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DUmmie FUnnies 01-03-06 ("Why were Atta and 9/11 muslim hijackers on Abramoff's casino boat?")

Anybody who lives in South Florida would have to laugh at the title of this DUmmie THREAD, "Why were Atta and 9/11 muslim hijackers on Abramoff's casino boat?" They are, of course, referring to the Sun Cruz Casino boat. Yes, perhaps Atta and some of the other hijackers were aboard the Sun Cruz Casino boat but so were tons of others. It isn't like the Sun Cruz was known to only a few folks out here. At one time, Sun Cruz billboards were all over town with thousands of people taking their gambling cruise to nowhere primarily because our local legislators were too clueless to LEGALIZE casino gambling, thus opening up enormous opportunities for such casino boats. However, leave it up to the DUmmies to dream up tinfoil hat conspiracy theories involving Abramoff and the hijackers, timed to come out just as Abramoff made his guilty pleas. Perhaps we should also indict the owner of the strip club where the hijackers gathered to get in one last lap dance before meeting their 72 virgins in Paradise. So point your tinfoil hat antennas in the direction of DUmmieland to receive their latest bizarre signals. As usual the tinfoil hat DUmmie conspiracy theories are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, about to undergo an IHOP overdose, is in the [brackets]:

Why were Atta and 9/11 muslim hijackers on Abramoff's casino boat?

[Perhaps they mistakenly thought they could score a lap dance from Abramoff?]

Hmm, Muslim hijackers who partied it up with a stripper and cocaine, liked pork chops (see http://tinyurl.com/dkxv3 ), went to a bar the night before they were going to meet Allah , and, as if that wasn't enough, we now find out some of them also went out for "tours to nowhere" on casino boats, and not just any old casino boat, but one owned by lobbyist du jour Jack Abramoff. Why it is almost enough to make a person a conspiracy theorist.

[Hmmm...Let us overlook the fact that the Sun Cruz Casino was the BIGGEST casino boat in South Florida and just turn it all into a wacko conspiracy theory.]

When are all these dots going to connect!

[When we add in the payoffs to Harry Reid.]

It's more like IHOP

[IHOP is where you go before boarding the Sun Cruz Casino boat.]

Grover Norquist is well known to be connected to many terrorists.

[A fact well established in the Alternate Reality known as DUmmieland.]

How big are these boats? I mean are they floating casinos or what?

[HUGE. Big enough to accomodate every REAL member of DUmmieland and still have lots of room to spare.]

Is the Israeli mob being revealed?

[Working with Muslim extremists? You need to work overtime to weave together that conspiracy theory.]

Like all good warmongers, these traitors play both sides of the street. On one side, we find Casino Jack Abramoff working the knobs off of AIPAC's VIP list. On the other side, we find Grover Norquist working the knobs of OPEC's VIP list. These bastards want permanent war -- or until the last of their enemies is dead, which means the last free human.

[Israelis and Muslim extremists working together to kill everybody. Yes, your tinfoil hat is certainly glowing bright red now.]

come on this can't be true. they wouldn't be that sloppy would they?

[They never counted on the brilliance of the DUmmie tinfoil hatters to piece together the conspiracy.]

What's the source of this information? I'd love to believe it, but I don't want to do a Dan Rather on this...

[The info is rock solid. Lucy Ramirez was the source.]

AP was one of the sources

[Correct and here was the AP story from Sept. 26, 2001:

"TAMPA, Fla. - SunCruz Casinos has turned over photographs and other documents to FBI investigators after employees said they recognized some of the men suspected in the terrorist attacks as customers.Michael Hlavsa, chairman of the gambling cruise company, said Wednesday two or three men linked to the Sept. 11 hijackings may have been customers on a ship that sailed from Madeira Beach on Florida's gulf coast."

So this is OLD NEWS and involved only a couple of the terrorists. However, that is enough to set the tinfoil hats glowing.]

Gee, 9/26/01 article says photos and docs turned over to FBI.
What do you think happened to those photos and documents once they were turned over to the FBI?

[Placed in a filing cabinet?]

Is there any evidence they haven't mauled, hidden or destroyed by now?

[No but we have plenty of evidence that your brain was mauled, hidden, and destroyed by now.]

