Monday, July 31, 2006

Daily Kos Diarist Michael Schiavo Slams Joe Lieberman

I bet your first reaction upon seeing the name of "Michael Schiavo" in the title of this DUmmie FUnnies thread was "Huh?" It sure was my reaction when I saw Michael Schiavo's name as a Daily Kos Diarist SLAMMING Joe Lieberman in a KOmmie Diary titled, "Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman?" One would have thought that after all the controversy over Schiavo forcing the removal of the feeding tube from his comatose wife, Terri, over the strong objections of her parents who were willing to take care of her, that Michael Schiavo would slither away from public view and take a very low profile in life either for a very long time or permanently. However, Michael Schiavo seems to relish being on stage and is back in the public eye with a vengeance as an active participant in partisan politics with this Daily Kos DIARY. Ironically, this moral leper is doing his candidate, Ned Lamont, no favors with his open display of support in KOmmieland. In fact, his endorsement of Lamont may well backfire which makes it surprising that the KOmmies were so short sighted as to give Schiavo a political platform. As usual the KOmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, stifling the urge to yell "UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN!" at the moral leper, is in the [brackets]:

In the media and political circus surrounding my case a few people stood out. Tom Delay, of course. Rick Santorum and Bill Frist. President Bush.

And Joe Lieberman.

[And Michael Schiavo who obviously loves being in the public eye as now.]

Not only did Joe Lieberman support the illegal political intervention in the private and legally protected decisions of my family, he went out of his way to defend it. On national television.

So when I thought about going to Connecticut to remind voters what Joe Lieberman really thinks about family values and personal privacy, I didn't have to think too long.

[Michael loves being on display.]

Last Friday Ned Lamont and I stood between Connecticut's historic Capitol and Supreme Court speaking to reporters (video) about Joe Lieberman's disconnect from average Americans.

[Spoken by an expert on the subject of disconnect as in disconnecting feeding tubes.]

But it was Joe Lieberman's comment while I was in Connecticut with Ned Lamont that should show everyone Joe Lieberman still doesn't get it.

[Obviously you don't get that folks want you to fade away like a bad memory.]

According to press reports, Lieberman said, "It's time for politicians to let Terri Schiavo rest in peace."


[Really. So why are YOU stirring up that hornet's nest again, Michael?]

Mr. Lieberman, where was your sense of compassion for Terri last year when you went on "Meet the Press" to say politicians should get involved?

[And where is YOUR compassion to let let your wife rest in peace?]

Mr. Lieberman, you, Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Marilyn Musgrave and other right-wing politicians thought Terri was a prime political issue then.

[Michael using his Daily Kos brush to paint Lieberman as "right-wing."]

Mr. Lieberman, I must have missed your passionate speech on the Senate floor about how this issue, this case, my family was not a cause for politicians. I missed it, Senator, because you never gave such a speech.

When it came time to count hands and be heard, Mr. Lieberman, you threw in with Bill Frist and George Bush.

[You left out Karl Rove. BTW, who knew that Michael Schiavo would turn out to be such a left wing talking points looney?]

And now that you're in a fight for your political future and down in the polls you want politicians to "let Terri rest in peace."

[Like you're doing? All you are doing is riding Terri's death by starvation (thanx to you) to more self publicity.]

I'll bet you do, Mr. Lieberman.

[Something strange here about Joe Lieberman getting a morality lecture from the starver of wives.]

I bet you want nothing more than for voters in Connecticut to forget what you did and what you said. But I went to Hartford this week to make sure they would not. And I hope they do not.

[I sort of wanted to forget what you did to your wife but you won't let me.]

Ned Lamont, Mr. Lieberman, is everything you are not. He understands that our bedrooms, hospital rooms, hospices and churches are not where we want our government. Ned told me, and the voters of Connecticut, that this issue was one of the reasons he decided to run for Senate.

[If Lamont ends up losing to Lieberman, he has Schiavo to thank for openly endorsing him.]

He's right. And I have a feeling that the voters of Connecticut know it.

Ned Lamont has my full and unconditional support. And he needs yours too. If you haven't been to his website, please go. Volunteer, donate and get involved.

[Please GO AWAY, Michael!]

You can also help us keep the pressure on Lieberman and the other politicians who acted like he did. Visit my PAC website - TerriPAC. We need your help too.

[It looks like he is going to ride his wife's tragic death into a whole political career shtick. Too bad for Michael that politicians are going to end up asking him NOT to endorse them.]

With your continued help, we'll elect a great Governor in Florida and two new members of Congress in Colorado: Peggy Lamm and Angie Paccione. But TerriPAC is just getting started and we're counting on you to keep us going and let us know where we need to be next.

