Thursday, December 29, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 12-29-05 ("Do you think bush will be impeached?")

Yeah, yeah. I know. Yet ANOTHER DUmmie thread about chimpeachment is being featured here. One really good reason for this concentration on chimpeachment themed threads is simply the total OBSESSION the DUmmies now have on this topic. Check out DUmmieland. There is now thread after thread about chimpeachment. The DUmmies are so obsessed by chimpeachment that they are now flooding the Democrats in Congress demanding this action take place PRONTO! Of course, Democrat demands for chimpeachment will prove to be poison at the polls as an issue for the Democrats which is why I enjoy reading all the DUmmie threads on this subject. Oh, and as to my use of the term, "chimpeachment," I have appropriated that name from the DUmmies. They have used "chimpeachment" as a way to mock Bush (aka Chimpus Khan) but I like the term because it mocks the whole notion of impeachment which the DUmmies also want to extend to the entire Bush administration and members of Congress down to the point where Kerry can be inaugurated as President. So let us now watch the DUmmies ponder the possibilities of chimpeachment in this THREAD titled, "Do you think bush will be impeached?" As usual the desperate DUmmie chimpeachment hopes are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, highly entertained by the antics of the DUmmie constitutional scholars, is in the [brackets]:

Do you think bush will be impeached?

[Please use proper DUmmie terminology: "chimpeached."]

Yeah we all know that he SHOULD but do you think he WILL?

[Yes. The chances of chimpeachment are excellent...somewhere between nil and none.]

not really.


Yeppers... Karma, baby!
We've reached a critical mass... we control them. Don't doubt it and they won't either.

[A critical ass reaches critical mass.]

Right on! That's we need more of around here, some positive attitude and FAITH!


The revolution is within... without war, there is no peace... yin and yang. We each need to find peace within ourselves, so that we can project it to the world. Enough of us have done this, we've already won the battle and we did it all ourselves. Now we just have to keep possesion of the reality (see Suskind's "we're an empire now and we create our own reality")... meaning the next staged attack, all of us should be screaming at the top of our lungs who did it!

[YUP! That's just the ticket. Create your own reality and you can BEEEEEELEEEEVE that John Kerry was inuagurated on Jan. 20....or that chimpeachment will take place.]

Well said, again. I think that place of peace within is so important. I agree that the real fight at this point seems to be to define reality. Our nightmares will exist as long as we cannot visualize a place beyond them clearly enough to see the blueprints from here to there. Once our minds are permeated with the blueprints, the truth, then our words and actions will also be, and the world can have a way out of the insanity.

[Find that place of peace within so you can define reality to the point where the blueprints of your minds can visualize the alternate reality where chimpeachment will take place before insanity takes over.]

Not until we have changed Congress. I don't think the repukes would ever prosecute one of their own, no matter how offensive the charge.
We can only keep the issue alive until the Democrats have regained power.

[Which, ironically, is LESS likely to happen due to keeping the chimpeachment issue alive.]

I think Republicans are going to see that, by Impeaching Bush themselves at the start of the campaign season, they can snatch the headlines away from all their own scandals, and focus all of the Blame on Bush. They can posture as reluctant but dutiful conveyers of the Peoples Will, sacrificing their political partisan ship for the needs of the nation, yada, yada.

[I think the Republicans are so stupid as to demand chimpeachment even though it is complete political suicide. Yes, somehow the Republicans will insanely follow the DUmmie game plan and make their fantasy a the Alternate Universe.]

I think Bush will be impeached by Spring. I think the move will save the Republicans from losing control of one if not both Houses. I think Cheney will step down prior to the impeachment "for health reasons" (actually, to get himself and his own legal problems out of the headlines) and Bush will be ordered to nominate a more moderate Republican as VP, who will then step up as President when Bush is dragged kicking and screaming from the Oval Office.

[I think the draft will be re-instated by Spring. OOPS! That was a recycled DUmmie prediction for LAST Spring. And the DUmmies were convinced that it was a slam-dunk correct prediction just like this one about chimpeachment.]

