Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brian Williams Defends Bush Interview On His Blog

Apparently Brian Williams is feeling the heat over his INTERVIEW with President Bush. In stark contrast to the normal forgettable Happy Face banalities usually posted on his Daily Nightly blog aka THE DAILY DULLY, yesterday's EDITION presented a very defensive attitude towards charges of bias by Williams. Unfortunately for Williams, the comments left by both liberal and conservative posters on his own blog undercut his weak declarations of being unbiased. In addition, the DUmmies now consider Williams to be their new hero because of the way he "hammered" Bush. So let us now watch Williams unconvincingly declare himself to be unbiased in Bolshevik Red followed by the postings of his blog commentators plus the DUmmie paens to their new hero while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

We'll run another new (to our audience) portion of our conversation with the President on tonight's broadcast. I returned from New Orleans to find thousands of emails (I often ask that they be printed out so that I can take them home, travel with them and go through them quickly, while sticking to my vow to read them all) neatly divided into two main categories: our Katrina coverage (overwhelmingly positive) and our interview with President Bush.

[[overwhelmingly negative)]

On the latter topic, I was taken aback somewhat by what seems to be the prevailing (70/30) opinion -- apparently echoed today by Rush Limbaugh -- that I was somehow "disrespectful" in the interview.

[Somehow? I would say DEFINITELY disrespectful.]

Several things here: While I don't know the President outside of the parameters my job, he has always shown me great kindness, we've always gotten on well, and when we parted company yesterday, he was of good cheer and seemed satisfied with our time together (and notably was in NO hurry to end the interview) as were members of the White House staff. My job, remember, is to report...ask questions...and serve as advocate for our viewers who don't get the chance to ask questions of the President themselves. Any charge of "disrespect" deservedly gets my attention, because of my profound respect for the office and its occupants. In fact, one of the topics of conversation any time I'm with the President is our shared interest in Presidential history -- which we discussed during some private time yesterday. I note that one viewer has written complaining of "unprofessionalism" in my "tone of questioning and facial expressions."

[Maybe we would have more faith in your professionalism if you had correctly identified the biased Michael Eric Dyson as a leftwing Bush Basher rather than leaving the impression of him as some "impartial" observer.]

Perhaps some background will help. What we aired yesterday, and will again tonight, was a rather spontaneous, strolling interview in the hot afternoon sun in New Orleans. It was to have been taped an hour later, but the President was understandably anxious to greet the people who'd been waiting for him and Mrs. Bush in the heat -- so we gladly obliged, and things got underway very suddenly. He is, as has been widely reported in this space and elsewhere, a man who truly seems to enjoy the give-and-take and verbal "combat" that often comes with good conversation. He indicated to me more than once yesterday that he was anxious to have a robust discussion. Perhaps because the backdrop and circumstances of yesterday's interview differed so much from the norm -- the conventional presidential interview we've become used to seeing -- people saw something different that struck them as negative in some way. Asking tough questions is one thing, but I am constitutionally unable to be disrespectful around the President of the United States.

[So are you blaming the perception that you were disrespectful on the heat? In any event, it is apparent that both liberal and conservative posters on your blog aren't buying your lame excuses as we shall now see...]

Great interview Brian. I almost turned the channel thinking I was going to see another jounalist pansy bowing down to King George. What I saw was an American standing up against a Moron like Bush. Maybe if there were people like you asking the tuff questions before we got in this mess we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. The Republican days are numbered and in November we begin the process of "tossing the garbage out"

[Brian Williams gets the thumbs up from a Moonbat.]

I thought when you got into 'what the President was reading' a kind of smug tone surfaced...almost making the President a school boy who had graduated from reading Cramer's book on DiMaggio to more important works like Camus. I thought that was unfortunate.

[At least Brian managed to keep his teeth from showing when he sneered.]

Brian, the tone of your questions were biased. You asked negative questions and tried to frame the discussion in a way to make the President look bad. I would love to see a main stream media personality ask honest straight forward questions without a hidden agenda behind them.

[And that not so hidden agenda is "BUSH'S FAULT!!!"]

Those who think you were being rude and disrespectful also listen to Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Coulter, who exemplify the lowest form of disrespect and yellow journalism ever to hit the airwaives.

[Another moonbat thumbs up for Williams.]

Dan Rather spoke the truth in an admittedly awkward piece and we all know his fate. Brian, do not bow down to the corrupt donor class. We need people like you more now than ever before.