[Yup! Michael sure appears to exploiting his wife's death (due to his removal of her feeding tube) to ride his way into yet more political publicity. And now to read the reactions of his strongly supportive fellow KOmmies...]

He's NeoCon inside and out. He helped plan the Iraq crime. He helped sell it. He still utters nonsense about it. He's not for Connecticut.

[Any Democrat who is rational on the subject of Iraq MUST be purged from the Party.]

Neville Chamberlain worked with Hitler. Sometimes you have to stand up to crooks, liars and criminals, not "work with them."

[A typical KOmmie tactic---equating Bush with Hitler.]

Thanks for your diary Michael. Everytime I see people use religion for their political advantage, I want to send them to confession, have them say 1,000,000 Hail Mary's and genuflect until their knees fall off.

[How many Hail Mary's if you use your own wife's death (that you caused) for political advantage?]

Isn't Lieberman just about the smarmiest enabler you have ever seen? He's an oleaginous little suck-up to the man who stole the 2000 election from him and Al Gore. Wouldn't it make more sense for him to get Gore's issues now? Not if he already has plans to cross the floor and embrace his former tormentors ... a weasely, despicable little operator.

[Strange how the Democrats call for "bipartisanship" but when it really happens they get OUTRAGED.]

Mr Schiavo - After so many years of battling with the legal system, I'm amazed that you have it in you to keep fighting for justice. Thank you.

[Michael got addicted to the publicity which is why he just can't leave the limelight.]

Michael, there is no higher tribute you could give to the tragedy that was your wife's last years than to become politically involved, and in her name. She can live on in the political activity you support, in her memory. It is only if each and everyone of us stands up and says No! this country is governed by a rule of law, not of emotion that we can hope to retain our democracy.

[After the Left accused conservatives of politicizing the plight of Terri Schiavo, guess who is now proudly riding the publicity generated by her death?]

Thank you Michael. I remember you saying at Yearly Kos that you'd be happy to help sweep all those stuck their noses in your private family business. And I'm very glad to see you're doing it.

[Did Michael visit the Stratosphere Chocolate Fountain at the Vegas Yearly Kos party?]

why wasn't the decision of her family the one that counted?

[Because in the courts, Michael's determination to starve his wife overrode their desire to keep Terri alive.]

As a person who has personally suffered at the hands of the religious right, Mr. Schiavo has every reason to stump for Ned Lamont, and every reason to publicly excoriate Sen. Lieberman.

[No mention here of Mrs. Schiavo's sufferings at the hand of Mr. Schiavo.]

TerriPAC accepts Paypal. NICE. If only all the other campaign sites did too I wouldn't think twice about sending a few bucks their way on the spot (Lamont, DNC, MoveOn, WesPAC, etc).... How many of you haven't contributed to something because your wallet was in the other room and/or you're weary of putting your credit card number out there too many times? Just throwin' it out there to any of you working on any other campaign somewhere. Paypal is the key to winning back Congress....

[Michael's political PAC is just 10 PayPal dollars away from overturning Congress.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger steveegg said...

Who knew that Mikey was a KOmmie? </sarcasm>

7:57 AM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

I encourage *ALL* DUmmies to donate as much as they possibly can (and maybe even then some) to Michael Schiavo and his political action committee. Pony up, people.

Hey, after suppporting Bev Harris, what have you got to lose except more money? Your credibility is shot, your self-esteem should be gone, what the hell, donate, donate, donate.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only hope that he will stand up to pull the plug on the nut-roots when the time comes.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There ought to be a word for ghouls like Schiavo and Sheehan who get some sort of bizarre, almost sexual, satisfaction from exploiting the dead.

12:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"TerriPAC"? Any small bit of respect for this man I had before is now entirely gone. This is exploitation, there is no other way to put it.

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He understands that our bedrooms, hospital rooms, hospices and churches are not where we want our government."

Which is why they want the government to provide universal "health care" and they always campaign in black churches they wouldn't otherwise go near other than to pander for votes. Priceless!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something strange here about Joe Lieberman getting a morality lecture from the starver of wives.

Especially given that, agree or disagree with him, Lieberman is a moral guy. Schaivo, as he continues to prove, is amoral.

Strange how the Democrats call for "bipartisanship" but when it really happens they get OUTRAGED.

Not really. When they whinge for "bipartisanship", it's really just a temper tantrum for everyone else to do what they want. Compromise is only for other people.

Michael got addicted to the publicity which is why he just can't leave the limelight.

Glad to see someone else connected Sheehan, as well. Ride the death of a "loved one" (in the case of Schaivo, even cause it) into fame and fortune! The moonbat faction must be so proud.

10:42 AM  

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