The repubs are not even close to panicking. And no, no, no, they will not impeach their own. And no, no, no, no, no, Bush will not be impeached, because it is unlikely that there will be a super majority.

[Somewhere deep in the DUmmieland Jungle a dim lightbulb clicks on above a thick DUmmie skull.]

Besides, Bush hit a low in the polls too soon. Americans are fickle, and won't be upset come next November, not to the degree they are now. Besides, I don't think there are even enough seats in the Senate up in that election to cause the shift needed. I could be wrong.

[But you are not, my soon-to-be-tombstoned DUmmie friend.]

From day one of this administration I've thought Bush was a figurehead, and that if things went bad he'd be set up to take the blame. Several times over the last few years I thought their jig was up. But they didn't yank away Bush's supports. In my mind, the Bush/NSA leak was the sound of those supports being pulled out. I'll stand with my statement, and we'll know by May if I'm wrong, or maybe sooner if I'm right.

[Why wait until May? We ALREADY know you are wrong.]

Bush's power is now extra-legal. Things like control of media venues, intelligence groups acting outside of judicial supervision, para-miliatary right ringers and thugs. His dirty tendrils have reached deep and it will take a lot to dislodge his power structure.

[Behold the power of your Emperor, the Mighty Chimpus Khan!]

He'll leave office on January 20th, 2009. Even with a Democratic Congress, he still won't be impeached.

[And you will be TOMBSTONED before January 20th, 2006.]

YES!!! 2006 is the key and here's how we do it:

1. force EVERY sitting congress-critter up for reelection to publicly identify how they would vote on articles of impeachment. We must pay VERY SPECIAL attention to those rethuglicans that were a part of the Clinton impeachment farce. We must have their words and commentary in front of the media as much as possible. Every little sanctimonious crack they made about lying, about breaking the law or about presidents stepping outside of their lawful boundaries should be force fed to the media at every juncture. In particular, the hypocritical ramblings of bugman delay should be shoved down America's throat. Everyone in America needs to be forced to realize that one of the main proponents of bringing down a president for lying about a consensual sexual act would willfully shred the Constitution to keep his greedy cronies wallowing at the public trough. And we need to make mainstream America understand that this is far worse than just a few rotten apples.

2. force EVERY potential congress-critter to publicly proclaim how they would stand on voting for articles of impeachment. If we have a potential congress critter that won't identify or identifies as bush* is OK, we target all resources possible to prevent their election.

3. we saturate the media with evidence of the media's past complicity in the Clinton sham and highlight their current collaboration with bushco*. The illegal boy-king would have never made it this far without the aid of the MSM. They must be made to feel the pain. We must expose them for what they are: tools and collaborators. Eventually something will make it through the white noise.

[4. Watch the Democrats suffer a landslide defeat in the 2006 elections due to following your "wonderful" advice.]

Maybe. We should try if we get Congress back. Who knows, maybe he'll really screw the pooch and it'll bring down Cheney with him. Then, with our Dem Congress, Nancy Pelosi will become our first woman president! I like to dream!

[Do DUmmies dream when they are in a deep coma?]

Yes. The moderate GOPers in Congress are starting to wake up...and see Herr Busch and the NeoCons for what they really are. They will join with the Democrats to impeach Herr Busch.

[Yup! That will happen...right after the draft is re-instituted as you DUmmies so accurately predicted.]

Many of us are realists. Wishful thinking is not analysis. Please count the numbers of Repub in both Houses, learn how the impeachment process works, and the tell me how it can happen without MAJOR help from the Repubs. Now do you honestly think - that is THINK, not wish - that we will get such help from the Repubs against their own POTUS?

[If you were a realist, you would have already been tombstoned from DUmmieland.]

not only won't he be impeached, he won't even leave office . . .
in 2008 . . . "national emergency," don'tcha know . . .

[You are correct. Bush won't leave office in 2008. He will wait until Jan. 20, 2009, my undereducated DUmmie friend.]

Perhaps not. But we should keep discussing it....Just to get "the I word" out there.

[And to provide lots of great comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies.]




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