Friday, June 23, 2006

"Democrats! Never defend. Never explain. Attack, attack, attack!"

Just as I figured, the closer we get to this November's elections, the more IRRATIONAL the Democrats are becoming. John Kerry yesterday brought the Democrats dangerously close to committing suicide with his soundly defeated Senate bill setting a FIRM deadline on withdrawal from Iraq. Several months ago, Dingy Harry (Reid) provided a soundbite sure to be used in this year's campaign in which he congratulated the Democrats for killing the Patriot Act only to have to later backtrack and support the Patriot Act. And John Murtha wants to station our troops on the outskirts of Iraq over at...Okinawa. However, it is not just the professional Democrats who are adept at destroying themselves. Let us give credit to the rank and file Democrats who nowadays are DOMINATED by looney leftists like those in DUmmieland. They are the ones who are doing everything in their power to discredit the Democrat Party in the public eye such as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Democrats! Never defend. Never explain. Attack, attack, attack!" Therefore the DUmmies are calling for the Democrats to toss away any reasoned debate in favor of blind attack. Oh, and what ever happened to their previous calls for a "civil discourse?" I guess that call is simply flushed down the toilet when the Republicans keep winning in election after election and on issue after issue. So let us now watch the DUmmies go into the angry crybaby mode in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching them soil their diapers once again, is in the [brackets]:

Democrats! Never defend. Never explain. Attack, attack, attack!

[Democrats! Never be rational! Cry, cry, cry!]

Listen to me, Democrats! Never defend. Never explain. Attack, attack, attack! When a right-winger accuses you of something, back up, reframe, ignore the charges, just ATTACK. How hard can this be? Ann Coulter doesn’t waste her time defending herself against our accusations. Neither does Rush Limbaugh. They launch their attacks and the terms of the debate are set from there, and once again, as liberals, we are bringing knives to a gun fight.

[Listen to me, Democrats! When faced with rational debate, don't respond. Just cover your ears with your hands and screech as loud as possible. Just SCREAM. How hard can this be?]

Once legitimate political discourse is completely killed off in this country, we enter very dangerous times.


No, it will force them to deal with issues if we beat them at their own game. I've been saying this for years. The dittoheads and others out there like them who can not think critically only think and believe what the person who screams the loudest says. I agree with the original poster, this is the way to fight back. People won't even remember most of what is alleged but they will remember how confident, strong and uncowardly the screamer appears. That's what most people vote for, the fiercest screamers. It has nothing to do with truth (as you should be able to tell from the polls that show 60% still believe Iraq had WMDs and that Saddam was responsible for 9/11, as Cheney and other continue to scream.) The Rethugs have called Dems cowards and that label sticks because the Dems don't scream back "What conflict did you serve in?" Dems need to live up to the "angry tag" they laid on us a while back. You're damn right we are angry! Angry about our soldiers dying becuase we were lied to by the administration. Angry that the most wealthy keep getting tax breaks and Fed subsidies while working Americans can't get a minimum wage increase. and on and on. We need to do some name calling, screaming, scratching, and bitchin!

[Scream louder than Republicans. That way we win people to our side. YEEEEEEEAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!]

We are losing anyway, as far as I can tell why not embarass the assholes while we lose

[We are losing anyway so why not make COMPLETE fools of ourselves while we lose.]

Why don't we call the FCC when they spout??

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And complain about WHAT? That the Republicans are mean because they talk about the issues?]

Would someone please explain to me why we aren't doing this?

[Psst! In case you haven't already are.]

Rove is going after the Dems' strength -- Bush's Iraq -- and the Dems are falling into the trap. Cut and run, my ass. They have got to come to grips with the fact that we are dealing with junior high school mentality (GOP+MSM) and we need to step up the caustic rhetoric in sound byte size and repeat it over and over and over and over and over again. Surely Rove has taught us that lesson.

[We are going to act like a bunch of irrational crybabies...and it's all Rove's fault.]

Making nice is for the party that refuses to win. America is too dumbed down and has the hots for hate. It's the hand we are playing, so lets play already!

