns need to toe the pro-Israel lline, otherwise they won't get any jobs.

[You don't have to worry because any opinion is tolerated from hamburger flippers.]

I smell a zionist ... and they do smell you know. Its amazing to me that a stateless group philosophically defined in Europe by european colonialism who as a group invade and 'conquer' a land could convince anyone that they are an agrieved party.

[I smell a fart but it turned out to be your breath.]

This is my first time visiting this site and with a few exceptions the posters are foul mouthed "haters" as my kids would say. having read about the site I certainly expected a higher level of civility and thought. Truly sad.

[Remember. This is now the Huffbollah Post.]

What about the terrorist organization known as the Bush Administration?

[Obviously someone here who has sat thru more than a dozen showings of V For Vendetta.]

Not one of these Israeli-Jewish ass kissers-most of the racket in Hollywoodstudios is run by jews-check the names of all tv and studio programs and see-ever served in the military-yet they give money to war crime state Israel.
From Douglas to Willis, these shitheads are cowards who take millions and do nothing for any people who are suffering in the world. The bitches in the ad are only kissing their jewish owners asses. Hollywood is a cesspool of money grubbing, sleazy lifestyles, and theft of America's money-through the air waves that suppossedly belong to the American people. Willis and Douglas-you need a good kick in the ass and a good pummeling on your very wrinkled, ugly faces. Repeat-why have you all, in the ad, never served in our military? People with money and jews don't have to, is that it?

[Why have you never served time in a Psycho Ward?]

Personally, I believe that the U.S. government was completely behind 9-11 -

from the deliberate demolition of the 3 buildings

to the immediate removal of evidence at a crime scene like the steel sent to China for immediate disposal

to the 'stand down' of all military intercepts due to at least 5 suspicious terror simulations including planes flying into buildings

to the secret service allowing Bush to continue to read his 'goat' book with the children instead of rushing him to safety

to the 'put' stocks of the 2 airline companies involved in 9-11

to the 7 BILLION dollar insurance policy purchased shortly before 9-11

to the lease that Silverstein obtained shortly before 9-11 after the buildings had been unable to economically have their asbestos removed

to the suspicious activities of known Mossad operators arrested within the U.S. shortly after 9-11 because they were celebrating the destruction,

[Got your tinfoil hat set on High Glow today?]

Why is everyone afraid to point a finger at Israel? They are terrorist number 2, right after the US. I thought lefty actors were all well and fine, but this smacks to me of uninformed pandering to Jewish entertainment execs... does it stink to anyone else? Nice work Nicole - way to paint a picture with a brush the size of your Land Rover.

[The only stink here is the stench of your bigotry.]

Job security in Hymiewood is now assured.

[That little "gem" is what accompanied the link to my Blog.]

What about the Jewish Terrorists? you know the ones that actually kill without a flying f*ck about anyone or anything but themselves! who use tanks, helicopter gunships & jetfighters from 20,000 feet to kill civilians because they are dumbass Jews who can't actually aim a f*cking gun if their life depended on it!



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Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Just another example of history repeating itself.

These guys sound like they're advocating the reopeining of Dachau.

An excellent reason, all by itself, to support the side that they don't.

And then there are the real reasons.


2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! They don’t even try to hide their completely irrational hatred of Jews, the US, Israel and to a smaller extent the UK. I had no idea that the Huffington Post had gone so far over the edge.

However, it still pales in comparison to the mother of all loony bins:’s message board (Down slightly to the left). They are without a doubt the CRAZIEST! They actually believe that Air America is doing HUGELY successful in the am radio market for example.

You’ve GOT to do a Funnies post on their ranting something PJ.


4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record, it is not true that none of the signers of the ad served in the military. I have not looked up all of the signers, but Pat Sajak served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, and Lionel Chetwynd served in the Canadian Army. There may be others who served as well.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats truly disgusting. Such blatant Anti-Semitic behavior. Jews this and Jews that.

Holy shit.

They are Nazis. They want the jews "gone". Scary.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting use of the phrase "Zionist Occupied Government," it is very similar to, and probably just a moron's defective rendition of, "Zionist Occupation Government" (ZOG for short) which is a phrase used by neo-Nazis of the stripe who take "The Turner Diaries" as a serious political manifesto.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole Kidman is in bed with Rupert Murdoch, Arch Zionist supporter and propaganda news cheif du jour. She doesn't have a clue as to the serious threat posed to the US citizenry by the US Zionist Occupied Government, nor does she care.

ZOG? didn't the Aryan Nations use to use that name in propaganda?

Has the left gone so far as to circle back towards the far far far right wing?

~Stainless Steel Rat

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a politcs junkie, and so I dled an NPR pdcast called left Right and Center.Its a roundtable with a liberal, a centrist, and a conservative.

Got two minutes into the first episode. They introduced Huffington as the Center representative. I turned it off and delted the file.

Freaking NPR.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

The anonymity of a message board is a great tool for open discussion... as well as a truth-serum for cowards.

I, for one, am truly thankful for sites such as the Huffbollah Post. Perhaps these insane, anti-semitic statements (which have been allowed to be continuously displayed) may plant a small seed of doubt in those few rare Democrats who realize they once had a great political party, but are now left scratching their heads and going "WTF?!?"

Perhaps the true DUmmies can keep the Jew-hatred as one of their political platforms this November?

I truly hope so.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing that really, really kills me, is that those fucking idiots truly think that if we just start calling Hamas and Hi(e?)zbollah "political parties" vice "terrorist organizations", that somehow it lends them some sort of magical status of unassailablity.

Know what?

Call 'em whatever the hell you want.

Until they recognize the nation state of Israel and cease hostilities, Israel will continue to kick the Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ shit out of them, and Israel will continue to enjoy the total and reasonably unconditional support of those of us with higher brain functions.

"They're not terrorists, they're legitimate political organizations!!!"

"Really!?! Gosh, that changes EVERYTHING."

1:38 PM  
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