["Brian, be just as fake but accurate as Dan Rather."]

Your professionalism, honesty, and class were all in brilliant display in Monday's interview with Bush. You have earned my respect in the short time you've been in the anchor chair. If only I could say the same about Bush. A clueless, swaggering, shallow man who struggles to string together a coherent thought. And yet you were affable, and above all, respectful. Having been at the heart of the Katrina crisis from the beginning, you have been there for the American people in a way Bush never has. Thank you, and keep fighting for the answers.

[When a wacko praises you for your professionalism, what does that say about YOU?]

I personally think Rove, Cheney and Rumsfield run this Country and Bush is just a puppet! They all seem to be from the same mold and have the same mentality against people who actually have to work for a living and didn't get everything handed to them. Just once, I would love to see an honest politician win an election without buying it. I too am a baby boomer with children and grandchildren and I don't think I have ever been so afraid of the future as I have been with this administration leading the Country. My question for Bush, Jr....if you are such a believer in God who created all, how can you hate minorities so much, after all, didn't God create them too? Keep up the "excellent" work Brian.

[Another plug for Brian from another moonbat.]

You asked the touch questions. Hopefully others will follow your example. The President of the United States works for us (we the people), not for big business like Haliburton. George W. is a mental midget and a puppet for Cheney who is destroying the American way of life. His administration is raping & pillaging this country and we the people need to stand up and say enough.

[Do we see a trend here? The moonbats are unanimous in praise of Brian's "professionalism."]

Pres. Bush and he Federal Govt. cannot do everthing.
We have to take responsibility and act accordingly. Where were Blanco, Nagin and so on???

[Don't expect hard questions from Brian to Blanco and Nagin. Questions like why were the New Orleans buses allowed to remain idle to become water taxis instead of being used to evacuate people from New Orleans? In BrianWorld it is all Bush's Fault!]

From watching your body language, I thought you struggled a few times as to whether to hammer the President for answers that were less than truthful. Each time you chose not to. While I would have enjoyed the spectacle I thought you were simply showing respect. In view of that I find sugestions that you were disrespectful to be rather ridiculous.

[If you can SEE Brian struggle to keep from hammering the President, what does that say about his professionalism?]

I thought your interview was spot on. Thank-you for speaking truth to power.

["Speaking truth to power" is Leftspeak for Bashing Bush. Great job, Brian!]

WORST PRESIDENT EVER! Great Interview Brian!

[And what does that tell you about where Brian Williams is coming from?]

Your contempt for the President was more than obvious...Shame on you. You had a chance to provide a good public service, but could not get past your own bias. We expect more from someone in your position.

[But, hey, Brian Williams was very respectful of Michael Eric Dyson to the point of not identifying him as the leftwing Bush basher that he is.]

President Bush is a liar and should be put in jail for his actions!!! Well done Mr. Williams...well done.

[Well done Mr. Williams...well done.]

BW- I watched your interview, and felt a little disrespect there. I read your explanation. I believe you didn't show disdain intentionally then laugh at his answers as your colleagues did on MSNBC's Hardball while showing the interview-Nora O'Donnell needs work on presentation.

[I give Brian Williams credit for hiding his disdain for Bush better than Nora O'Donnell.]

If Brian did his homework he'd know that FEMA is an agency that has only money....not legions of rescue workers waiting on "hot standby" for a disaster to occur. In addition...New Orleans has been governed by Democrats for fifty should have been Utopia. But those very Democrats have been diverting federal funds earmarked for the levies to their friends and cronies. Has Brian investigated these issues?

[of course, not. Brian needed to be respectful of Blank-Out Blanco and Water Taxi Nagin. And now to the love notes sent by the Democratic Underground moonbats to their new hero, Brian Williams as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD...]

Brian Williams BUSTS Bush on Iraq/Terrorism.

[The DUmmies are oh so happy about the "professional" Brian Williams busting Bush.]

Brian Williams looked like he was thinking... "You stupid fuckin' asshole. You didn't read those damn books!"

[Congrats on CORRECTLY reading Brian Williams' body language.]

Be sure to send emails of encouragement to Brian Williams

["Attaboy Brian!!! From your new Fan Club---the DUmmies."]

Brian Williams didn't cut Georgie any slack. He looked like he wanted to slug him.

[Thanx for that observation, DUmmie. You have condemned Brian Williams with your praise.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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