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DUmmie FUnnies 01-03-06 ("You do realize that Bush is never going to be impeached, Right?")

One of the biggest NUTJOBS in DUmmieland is the infamous DUmmie benburch and in that perpetual asylum that is saying a lot. And since benburch is such an extremist whacko, this also makes him a RICH source of comedic material for the DUmmie FUnnies (and don't forget to nominate the DUmmie FUnnies for MOST HUMOROUS WEBLOG at the 2006 BLOGGIES AWARDS) as you can see in his THREAD titled, "You do realize that Bush is never going to be impeached, Right?" Yes, I know what you're thinking after reading that title. It actually sounds like DUmmie benburch is a candidate for a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity. However, remember this is DUmmie benburch we are talking about so I assure you that he WON'T dissapoint in the kookiness department as you will soon discover, Dear Reader. As usual the benburch & friends rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, once again annoyingly reminding you about those Weblog nominations (VOTE DUmmie FUnnies---Most Humorous Weblog), is in the [brackets]:

You do realize that Bush is never going to be impeached, Right?

[Hurry, DUmmie benburch! Post your kookie followup before you get Tombstoned for typing such a controversial statement in DUmmieland!]

He has finally put himself above the law, and too many in his own party fear him (as people feared Stalin) to ever allow us to get the margin required to impeach in the House or to convict in the Senate.

[Yes, Republican congressman fear the dreaded Bushco Chekhists coming to take them away in the middle of the night.]

Further he is going to use that power to throw all the '06 elections to Republicans that can be stolen by any means, not JUST electronic voting fraud, but brownshirt intimidation tactics, "felons" lists, stolen ballot boxes, fraudulent mail-ins, etc, with secure knowledge that nobody will ever be prosecuted for those crimes because the Party has the fix in.

[Felons lists, stolen ballot boxes, fraudulent mail-ins? Bush must have been closely studying Democrat election practices in such places as Milwaukee, St. Louis, Seattle, and a host of other cities.]

Problem is we have no plan to make sure we will have a fair election.

[I'm sure you will come up with a doozie of a plan, DUmmie benburch.]

Unless we come up with a plan, it is doubtful that Bush will even leave power in '08 as I'm sure he will find some hidden power to keep himself there "On an emergency basis."

[Bush plans on staying on in the White House until 2021...just like Hugo Chavez who has actually declared that he plans to stay on that long in Venezuela even though his term of office CONSTITUTIONALLY ends in a couple of years from now.]

I am currently thinking that a "labor revolution" is what we chiefly need; Slow down, be an obstructionist, strike, quit, demonstrate. Make it understood that we either have a fair election or we stop the wheels of the economy.

[WOO! HOO! I was hoping you would come thru with something truely wackie, benburch, and you have REDEEMED yourself beautifully!!!]

I said it would have to be labor to bring these felons down
before the 2004 election. You and I are on the same wave length. However, since then labor has gotten weaker, especially since people desperate for jobs are willing to work for less because the jobs that were formerly union are being subcontracted out. I see it happening in my own county here.

It's a lot like the Third Reich. Hitler brought some sort of prosperity to Germany, but it was hand to mouth prosperity. I'm wondering when we are going to get jobs increases like this in the future, work but for lousy wages.

[It will happen right after Albert Speer is installed as the Secretary of Commerce.]

Hand to mouth economy is the key point here- Most Americans are already struggling to"put food on their families" as our modern
day Antoinette so blithely quipped some years ago.The day to day living standard has become so precarious for so many that they have given up on issues like healthcare, education and other social structures imperative to an empowered citizenry. They are just trying to survive the escalating cost of living in an escalating outsourced economy. The multi national corporates are not paying taxes into the economy, they are hiding their money in offshore accounts, which is what they have been doing in other countries they operatein for YEARS. They are now doing it here, thanks to Clinton and Bush. Most people would be completely ruined if they lost a paycheck under the new credit card laws and bankruptcy laws. There will be no uprising- people are too exhausted by their struggle to keep afloat. We are heading for a national Katrina-ville. It won't happen overnight- it will be gradual and systematic. It is already evident to anyone paying attention, as many on DU are.

[Pray for a 1930s type Depression to bring down Bush!]

The BFEE is the tip of the global chicanery iceberg, so to speak. It is what is under the water that buoys them that we must defeat, and that is not going to be easy with a population too beaten down by day to day living to even think about such things.

[The BFEE is just 10 stomach filling potatoes away from being defeated.]

The Robertsons and Falwells, the Kennedys and the Dobsons can always be counted on to do their utmost to support this failed regime by offering pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die, promising people that paradise awaits them no matter how awful things become here.

[I'm looking forward to my 72 virgins in Paradise.]

I honestly think they can only go so far with that crap.
When Mr. White Redneck is looking at pawning his Game Cube to buy food for his kids because his job was outsourced, when he's drowning in credit card debt and the rules just keep getting tighter, when he's in danger of losing his house, when almost everyone he knows is laid off and those pitiful tiny tax breaks are just a distant memory (as they are already---and tiny because he isn't wealthy), the gay/religion thing can only go so far.