Remember when Condi, under 9/11 Commission oath, said-
And I paraphrase, "We never thought they'd use planes as weapons?" How does that square with Bush taking a portable SAM battery with him to Florida?

[I thought he took a Double A Battery with him to Florida.]

IE - Further evidence of linkage between terrorists and GOP
If -- and based on the current state of evidence, we must stress the word "if" -- if further evidence links Mohammed Atta to G.O.P.-friendly shady operators, then many lingering questions may find an answer. Among those questions: Why was the ABLE DANGER team told to steer clear of Atta?

[Better ask that question of the Clinton Pentagon lawyers who ordered them to steer clear of Atta in September 2000.]

ok, ok i give...
what does MIHOP and LIHOP stand for?

[If you have to ask that probably means you need to be Tombstoned.]

i personally asked Bob kerry of the 9/11 commission why jeb was never put under oath about this ..he would not answer me.. i also personally handed a copy of this to Al Frankin at the democratic convention..he has never reported on it!

[Because even they think you are a LOON, DUmmie flyarm.]

Christ does it ever end? I know this is all good news for the Dems

[Isn't it WUNDERFUL! Now the Dems can pin 9-11 on the EVIL GOP. Go ahead. Pin it. Make my day!]

And what thrill could gambling possibly hold for men about to go on a suicide mission??

[Lapdancing does seem to be their vice of choice.]

Uh huh.........This doesn't surprise me a bit!
I figured Bush was in on an inside job 911, all along.

[You're soooo perceptive! I guess they couldn't pull the wool over the eyes of a genius like you.]

After reading the posts on this thread, something else came to me. Shortly after 9/11, Time Magazine ran a story on the event. There were lots of photos. The focus was on how the administration reacted to it. What happened? in those first few hours of the attack. There were photos of Cheney watching a TV monitor with the building coming down. Rice was there. Bush was strangely gone. I don't think I saw one photo of him. I can't remember what the reason was. Maybe security? Anyway, the article described Cheney in the aftermath of the horror. It said he was "cool, composed, took control of the situation right away". It was very complimentary, said he "showed his managerial side", was "gruff with aides", "had a very short temper in those first few hours". But they meant, how awesome to have good leadership when we needed it most.Leadership? I wonder. You know, now that I think of it, Cheney had a very strange cock-eyed smile. You know, the one?

[Cheney's strange cock-eyed smile is the KEY to the whole MIHOP conspiracy!]

9:35 he was evacuated from his office, says Newsweek,
and adds that he dawdled through the tunnel so he didn't get to the bunker 'til 9:58. But Mineta said Cheney was already in the bunker when he got there at 9:20, and Mineta's timeline is corrobarated by Richard Clarke's and by WHY photographer Richard Bohrer.

[Are you sure Cheney wasn't aboard the Sun Cruz Casino during that timeframe?]

Okay, they live in South Florida, the casino is there too
and they went aboard to gamble. Strange, but not evidence of a conspiracy. They also bought their plane tickets from computers in Kinkos, do you think Kinkos is also involved somehow? I'm not one for the "official story", and maybe Abramoff had some part in 9/11? But the fact of their going aboard his casino ship is not evidence of anything other than some Arabs gambling on his boat.


Why would anyone planning a suicide want to go gambling?
That makes ZERO sense.

[Especially since everybody knows that the terrorist recreational activity of choice is lapdancing.]


[Yeah. That gambling boat tour by a couple of terrorists is ROCK SOLID evidence to jail Bush NOW!!!]


Blogger dilbertgeg said...


Since Islam is way more strict than Southern Baptist, ISLAMIC EXTREEEEMISTS WOULD ESPECIALLY NOT BE COMMITTING HEINOUS SEXUAL SINS JUST DAYS BEFORE PLANNING TO KNOWINGLY GO ON A FINAL JOURNEY TO MEET ALLAH. That would surely fuck up the 72 Virgins thing (which I heard was a western myth about Islam, but jes sayin').

Only Arab infidels would live such slutty lives, hanging out at a flight school run by the Cocaine Import Agency, and getting lapdances (and obviously pussy too).


By definition, Arab infidels who actually LIKED nasty American sluts and gambling would be least likely candidates for killing themselves in a flying fireball for any reason (no more booze and sluts for you, dead guy), least of all for a mythical Allah which they would not believe in.

Any good detective in real life or on TV like Colombo could figure that out.

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