Tuesday, August 15, 2006

DUmmies ENRAGED At Existence Of Green Party

Remember all the DUmmie blather about how they are oh so tolerant of diverse opinions? Well, that is in theory only. In actual fact the DUmmies even hate fellow leftwingers if they think it hurts their own Democrats which explains their desperation to keep the Green Party off the ballots wherever they might threaten to appear. The anti-Green rage of the DUmmies can be seen in this THREAD "eloquently" titled, "I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHERF*CKIN GREENS ON THESE MOTHERF*CKIN BALLOTS!" If the Greens upset the DUmmies so much then I ENCOURAGE the Greens to get on the election ballots wherever possible. So remember, my fellow vicious rightwingers, NEVER show antagonism towards the misguided Greens. Yes, their leftist politics are bizarre but their saving grace is that they cause DUmmies to go berserk. Therefore nourish them in the fertile soil of TRUE Democracy. It will make DUmmies go over the edge as here in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, munching on bean sprouts and granola bars in solidarity with the Greens, is in the [brackets]:


[So does that mean you don't like the Greens?]

How about you?

[Other than having weird food habits and a general lack of personal hygiene, the Greens don't really bother me too much. Actually their stock has gone up in my eyes since they make you so enraged by their very existence.]

Green Party: a vehicle for rich liberals to feel good about themselves

[DUmmieland: a vehicle for lazy liberals to feel good about themselves.]

What was even more nauseating was how I could NOT get through to these people. They thought it was far more important to split the liberal/progressive vote on some marginal candidate who had NO realistic chance of winning - only spoiling an otherwise possible victory for a Democrat. As long as we have ONLY TWO realistic, major, mainstream political parties pitted against each other, then we just have to cope with, and make the most of, limited options - and be okay with it. Which means it's gotta be either the bad guys OR us. There is NO ROOM for any of this "send a message" crap.

[A DUmmie plea to PURGE the voting rights of Greens.]

Well I consider a pro-life, anti-gay marriage Democrat to be no better than a Republican anyway so I can understand support for the Green candidate. I probably would be taking a hard look at the alternative at Casey if I lived in PA also. I am not a Green by any means but I don't need another Joe Lieberman/Zell Miller in office so when we get more progressive from within he can side with Republicans and bitch about us taking his party away from him.

[Uh-Oh! This doesn't sound good for Casey as is reflected in the latest polls.]

Casey is not that horrible

[Great campaign slogan there. May I place it on a bumper sticker?]

We can't complain about repuke voter intimidation and vote suppression and election fraud, and then turn around and want to deny access parties access to the ballot because we don't like them and/or don't want people to vote for them.

[Expect a green tombstone soon.]

I wish there were some ultra-rightwing, non-GOP party to split their vote

[Ever hear of Libertarians?]


[A Perfect Rovian Agent.]

you can say whatever you want..but i as a floridian..know he stole my state for *..

[Nader stole Florida? Isn't that a felony?]

now is too late..we are on the doorstep of a fascist state..and have lost our liberites because of nader and little lord pissy pants..and many greens are still being played and used and they are f*cking this nation by their ignorance!

[Time to break out the Guy Fawkes masks!]

I despise Green Party candidates. I know, technically they have the right to run for office if they want, but let's face it; they don't want to hold office they just want to run, lose, and make a lot of money in the process.

[Would you mind explaining the economic theory of how you earn oodles of cash by losing an election?]

Shit, Inspect Every One Of Those F*ckers Signatures. That Stupid F*ck Is just going help Santorum stay competitive in the race. God I can't stand the f*ckin greens running against Dems this November.

[GO GREENS! I LOVE the way you piss off the DUmmies!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh. I'm sarcasmo from over at NewsBusters posting for my first time here. The kite looks interesting. This post contains a few elements of deja-vu for me, considering the posts of some NB regulars regarding...uh...ME!! It's almost like a left-wing mirror-universe guy making fun of them could do a good reverse of your post here, sometimes, if you know what I mean, about some of the...er...dimmer bulbs on the NB intellectual Christmas-tree! ;)

Please PM me on NB if you wish a reply, I otherwise may miss what you say.

4:11 AM  

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