Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"U.S. Military Coup happened today"

Did you know that we had a military coup last Friday? If you blinked your eyes you might have missed it. However, DUmmie LeftHander was perceptive enough to spot that elusive military coup as you can see in his THREAD titled, "U.S. Military Coup happened today - BushCo is Toast." I made fun of DUmmie Steve2470 for merely speculating, Would the military intervene to save us? DUmmie LeftHander has gone him one further by stating that the military coup has already happened but we just didn't notice it. Upon what does DUmmie LeftHander base his premise of an invisible military coup? Amazingly he speculates that it happened in large part because Jeff Gannon came out of the closet last week. Yeah, and I guess if Mr. Slave on South Park has a sex change operation that will mean that the military has invaded Canada although nobody but DUmmie LeftHander would have noticed it. More than likely DUmmie LeftHander's hyperactive imagination ran away with him when he rented the "Seven Days In May" DVD and noticed that the calendar said it was May. BINGO! He put two and two together and came up with seven as in "Seven Days In May" which means we MUST have had a military coup, unnoticed by anybody except him. So let us now enjoy the comedic entertainment of DUmmie LeftHander making the case out of nothing that we really really did have a military coup in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, trying to picture General Hayden as James Mattoon Scott, is in the [brackets]:

U.S. Military Coup happened today - BushCo is Toast

[The military coup happened so fast that only DUmmie LeftHander noticed it.]

No mistake about it.

[If you say so, it MUST have happened. Continue with the laugh lines.]

The U.S. Military just put the skids on BushCo. the dots....connect them....

[I've connected the dots and it shows the outline of your empty skull.]

Gannon comes out as gay and a gay escort.

[So if Barney Frank goes straight, would that mean the coup attempt has failed?]

Goss resigns.

The FBI investigating a Watergate Sex scandal.

Cheney threatens Russia.

[We stand by in awe as DUmmie LeftHander proceeds to list and connect the dots...]

Condi, MSM have been shilling for Iran military resolution.

Multiple retired generals still alive criticize BushCo.

BushCo blatently challenging the constitution with sigining statements, torture and NSA spying.

["Facts, Hercule, facts, behind them lays the whole fabric of deductive truth. Now, Hercule let us examine these facts..."]

Too much for some of the JTS. (Joint Chiefs of Staff)

[Here they come to save the day!]

The U.S. military has officially stop obeying the Bush administration. Just as he divided the American public so too has he divided the Military leadership. We are all cut of the same cloth.

["And if you want to talk about your oath of office, I'm here to tell you face to face, President Lyman, that you violated that oath when you stripped this country of its muscles - when you deliberately played upon the fear and fatigue of the people and told them they could remove that fear by the stroke of a pen. And then when this nation rejected you, lost faith in you, and began militantly to oppose you, you violated that oath by not resigning from office and turning the country over to someone who could represent the people of the United States."]

No need to freak out. We all know where the real power is. It is the U.S. Military and it is is dysfunctional at best but it knows where it's true alligence lays. The Constitution.

[True. Article 69 of the Constitution provides for a military coup when the DUmmies get upset.]

It was only a matter of time before the right promises and threats were made.

["If you military people overthrow the evil Bush regime, we DUmmies promise that we won't treat you like dirt for one day per year."]

Make no mistake. There are some high ranking military types that will no doubt people will turn up dead....This will be the sign that the Military took the advice of DU and choose the side of preserving the constitution over protecting the interests of the robber barons.

[Yes, the military closely monitors DUmmieland for inspirational reasons, not low comedy.]

There were direct statements on this board that discussed the role and responsibility of the military in preserving the constitution of these United States. We've have been heard. And we should be glad. The last thing anyone wants is a popular revolt, where the military is called in to kill citizens. That is where we were heading. Clearer heads have prevailed and BushCo is finished.

[Isn't it wonderful! We just had a military coup that no one noticed!]

The military code puts the constitution first before obeying the President. They could always play that card with GW.

[Follow the constitution by staging an unconstitutional military coup. DUmmie reasoning at its finest...and FUnniest.]

They just did, today May 5th 2006.

[Sorry. I blinked that day so I didn't notice.]

A democracy is only as stong as the loyalty of the military to it's constitution. Thank the troops and our dedicated military leaders to recognize that BushCo were liars and thieves set to demolish America.

[Please thank the troops for the military coup that no one noticed. And now on to more comedy from the other DUmmies...]

Huh-wah? What military coup? Link??

[Huh-wah? What military coup? If you send me the link then that will confirm it happened even though I didn't see anything about it in the news.]

What exactly are you talking about? Nero and his cronies are still in power. Let me know when Army tanks are parked on the White House lawn, and then we can talk coup.

[Don't worry. As soon as DUmmie LeftHander can send the link then that will PROVE it happened despite total lack of news coverage of this momentous event.]

Give me a break...there is no way the perception of a coup would be allowed to happen.

[Oh, I see, DUmmie LeftHander. The military coup actually happened. It's just the PERCEPTION of it that didn't happen.]

What did I miss?

[The military coup. It REALLY happened. However, because the PERCEPTION of the military coup wasn't allowed, you missed seeing it.]

guess i am not able to connect these dots!!

[The dots run from Jeff Gannon's closet all the way to DUmmie LeftHander's empty skull with a pitstop in the Twilight Zone.]