[The DUmmie image of America: DUmb and hateful. So they are going to play to that illusion.]

We need to spend our time calling them to the mat to defend their hypocrisy, warmongering, and corruption, instead of trying to debate the issues and defend baseless claims and talking points on their terms! Fight back, damnit!!!

[To hell with reasoned debate. Just SCREECH LOUDER DAMNIT!!!]

Under normal condition, civil discourse would be appropriate... However, these are not "normal times". We have an opposition that aims to knock you down and grind their boot in your face. We must fight back accordingly.

[So much for the "civil discourse" shtick that the Democrats kept harping on in their Holier-Than-Thou mode back in the '90s.]

If a republican told me: 'I was a traitor who didn't support the troops'. I'd ask'em: When was the last time someone told you to take your piece of shit opinions and shove'em up you piece of shit ass, motherf*cker? The secret to a good offense is an infinite amount of contempt.

[A DUmmie apparently eager to commit suicide.]

In any discussion with right wingers, you must always reject their premise and re-frame the debate. For as anyone who has spent any time debating with right wing radicals realizes, most all their framing points are false to begin with. It's very easy to reject them and re-frame.

["Reframe the debate" is the latest DUmmie buzzphrase meaning "Avoid the debate."]

Yellow bellied, draft dodging, awol, sons of bitches.

[It looks like your harness restraining strap fell off my little Rabid One.]

Stay on the offensive and the debate is yours. You don't win a boxing match by blocking punches and hoping your opponent gets weak. You bust a left and a right and keep smacking the hell out of them till they land on their ass!

[Ah! You choose the rational subtle approach.]

If you were a democrat in mississippi... You would know how lame this republican light bulsshit is. If you are a veteran and your opponent wasn't , go mediaval on this bullshit. Jesus H. You have the upper hand, your opinion is legit, veterans have the right to tell me about war. I would never talk like rove does to kerry. Kerry should have put on his old combat boots, and said" Fuck you candyass, fat f*cks screaming for war. Put your ass on the line and we'll talk. How DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU! keery would have CARRIED the SOUTH. When those f*cks called him out, and he didn't say DICK. He lost that moment!!!

[Open wide for the lithium drops.]

I am drunk , and live in Mississippi . We are RIGHT<> IF we didn't look like cowtowing PUSSIES <>

[Angry DRUNKEN DUmmie posts are always the FUnniest!]

The perception managers want Democrats to feel helpless, to portay them to Independents as weak, and to portray them to Republicans as the weird kid who always gets his lunch money stolen.

[The perception managers don't even need to bother portraying you as irrational, childish, and INSANE with rage.]

We need to stop taking this abuse. We have the numbers. We are up against a Goliath of twisted evil and corruption. Instead of 'fighting them over there'--we're gonna have to fight the evil right here at home. Home-grown...and it's out-of-control.

[Poor widdle DUmmie is feeling abused. Awwww...]

Lately; I just start spouting filth and cursing. Case in point; I was posting a reply the other day to a freeper's response to a youtube video. Instead of a consise and thoughtful counter explanation, I wrote a 100 word 'your penis is so small...' response. I went back a little while later and another freeper wrote to my response 'I didn't read anywhere that sex was part of this...' Duh, neither are the responses that your side puts up. Not sexual, but in the 'it don't mean a thing catagory.' Screw them. They can't use curse or cuss words because their sites are run by fundies. But does that mean we'll be prayed against and wink out of existence? Bring it on!

["They" don't use curse or cuss words because "they" don't NEED to in order to make their case.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Good.... GOOOOD... This is the penultimate act prior to physical assaults... Let your hatred take control... Yes... Yessssssss.

What a bunch of pansies.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they screamed any louder they wouldn't have boices left...

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm only here for the helicopter :)

4:41 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

If you haven't seen it yet, Charles at Little Green Footballs has a post up from a conservative reporter at the NYT (I know, couldn't believe it myself). He responds to Markos "Mentos" Zunigas rantings.

Best line is when he calls the Kostards a "squadron of rabid lambs".

It's an excellent article. LOL

8:51 PM  

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