[I'll trade you my Game Cube for two potatoes.]

If, for instance, all labor unions would encourage their rank and file to use an absentee paper ballot, compelling their being hand-counted, the number would be nationally significant, given labor's propensity to vote.

[Too bad that labor unions only constitute a small percentage of the total workforce nowadays my Living-In-The-Past DUmmie.]

The destruction that the elite have perpetuated
on the global economy and power structure will take decades to reverse- and unfortunately, I do not believe for one minute that
impeaching Bush would stop the forward motion of
the neocon agenda. They would simply replace him with
another member of their elite circle, who knows, maybe
someone even worse.I think we should prepare ourselves for that
possibility. These people are playing for keeps and really don't care how many of us become collateral damage in the expansion of the emipre.I don't think that is a defeatist view- I think it is a realistic assessment.

[A realistic assessment as viewed thru a Bolshevik lens.]

In the over all sense, if you break it down and look at the
odds, there are basically three or four distinct groups in the population.

1. Those who have no clue and still think this is about fighting "evil."

2. Those who have a clue, but still don't fully understand.

3. Those who COMPLETELY understand and refuse to go down quietly.

4 Those who completely understand and will do what it takes to survive.

[5. Those who are completely clueless and will continue to unwittingly contribute fantastic DUFU material. (Don't forget about those Bloggie Awards Nominations.)]

What upsets me is that there's people around here who feel like we shouldn't even try it at all. That's the same as saying you've been defeated when you haven't even gone up for a challenge.

[Don't you hear the BFEE soundtruck outside? "GIVE UP! YOU HAVE NO HOPE! ALL YOUR VOTES BELONG TO DIEBOLD!!]

The Patriot Acts, the Executives Orders being passed
in the still of the night along with increased narrowing of those who control the use of technology are all factors in why some people may just become too overwhelmed to fight- and simply choose to do what they need to to survive and take care of their immediate circle of loved ones.

[You're going to need to trade your Game Cube for potatoes just so your loved ones can survive.]

I believe that congress will not impeach Bush, unless they see firsthand how many people want dimson out of office. And the only was to do this is with massive protests and marches on Washington. Congress doesn't think there is enough anti Bush sentiment, and they don't believe the level com communication the net & blogs provide. I propose doing two things at the same time: have a "blog march" on Washington in the Spring. Spread the word on all blogs and get a million or so to march to remove Bush from office.

[Blog March On Washington. The THIRD Day when Everything Finally Changed.]

There is just no way that a repuke congress is going to impeach a repuke president. To believe it is going to happen is like believing a the flat earth society, or the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus.

[I BEEEEELEEEEVE in the Easter Bunnie! I even saw a Big Blue Easter Bunnie who looked like Lurch during the 2004 campaign. I BEEEEEEEELEEEEEEVE!!!]

Oh yes, he WILL be impeached!
After the Democrats win back the House and Senate in November.

[Having those visions of the Easter BUnnie again, eh?]

As I said, I support a worker's revolt. There are limits to what he can do when people will simply not cooperate with the system. He can send out strikebreakers, and he can kill some of us, but if we have the resolve to be unmoved, then that method will bring him down eventually. We all know that most Americans disapprove of him. If we could get even a third of all Americans to slow down, obstruct, strike, walk off, quit, and protest, then we have them by the balls.

[What will be YOUR contribution to the worker's revolt, DUmmie benburch? Shutting off your computer?]

Worker's revolt? Hell Ben... I can't even get the parents at my kid's school to protest the illegal actions of the administration at the school!

[That's a scene I would LOVE to see---You trying to get parents at your kid's school protesting against Bush at the school. Did they isolate you in a quiet schoolroom after you made a fool of yourself?]

Bush's own party will probably hurry up and impeach him just so they won't lose the White House in the '06 elections by impeachment when they all get replaced in 2007.

[Make up your minds. First we hear that there is absolutely no chance of impeaching Bush. Now we are hearing that the Democrats can sit back and relax because the Republicans themselves will do the job for them. I want to know since I need to figure out whether I'll have to trade my Game Cube for food.]

I like the labor revolution, though.

[Me too! It's the FUnniest of all the bizarre scenarios.]

please, don't say he'll never be impeached. it's one of the few things i live for!

[Hang in there pardner! We will continue to give you false hope!]

This time "Do a Ukraine"!

[Wear an orange tutu in public!]

Wow...defeatism, CT, fantasy, and empty call for revolution all... rolled up into one post. Perhaps it is time for YOU to give up, Ben.

[Shhh! Don't discourage benburch! He is a valued source of rich comedy material. So much so that I consider him one of the key factors in getting the DUFUs nominated for Most Humorous Weblog for the 2006 Bloggies Awards. Oh, and may I have your nomination vote?]


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