You lost me... what are you referring to that happened today?

[A military coup, oh, and the earth torn apart by a giant meteor impact. Now go back to sleep.]

Here let me explain... Gannon gained his stature and access to the WHite House by having dirt on congress and others for the Watergate prostitution scandal now being investigated by the FBI.

Gannon admits that he is gay today and thus validates all the specualtion about his placement in the WH press.

Scotty has resigned....I conclude Scotty knew a lot about gannon.

The Watergate "Duke" sex for influence scandal reaches way back when Gannon was a gay escort for hire. He was hired.

this is the "ace in the hole"....the Military went along with BushCo for as long as it did taking a wait and see attitude. Many in the Military higher ups were bought and sold on BushCo. Many weren't. It was this battle that waged and Bush lost himselft by allowing Cheney too much leverage. Bush being the shallow idealistic frat boy was drunk with the power of being President. But it was Dick that has long been the dangerous one. Even G HW Bush could not predict Cheney's ambition.

The basic fact is...the GOP....the NeoCons are emasculated. The presidency is now under control of the Military....they have the best interest of preseving this nation and they will do so.

[Thanx for connecting all those dots, DUmmie LeftHander, while providing the bellylaughs.]

Perhaps I missed something

[I think it's called "sanity."]

This is not specualtion....but logical conclusion....
How does a known male escort, former military, gain access to the White House? DU has always been about connecting the dots and we've been right time and time again. It doesn;t matter what you think happened. In the end...The democrats are taking charge this Novemeber. Bush is emacualted. The GOP in congress is going to be mostly in jail.... that is the outcome of this bloodless coup.

[DUmmie LeftHander elaborating on the dot connecting of a military coup that no one but him knows has happened.]

I'm wondering if you have some inside info, but I must admit that deep in my heart I've wished for something like this since well about 2002. I've thought surely there must be someone(s) out there doing some planning to do SOMETHING to stop this march to hell the neocons have been leading. I hope, pray, wish, and yearn for what you say to be true.

[Yes, Dorothy. Just close your eyes, lean back, and click your heels together three times while repeating: "I WISH there will be a military coup! I WISH there will be a military coup! I WISH there will be a military coup!"]

Most of our military doesn't even know what the Constitution is. And for sure they haven't read it and if they did 70% would not understand it.

[Great! You WISH for the military to save you via a coup while at the same time mocking them for being almost illiterate. For this you win the DUmmie Diplomacy Award.]

We were in a constitutional crisis.

America was at the brink of becoming a fascist single party state. Only the Military stood in the way. And Bush and Rumsfeld tried very hard to ensure that they could control all layers of the military.

the thing they did not understand and I think that many do not understand is that the military mind is duty and honor bound. And that duty is first to uphold the constituition. thankfully even our founding fathers recognized this and made sure that the military was bound not to an individual but and idea....

it took a while for this to sink in. Because BushCo has been as effective on the Military as they were on the media and the public. Rumsfeld and Cheney were both long time military cilvilian leaders and understood how to manipulate it. What they did not figure is that ultiamtely the military if beholden to the constituton first not the Presidency. Breaking the chain of command in the military is not easy.

But it was done today.

[Are you connecting the dots, DUmmie LeftHander, or presenting a movie pitch for "V for Vendetta II"?]

Rawstory had a Gannon story today but their site is down right now, so I can't link it.

[Hurry up and link it so I can BEEEEEELEEEEEVE we had a military coup!]

This is the most fascinating and unnerving thread I've ever read on DU.

[Or the most surrealistically HILARIOUS thread.]

Either pass that pipe....
or put it down and back away....slowly.

[Taking a hit on the crack pipe certainly does help in connecting the dots.]

This is very speculative. Please
feel free to repost when you have
a link from a reputable source.

[Locking.... This thread is leaving DUmmieland wide open for yet another satirical edition of the DUmmie FUnnies making us all look like complete fools. Please feel free to repost when you have achieved a modest level of sanity.]


Blogger Mr. Right said...

I can't buy into this thread as legit --- this has to be satire! No one could be this paranoid, delusional and idiotic and still be roaming around free! Then again, this is DUmmieland we are talking about...

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always wonder if Dummies give themselves extra points for making Dummie Funnies. Thats got to be it.

5:01 PM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

steve2470 started mugging for the DUmmie FUnnies with increasinly bizarre posts after I featured a couple of his threads last year. As a result, I had to ban him from appearing in the DUmmie FUnnies until this year when he returned to his NATURAL lunacy. I only take AUTHENTICALLY Looney DUmmie posts. When they strive to appear in the DUmmie FUnnies by trying too hard, I have to suspend them like I did with DUmmie steve2470.

However, I believe that DUmmie LeftHander is an AUTHENTIC loon.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing -- this guy must be trolling for his own laughs.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

Hey, I get them all riled up on occasion. My only problem is I can't get too far out there cause I only have 180 or so posts

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So first the military is plannign a coup, then they hope the Army sides with the Dummies, now the coup has happened insecret?

Drink the KoolAid boys.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Hold on everybody!!!
The coup has been thwarted... I repeat, THE COUP HAS BEEN THWARTED!

Jeeeez, why doesn't the MSM report any of these things?!?


2:44 AM  

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